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2003 Alero (3.4) wont start or even attempt to turn over until jumped. While driving I can hear whining through the speakers (with radio off) that matches the engine RPMs. Once I turn the car off, it loses all power, no gauge lights, radio or anything and wont start until I jump it. I also noticed that when in park if I quickly punch the gas I lose RPMs before the engine revs up...sometimes the car will stall and then restart itself on it's own...other times it will die and all my dash light

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Wow, that is quite the electrical psychoanalysis :0) You have got some major electrical issues going on here. Well, the first things that I would suspect to even get a little idea as to what is going on, considering that you have multiple systems with electrical failure and some are not even related systems that should be in any way connected, I would check first the main computer. It sounds as if the main computer system could be on it's way out to complete failure. However, I am not even sure that the computer could cause so many system wide failures, therefore, I would also be very suspicious of your main wiring harness. Years ago, I had an old 1968 Datsun Roadster Convertible. They used to call them the Datson 311, it was the pre Z care before building the first 240Z. I had multiple systems intermittently failing and coming on at all times, hit the horn and the lights go out, press break and lose power to the stereo, etc. I did not have quite as crazy of a system problem that you have, but it was pretty bad when my lights went out driving over the mountain pass in the middle of the night when I hit a bump at 65mph. What I discovered is that I had an overheat problem (never did find the cause) that melted my main wiring harness together at the block where the harness enters from the engine compartment through the firewall. As a result, wires became cross wired and shorted out intermittently because all the coating had melted of the wires and every-time the car bumped even just a little, systems would change and wire into other systems. Not a very common problem, in fact very very rare, but you have very uncommon symptoms so who knows, maybe I have seen it happen twice in a lifetime.
\015\012Good luck, and if you figure it out, post your solution. This is one I would love to know the answer on since it is so unique.
\015\012Good luck
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2003 Alero (3.4) wont start or even attempt to turn over until jumped. While driving I can hear whining through the speakers (with radio off) that matches the engine RPMs. Once I turn the car off, it loses all power, no gauge lights, radio or anything and wont start until I jump it. I also noticed that when in park if I quickly punch the gas I lose RPMs before the engine revs up...sometimes the car will stall and then restart itself on it's own...other times it will die and all my dash light

Wow, that is quite the electrical psychoanalysis :0) You have got some major electrical issues going on here. Well, the first things that I would suspect to even get a little idea as to what is going on, considering that you have multiple systems w ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

I just washed my car i was at the light and the car shut off i have lights radio works and everything it keeps burning one of the 20 amps fuses under the hood with the engine symbol and i have been getting a clicking noise when i try and start my car like the past 3 months or so its clicks a couple of times then it cranks up now it just shut off when i was waiting at the light and it wont start it tries to turn over but it wont turn over all the way need help

Hi Eason, The fuse which keeps blowing is the ECU fuse, which means the computer isn't working. That being so, the vehicle will will not start. The starter motor problem is separate and will need the starter relay or the solenoid replaced. The fact t ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

I have a acura integra 98 GS. with a brand new battery. i was messing around with the car this morning cleaning it out and stuff, i happend to be playing music in it during this time while the car was running and then i turned the car off and turned it back on so the radio was playing but the car wasnt running, so im trying to figure out what happend within that time until now when i went to run it the engine turned but wont start. all the lights in came on inside, headlights and radio turn on f

HI Honda's is very touchy about low battery make sure battery is fully charge . ... 1998 Acura Integra Type R

I have a 1994 5 speed 4 cylinder mazda mx3 and about one block from home after down shifting to second the car shutoff/brokedown? while in motion. As i was still moving i was able to turn the car back on and it started shaking heavily and the rpms were movin violently, So i quickly turned it off and parked it. About 10 hours later i tried to turn it back and the engine wont start but all the lights will still turn on on the dash and in the car. Any ideas?

If you downshifted into second at too high of a speed, you may have broken some major parts. I would get it checked by a professional who can properly assess the damage. ... 1994 Mazda MX-3

I conected my car radio and blow a fuse. I replaced it but now 1 of my engine fuses keeps blowing everytime i start my car, so my car wont start. It turns over but just wont fire up. a hour before this happend i ran out of fuel. I have a VW Golf GT TDi. I have heard that it could be a air lock in the fuel lines? Ill also add that the car fired up fine and i was driving around for atleast a hour. But would not re-start. HELP!!

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My radio wont automatically turn on when I start my car, I have a 2004 Clio. Bit trivial I know but works fine I just have to turn on by standby button. Also when I turn the engine off the radio stays on so again have to use the button. Don't know why it stopped doing it automatically when car turned on and off... help!

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Wont start i have a 1991 accord with the F22A1 engine in it. automatic trans. problem is it wont start. it will turn over and try to start but to no avail. here is the funny part, right behind where the back seat folds down, just inside the trunk area on the passenger side of the car there is an electrical plug, that if i unplug it, my fuel guage stops working, but the car will start and idle up to about 1500 rpms. then i slowly plug the plug back in and it will drop the idle down to around 300

The car flood itself when you remeve the plug you cut the gas pump that why our fuel gauge stop working you probably got a bad temperature sensor take a look at the sensor thank you \015\012 pierre ... 1991 Honda Accord

My vehicle wont start its a 1995 toyota camery le 4 cyl I lost power to my engin could not accelerate but had power to headlights, radio etc. I also lots power to my steering. I replaced the alternator but that was not the problem. When I let the car sit for a day it wanted to turn over but didnt after that the engin wont turn over at all, What could be the problem?


Wont start... i have 2001 dodge stratus, i went out to start my car an it wont start, it makes a clicking noise. i had the starter replaced an it still wont even turn over. the lights, radio, windows an everything work. the check engine light is now on an the oil light. checked the oil an it isnt low.. any ideas of what it could be?

I believe I may have had a similar problem. I have a 2001 Dodge Stratus ES with a 2.7L V6. I just recently finished doing a complete engine rebuild. Upon putting the entire thing back together, I tried to start the engine but to my dismay, only heard ... 2001 Dodge Stratus

My 2003 toyota corrolla wont start. turn the key, no clicking, just nothing. lights seem strong, heater fan blows, radio works so dont think its battery issue. can tell you after 20 min drive last night car sat for about 45 minutes and wouldnt start. went back up today after sat all night and started right up. drove it home 20 minute drive, turned it off tried to restart, nothing. let it cool an hour with hood open, it started again.but tried to start alittle while ago with engine cool and it wo

May have a bad starter colenoid, easier to replace the whole starter. sometimes the starter colenoid goes 1st when really hot & then it cools & restart no problem. next time it won't start, try boosting it.if you can, tap on starter when turn ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Wont start car died twice today both time the dash light stayed on was able to put in park and start but the third time i was pulling into drive way it died but this time lights on dash whent off would not try to turn over radio stoped working but windows would work fan on ac worked head light worked then dash lights would blink on and off engine would try to turn over but would not start

Could be a fuel filter ... 2005 Buick Century

2000 Chevy Impala just had a used engine installed. Battery is brand new, but the car will not even turn over when you try and start the car. THe radio lights and all the electrical components work fine. Just wont start and doesnt even make a noise like it is trying to start.

These cars and many many many other gm cars and trucks are equipped which an antitheft feature. Many times on engines swaps and ignition changes, this system gets interrupted because the computer is not seeing the proper signal from the original equi ... 2001 Chevrolet Impala

Car won't start. It died on me on my way to work. Just started to load up, drop rpms and then died. I towed it home and have been trying to diagnose it all morning. the check engine light has been on for a week. i checked all the fluid levels and they are fine and are holding their levels fine. I have established..... Fuel pressure to fuel rail power to injectors cranks fine every other electrical system on the car works (p/w, p/dl, horn, lights, dash lights, radio, etc.) cam does turn dis

The igniter... if you have no spark 9/10 times it's the problem take Distributor cover off.. turn the crank until you can take the small screw off the rotor.. take the rotor off. and you should be able to see the igniter.. its a small box looking thi ... 1998 Honda Civic

I am having problems with my car sputtering for a few seconds when I start it while the engine is cold. Once the engine warms up it wont do it. Also recently the car has not started on the first turn. The engine just turns over and wont start. On the second try, it resumes the sputter.

... 2006 Infiniti FX35

Honda accord 1993 car was running on the freeway 101 and the car start to slow down and die. during troubleshooting new battery installed,replace ignitor and all 4 spark plugs has ignition. the car still wont start. just crank but will not turn over. check the fuel line with ignition on and fuel comes out normal. so the fuel pump works. we even spray fuel starter in the intake and pass to butterfly to be able to turn it over the engine but engine just crank. wont turn over. what is wrong. why th

Hello! I need to understand the problem...Just a couple of questions to get started...When you say that you changed the igniter, do you mean the ignition coil? Have you checked for spark (hold plug to ground)...If there is a strong spark and fuel, th ... Honda Accord

I just did an engine swap and now my car wont turn over? its a 94 geo prizm the engine threw a bearing and was knocking i got a car for free that had a bad transmission, befor i did the swap both cars would start and drive...now that i did the swap and hooked everything back up the car wont turn over also the radiator fan will come on when i try to start the car i can take the key out and it stays on untill i put it in reverse? its a 5 speed, ive checked my plugs from the wiring harness tomorrow

... 1994 Geo Prizm

Hi i own a 95 deville and it keeps over heatn but does say the temp...it doesnt need water, oil everything is ok...anyway i have to let the car sit for 2 hour....well one day it over heated and some guy help me out he drove my car to the car wash turn my car off and washed the engine so i took off and my whole car lock and shut dwn....it hasnt startd in four days the radio wrks but it wont start...can u help me

The overheating problem is caused by a faulty thermostat in most cases. A failed water pump can also cause overheating problems, but I doubt this is the case.As far as the car locking up and shutting down, it sounds like 1 or more connect ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

Check guages light comes on after short drive while engine is running, and the car died while driving on I-95 the lights started flickering getting dimmer. the radio would turn off when anything else electric was tammpered with like when the wipers would move, radio would turn off. pulled over to check alternator belt which was intact. tried to start car again and it wouldnt turn over. took a jump the car started ran for a few min. than turned back off. replaced the battery and it starts with no

It sounds like the Alternator is actually bad.One great way to determine this:Recharge the new battery with a trickle charge overnight. Make sure use remove the wires going to the Battery before recharging.Replace the Battery Wires. ... 1988 Chrysler LeBaron

1996 Saturn SL, 4 cylinder, auto trans.. Car starts and runs fine. However if you turn off the ignition when the car is hot, the car will not start again until the engine cools down. When you turn the key while the engine is hot the dash lights come on as normal, but the engine does not turn over, not even a click when you turn the key. i have the same problem with my '96 wagon, don't know what to do, wont turn over when hot, have replaced the starter three times in 6 months cause it is burning

Form the saturn..........when starters age they tend to have problems when engine hot.You need to replace the starter.As for the wagon it sounds like some sort of ignition problem if it's turning but not starting........I have seen o2 sensors c ... 1996 Saturn SL

My car wont start! When I took my car yesterday, i noticed that the ligtht for the electrical system on the dash board was on.it never hapened before! Once the car was started, the light would turn off. after 45 min. drive, once I got home, I turn the car off, and by curiosity tryed to turn it on. Nothing! the radio, the lights, the wipers would start working, but when I would it the break the lights would go dim. The motor wont even try working, its not catching, not idling. I tryed again seve

Check your battery connections make sure they are tight. If they are tight, then you have a bad battery or alternator. ... Mazda Protege

Car wont start. turn key, nothing happens. lights, dash radio all work. No noise at all from trying to start engine. Wait 6 or more hours and it starts like nothing's wrong. It has done this 4 tim

When this happens, move the Gear Selector lever a bit. It has a Neutral Safety switch that may be slightly out of adjustment ... 2006 Toyota Camry

My 06 c230 has a few problems. they all started the same day. 1. when i turn the car on, the steering wheel wont drop to my setting, the a/c wont turn on, the instrument panel wont work (tach, speedometer). I have to keep turning the car off and back on to get this fixed. 2. my eps light is on. 3. my brake lights wont turn off while the car is on. 4. my engine fan turns on at random when the car has been off. Earlier today the car was off for over 3 hours on a cool day then the fan kicks on full

... 2006 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class

I turned my chevy impala off and it would not start it started once and the message center read engine power reduced since then my car wont start i had four different service people check it out two said it was my engine computer change the engine computer car started once turned off didnt start again i have changed my crank shaft sensor, cam sensor had my timing belt checked nothing seems to work its been over two months someone help please

If it is getting spark,and the fuel injectors are pulsing,then check the spark plugs to make sure they have not fouled out,from to much fuel,then after it gets back to running,have the alternator checked,make sure it is charging 13.65 volts,to 14.25 ... Chevrolet Impala

2005 Chrysler Sebring was driving and engine shut down pulled over and would not start. Lights, radio, windows, AC all working but car wont turn over. Jumped and still will not turn over

... 2005 Chrysler Sebring Conv

I have an 04 dodge neon that a friend tried to hotwire b/c i lost my keys but didnt work caused my alternator to go out but i have gotten it replased but the car still wont start wen you insert the ignition key the radio, ac, and headlights work but engine wont turn over. the wires that were cut were on a pigtail that connects to the ignition, i have the wires connected but still nothing. desperate for help

... 2004 Dodge Neon
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