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2003 Ford Taurus, Replaced alternator 3 x, replaced battery 2x, ABS Light, Battery Light, Airbag Light, Brake light all come on, car does not show RPM's when this happens and eventually will not show speed either. Once stopped and turn car off, cannot restart. Same symptoms that lead the replacement of the Alternator. What's wrong with my car? Techs say either alternator again or computer. Alternator tested low at 12. Whatever that means.

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Electical problems can be elusive. if the alternator output is 12 volts on a brand new unit, then i would suspect wiring, connectors or fuses. especially after replacing the alternator 3x. consult the owners manual for fuse location. the fuse for the alternator. should be located in the engine compaartment in the power distrbution box. open the box and look at the fuses, puling out one at a time. the bad one will be obvious as the element will be burnt. i would guess it is a large 30 amp maxi-fuse green in color. if all the fuses a good. you'l have to check connector and wire continuity. best left to a tech.
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2003 Ford Taurus, Replaced alternator 3 x, replaced battery 2x, ABS Light, Battery Light, Airbag Light, Brake light all come on, car does not show RPM's when this happens and eventually will not show speed either. Once stopped and turn car off, cannot restart. Same symptoms that lead the replacement of the Alternator. What's wrong with my car? Techs say either alternator again or computer. Alternator tested low at 12. Whatever that means.


I have a 1996 Ford Contour GL with a 2.5 L V-6. The battery light came on before and i replaced the alternator twice so far and the light has stayed off. The battery is in good working condition. It doesnt have a bad cell, the water level is fine and it will hold a charge. But after i start the car, the car will run fine either, (A)as long as the battery is hooked to the jumper box or (B) until the battery runs completely dry and the car runs dead. This is the 4th alternator altogether, the 2nd

Its the 175amp megafuse. About $7 at the auto parts store ... 1996 Ford Contour

When I start my 92 Barina, the car starts up with battery light still showing. It idles for a short while and then cuts out with battery light still showing.After a few tries and then leaving it, the battery light disappears and car can drive offs. When driving for a few minutes, the battery light appears again and car dies. my mechanic had battery and alternator checked and says it's fine. He had ad fuel pump replaced, fuel filter and checked the carburetor. Sent it to auto-electrician and

The alternator runs on bushes pushed by springs a new regulator that has new bushes and springs should fix it as long as the armature isn't damaged i would ask the auto elec how much for a reconditioned alternator or if you don't trust auto elec try ... 1992 Holden Barina

I replaced the alternator in my 2002 gt Mustang and the battery light came on drove the car for around 20-25 miles and it died. I tried to start the car and all I got was a ticking sound. I then had the battery recharged and the car started. The guage shows it's charing now but my battery light is on what could the problem be besides another bad alternator.

The alternator can be tested by most auto parts stores (usually for free) ... you could have a blown fusable link in the heavy wire that goes from the alternator to the battery .. they can test that by hooking up directly to the alternator output ..i ... Cars & Trucks

I connected my battery wrong. I did not start the car I knew what I did as soon as I did it. When I corrected the problem I noticed I blew out the radio, so I changed the fuse. My charging light came on so I replaced my alternator. I started my car but my battery still won't hold a charge and the car shuts off within a few minutes. Is there another fuse I blew that prevents the alternator from charging the battery.

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I have a 89 Honda accord . I had just replaced the alternator a few weeks ago. Recently my car died and the battery light is on. I charged the battery and the battery light is still on and te car continues to die . What else could be wrong?

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The reading on the starter,battery, and alternator is good after running the car. I have been having trouble getting it to start and then I noticed that my battery light would not go out in a short time and I opened the battery it was either dry or low on fluid. In 2006 the battery died a walmart person in the car deptarment put in a battery of low voltage and would not take my word that it was the wrong one. the car back fired an blew a hole in the battery ;the next one went dry so they change

First thing would be to buy a brand name battery at a part store. Wrong size cranking amps could cause problems. A worn solenoid or starter will also burn out batteries. Just happened to me a few weeks ago actually. Do double check and clean all your ... 1995 Dodge Intrepid

I have just replaced my battery for my 2000 leganza and my car still keeps dying only to not start again like its a dead battery, so i want to replace my alternator. Also my timing belt needs replaced and i have no idea how to replace either of them. Is there another thing that may be wrong to cause my battery to keep dying?

You can have the alternator tested for free at your local parts store...easier if you can drive it to the auto parts store:) Sounds like it is the alternator...in rare cases the starter can have a short that causes this drain...but usually takes ove ... 2000 Daewoo Leganza

2000 honda accord v6. Recently we had a problem with a all the lights coming on on the dashboard and going off then the car radio went off and actually I didn't think we were going to make it home. We replaced the battery and the alternator. My daughter said that when she was driving the car last night that the yellow lights came on and went off and then the red lights came on and went off. I drove the car around the block and they didn't come on. What do you think is wrong with this car? M

It may be a shorted wire somewhere or something as simple as the ignition cylinder is bad try jiggling the key around when the car is on (not moving just running) and see if it happens, if it does i would replace the ignition switch (but maybe not ... Honda Accord

Car doesn't start. When you turn the ignition key,it just shows lights on dash but doesn't crank. I have had the problem here for 4days,but still getting same responses...dead battery,bad starter,etc. It isn't any of these. I have replaced ALL these things. I need someone who knows about cars,particularly electrical issues relating to starting one. I am not mechanically inclined,but do know what I have already fixed and replaced. The battery,starter,selanoid,and alternator are ALL fine! I can't

If you can turn things on that are normally turned off by the key, then you have a bad ignition switch. What year is the car so I can get a accurate diagram and rand r instructions. I also need the sub model of the Escort(i.e. LX, EX, etc.)? ... Ford Escort

Battery overcharge Hi, i have a 1996 xk8,the car was left in the garage for a few months and the battery went dead, i foolishly boosted it with a jump pack and it started but the dash lights were pulsing, it then started showing lots of faults up on the dash,trans fault,stability control ect,and running irraticaly,the ameter was showing overcharge.I have replaced the battery and the alternator but the ameter in the dash is still showing overcharge,i have also tested with a multimeter and its sho

I would think that your vehicle has a voltage regulator built into the alternator, but I am not sure. I do not have alot of Jag experience. But this sounds like what your problem is. The voltage regulator is stuck and making the alternator put out fu ... Jaguar XK8

My alternator went bad on my 2000 hyundai elantra and left us stranded at a stoplight. We had to be pushed off of the road. I replaced the alternator with a brand new one and it hasn't been on the car for 2 weeks yet and my car did the same thing again. The alternator tested bad again. I don't know if there could be something wrong with the wiring system in this car or what but it's aggrevating. Also, I can't get the check engine light to go off either. I have reset the computer and it stays off

Quality of parts is always key. An electrical component can go bad 6 seconds after installation. These aftermarket rebuilds have tendency to fail prematurely. Unless there have been any aftermarket stereos, amps, wiring, etc., installed, highly unlik ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

!995 Buick Century Wagon electrical problem I lost anti-locks,brake lights,headlights,hazzard lights,horn and radio resets itself everytime turn the key on. I have backup lights and turn signals thats it. Blew two 5amp fuses replaced still nothing,replaced headlight switch still nothing.Checked everywire in the car can't find nothing wrong. Also tested alternator fine.Took off battery cables to see if she reset herself nothing going to replace relays next any more ideas let me know. Got me fixed

I have the exact same problem. Did you find out what was wrong? Please let me know. ... 1995 Buick Century

After i put in a new alternator 8 months later the battery and brake light start coming and the car would die unless i put it in neutral and revved it to 3-4 RPM...two mechanics tested it found nothing wrong said it was probobly the regulator...put in another new alternator yesterday and the same lights come on except they either blink rapidly a couple times or stay on for a min or two but it goes away by itself, and now i cant put it in neutral to get the lights to go away like before, tho the

Clean both battery cables. The Negaitive battery cable also has a ground cable to the car body clean that where it connects to body. If the battery isn't fairly new you may want to have it tested for a internal short. ... Mitsubishi Galant

I have replaced the battery and alternator and the battery light is still on. I have cleaned the cables, I have replaced the bolts at the battery posts, I have spliced off the end conecting wire at the alternator and it still won't hold a charge for more than a couple of days. The light will come on all of the sudden and the car will die. It has ruined 2 batteries already. When they test it at auto zone on the bench and while on the car it tests good but the light is still on???????

I will give you a couple of ideas to try but these types of problems are hard to trace. I want to say take it someplace where a starter can be checked as well as the connecting wires to the starter and solenoid. The solenoid may be cracked or the w ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

Battery light on at dash board. The battery drains. The alternator has been replaced. The computer had beene replaced because mechanic thought it was the voltage regulator. the cables, fuse and relay have all been checked but the car is still not fixed. What could be wrong?

... 2001 Chrysler Concorde

Hi. my battery went flat and i recharged it but when i put it back in stupid put it in wrong way and it blew the alternator fuse which i have now replaced. this car is fitted with an immobilizer and normally i put the key in turn to accessories push the immobilizer button on the key ring and all the dash lights would come on and then it could be started but now am only getting to the push button on the key ring stage the dash lights arent coming on and i cant start the car...i think it's somethi

You need a professonal machanic!!!! ... Hyundai Excel

A friend drove my car the other day and accidentally left the lights on killing the battery. We tried jumping it with no go. Replaced the battery and two days later the car died again. instead of the gauge decreasing, it increased. Someone told me that it could be the alternator. Not sure what is wrong.

Replace your altenater it should Fixya. ... 1995 Plymouth Acclaim

I think my car is possesed so I call it Christine. Every week something is wrong with it. I dont get one thing done and another happens. Alot of electrical items. I have replaced my alternator two times in six months. My battery also. I burn light bulbs weekly. My window motors burnt up and my heater blower motor burnt up.I have replaced multiple scensors and it just keeps going. Now it is the ps last week it was the brakes. My service engine soon light will come on and if I fill that fuel and p

Not to knock the ability of the mechanics where you have your work done, but with all the electrical problems you're experiencing, it would be money well spent to take the car to an electrical specialist. He can track down shorts and maybe get a lot ... 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

99 grand marquis the battery light would come on and off so i replace the battery... battery light stil came on. So i replaced the alternator now the battery light comes on an stays on once my car has heated up. I dnt know if i have a regulator and idk if that cud b the issue i do not think its the belt. But i plan on replace the battery cable... i took it back to autozone they said my battery was good but my alternator bypass the test.. not everytime but somtimes it does not want to start n sta

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I got a new battery when my car completelty died after having trouble being stuck in some mud. The battery light was still on and my mechanic told me I more than likely needed a new alternator. So on the way to get the alternator my car died again. I got a new alternator and put that on but my car still hardly made it home. We put it on a charger ,thinking that because I drove it with a bad alternator it pulled down the battery. ...the light and battery meter still are showing low batt charge(li

Is the ceck engine light also on when its running if so find the diagnosis for the trouble code you probably should check for a trouble code even if the light is not on.you always must totally recharge a dead battery with an outside charger the alter ... Ford Mustang

New alternator(1.5 weeks old), new battery. replaced old battery (less than 1 ear old & showing "good" after charging back up at Vendor). battery light still remaining on after cranking. am afraid whatever is wrong will drain this new battery, too. By the way it is an 03 Ford Escape, not a Jeep; my bad.

It sounds like a 'grounding' problem. Check the main battery ground on the engine block and the fire wall bonding strap. This is very important for the alternator voltage reference. ... Ford Escape

I have a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager. We just replaced the battery and the alternator. The battery and check engine lights are both on and the battery isn't charging correctly. It checks at 12.5 when running at the battery terminals, but should be between 13-15. The car kicks a little shifting from 2-3rd gear, and it has codes p0700 and p0740 showing. What do you think it could be?

... 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager

97 Escort that failed to start a couple times-obviously not enough from the battery. Had it tested at a parts store they said replace battery which I did. Started car and "battery" light is on in dash. Had the guy check and he said there is 0 volts reading form the alternator. I would figure a bad alt should at least show a few volts?? I cant seem to find a fuse or bad wire yet there may be. Also how do I check alt directly for voltage?? Thanks so much. Wayne

You should be able to to check for voltage directly at the the largest of the wires going to the alternator[black with an orange tracer].If you have no power then you have a blown fusible link,from the starter solenoid to the positive battery post.]I ... 1997 Ford Escort

Alternator went out and killed the battery. Replaced the alternator and car ran fine for a day. The battery charge light came on and stays on constantly. Also, the fuel gauge does not move. I have checked all fuses and replaced a couple of blown ones. Alternator is working fine (cranked car, removed positive cable from battery, car continues to run). Out of ideas.

I cannot access the wiring diagram, but one of the wires from the alternator usually goes to the dash light. It may go through the computer or other circuitry on the way. If you can trace that wire, you may find the problem. Sorry I can't tell you ... 1996 Mazda MX-5 Miata
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