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Recently purchase used 2004 explorer with 100,000mi. on way home from thanksgiving diner wrench light came on and car lost power to gas pedal. Pulled over and stopped. Wrench, throttle control valve came on and service engine soon light on. Stepped on gas does nothing, engine will idle . shut off and started up , all lights still on engine idles slowly , if i step on gas - sputters slowly but does not increase engine speed. where do i start. Day before when shut car off noticed unual gas smell.

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Answers :

Sounds like it may be the catalytic converter
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Recently purchase used 2004 explorer with 100,000mi. on way home from thanksgiving diner wrench light came on and car lost power to gas pedal. Pulled over and stopped. Wrench, throttle control valve came on and service engine soon light on. Stepped on gas does nothing, engine will idle . shut off and started up , all lights still on engine idles slowly , if i step on gas - sputters slowly but does not increase engine speed. where do i start. Day before when shut car off noticed unual gas smell.

Sounds like it may be the catalytic converter ... 2004 Ford Explorer

2005 ion-2/ check gas cap light came on.... I stopped the car(still running) removed the gas cap & tightened it back on. When I got in the car the gas cap message was off but the engine light was on. drove for a little while(car acting normally) then stopped & shut the car off for a few minutes. Turned the car back on...Engine light still on. Help.... Car is running normally...accelleration is ok. What is possible problem or Sollution? Thanks for your time. Marc

When you remove the cap it set an evap code nothing to worry about. take it to a garage and have the code removed. ... 2005 Saturn ION

Ok eldorado will not start stopped earlier at gas station and turned off now won't start. fuel pump is not coming on and checked fuse and getting current to fuse and put test light on wires to fuel pump with key on and only getting current to gas sending unit. theft system problem has been coming on but car has been starting but not now any suggestion to point me in right direction also check engine light came on before i shut off engine and (check gas cap) came accross dash display.

This sounds like you have a problem with the passkey security system, it has diabled the fuel pump, the common cause of this fault is the sensor in the ignition lock cylinder that reads the transponder code in the key chip, ... 1999 Cadillac Eldorado

Ok stopped at gas station to fill tire, turned off engine and will not restart but right before i pulled over check engine light came on and message said check gas cap. i checked gas cap with engine running and then turned off also theft sytem problem has been coming up for awhile but car has always started fine. car acted like it wanted to crank at first and would for a secound then when i tried to give it gas it shut off. is this a fuel pump or theft system problem or?

Go to the rear of the car after you turn the key to the start position. listen for a humming noise. ... 1999 Cadillac Eldorado

I was driving on the highway when the engine light, TSC light and trac off lights came on, there was no sound or anything other than the lights. Later the same day lights were still on then the engine light started flashing and when I pushed on the gas there was no power to the engine and it started vibrating. I pulled over shut the car off, when I started it lights were off. After driving it again down the highway it happened again this time the engine light flashed right away with no power

... 2008 Toyota Sienna

2001 Windstar stopped running while driving. It started fine but was shaking thought I needed gas since my fuel light was one. Car stopped working before I got there right before it died the oil light and battery light came on. About a week before the check engine light was on. Towed the car home we replaced the fuel pump and filter. Still nothing. The battery is new. Then we saw that one of the arms was missing from the engine shut off module. Went to the junk yard got another arm for it. put i

... 2001 Ford Windstar

2001 4runner, 100,000 miles. I was setting at a stop light and suddenly my check engine light came on with a couple of other dash light indicators. My car never died but when I pushed on the gas I went nowhere. I shut the car off for a second and turned it back on and was able to go, but check engine light still on. I stopped a AutoZone and had a diagnostic print out of P1126 - Magnetic clutch circuit with probable cause of Open or short circuit condition and poor electrical connection. Can y

... Toyota Cars & Trucks

My check engine light came on. I took it to get testes and it showed the fuel problem. I fill the car with gas and did not shut off the engine.the machanic reset the sensor and the light went off. i drove the car for a day and the light came on again. Can this be the fuel senor again?

A loose or worn out gas cap can cause the check engine light to activate too.\015\012Don't panic, it sometimes takes several days for the light to shut off, just make sure the cap is tight. ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

Neon 2004 My car runs great then all the sudden it is like the gas is chocked off. starts to chug and dies. I shut the car off and start it back up and it runs again. The engine light will not go off. . I replaced the fuel pump , black nasty rust came out of the fuel pump, then I changed the injectors sprayed cleaner into the old injectors and the same nasty black stuff came out of them also. I also cleaned out the gas tank and blew out all the lines. Thought I got it running again, but after 20

Disconnect the mass airflow sensor and see if the car runs ok...... ... 2004 Dodge Neon

Emissions problem I just had the fuel pump replaced because of a bad sending unit. Within a month the check engine light came on and the code said that the EGR valve was clogged. I noticed a definite lack of power in the acceleration of the car. I had the EGR valve replaced along with a fuel service to increase gas mileage. Now the check engine light is coming on saying that evaporated emissions are low, the oxygen sensor was low? The car is barely accelerating(very slowly) but is fine once it i

Try cleaning the mass air flow connection plug with electrical contact cleaner then plug it back in after its dry. worked for me after i had the same symptoms in my 99 rodeo. ... 2000 Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 1993 volvo 960 check engine light just came on ,plus the car has no exsellaration and drinks the gas fast . if i reve the gas peddle over thee thusand RPM the car shuts off. I would think that it would need a sensor well that would be my thought if it was a american car. please help. oh i looked at all the fuses on the dash and all where good. let me know what u think

Its the same as an american car no difference it has pistons that go up and down ,and like all swedes it speaks english so swear at it in english and it will work better ,from the sound of it i would hazard a guess and say mass air flow meter ,bu ... 1993 Volvo 940

I have a 2005 Pontiac G6. I smell a strong odor of gas coming from the tank. Its smells really bad after I shut the car off and when i come near my car in the morning to get in it. And also when someone is riding in the back seat. The engine light just came on after about a month. I have noticed my gas has been running out a lot faster. There doesnt seem to be any leaks as far as I can see. Please help.......Im getting gassed out of my car

Excessive fuel pressure\015\012breach in the vapor canister assembly (most likely)... this is near the gas tank\015\012quick disconnect line near the tank is breached\015\012filler neck is breached ... 2005 Pontiac G6

Wont start I have a check engine light on, and when I took it to a mechanic, he told me i had a emmission leak. I changed the gas cap, then had the diagnostic test one more time. It shut off for about 10 miles then the check engine light come back on. Well, the other day, I was driving and was waiting at a light and the car completely stalled. I tried to fire it back up, which didnt start. it. I came back about 2 hours later to try to start it and she fired up. Well, I changed the fuel filter an

Try a new vent tube hose from the fill neck to the tank,sound to me like your tank is not venting.The next time it does this,stop,take off the gas cap for a few minutes and then it should restart,if it doesn't let me know. ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

Car sputter i put some 93 octane gas in my 99 towncar, when i restarted it there was a stutter. so i shut the car off and tried again. still bit worse. while im driving down the road my check engine light came on, when i went to auto zone they said that my #8 cylinder was not fireing? i hought it could of been the gas?. there is 65000 miles on my car. what do you think it could be

Ur plugs and wires if they said it wasnt fireing but my opinion from way it sounds u used richer gas so ur running rich take ur timeimg down a hair turn ur distuributor a hair to the right loosen it with the car off turn on car turn a hair to ur righ ... 1999 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 2006 mustang..yesterday while driving home, the wrench light came on and I experienced decreased acceleration..I am told not to worry about it unless the check engine light comes on..should I have it checked out? When I got home, I shut the car off and turned it back on and the wrench light was gone...is this a recall issue? I am really concerned about driving it...

... 2006 Ford Mustang

My check engine light came last Sunday and the car jerked once when slowing for a light. It was suggested that it could be the gas cap. I tighted the gas cap the light remained on (solid) until Monday afternoon when the light went out. The car was running fine until Thursday afternoon when the check engine light came back on. Then the car started jerking again...this time numerous times. First while driving on the freeway then off the freeway it was more when I would accelerate after slowing

... 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Have a 07 minni and the engine light came on. Car began stalling out going down road. The temperature light had came on a couple times as well before the engine light. Took car to shop and they replaced mass air flow sensor and filters. By the time I got 30 minutes to home the engine light was on again and the car was stalling out when you press the gas. Also when the car is idle it is reving up and down. Making the worst noise like it is dying and then coming back. Like the engine is louder

... 2007 Mini Cooper

While driving car tach goes way up and car almost shuts off and cruise light came on and then it went off after giving some gas . got an engine light on and got a code 12 54 and 55.

My problem was similar. It would want to cut off while driving but keeps going. Had fuel pump replaced same thing. had throttle body cleaned and computer codes put back in. Same thing. No one figured what it was till it didn't start one day then s ... 2003 Chrysler Concorde

I got my oil changed about 2 1/2 weeks ago and about a week ago my car started running rough, i attributed it to maybe a tankful of bad gas. this morning the engine was knocking and i made a mental note to check oil. on my way home from work, the oil light came on and i stopped at a gas station immediately, (luckily i was at a corner where there was one). the dipstick read NO oil at all!! so i put in 5 quarts and the oil light has still not shut off. it is knocking but not as bad. my question

I had Walmart give me an ambassador package oil change years ago on a grand am and the nimrods never tightened the filter and the same thing happened to me. Even though I put oil in the engine seized within 48 hrs. Good luck! Get your do ... 2005 Suzuki Forenza

Car problems 1992 Honda Accord. Was at light yesterday stopped waiting on green, when green came i pressed the gas but the car kinda slowly sputtered across the light. Also the engine had a weird noise to it. what could be wrong? brother said something about cleaning the valves.

If you change your oil twice a year in that car your valves should be fine. I think it's your fuel filter. If the valves were stuck they'd get bent and you'd be smoking, the car would be knocking and it would barely start and run at all. The fuel fil ... 1992 Honda Accord

My Bravada just shut down while I was driving. I was going up a hill and I started hearing a click under the hood. I left off the gas and when I got to the top of the hill it just cut out. The check engine light and battery light came on right before it cut out. The car started smoking/steaming (I'm not sure) about 5 minutes after I took the key out and it smelled like anti-freeze. I took the lid off the engine coolant and the container was full of rusty water.


I just bought a 2001 bmw 325ci the car had a rough idle when i drove it home and the check engine light came on. after about 10 min i took the car out the light went off i went to the gas station and filled it with premium and the car ran great. the next day i took the car out and drove around for awhile the check engine light came on again i drove it to where i bought from and a new light popped up it look like a car with 2 head lights i turned the car off and then the car wouldn't start acted

First check drive belt tesion, alternator output(at the battery) if ok:- Park car securely open all doors and bonnet boot etc leave for 24hrs so ecu's sleep. Without closing or opening any doors check with a volt meter across all fuses for a draw, dr ... 2001 BMW 325

I have all of the same issues I have a 2006 Corolla with 22K miles. Last week my check engine light came on and the car (automatic) was having a slight difficulty changing gears. There is a slight delay in the gear shift and then the car jumps a bit as the shift takes place.check engine light came on this morning. The gas pedal will not make the car go. Putting the car into drive sounds like a kerplunk. the car will go but without any help from the gas pedal. And, this go is VERY VERY slow.Is th

It req a new engine ecu. ... Toyota Corolla

Battery, brakes and check engine light came on but the car will still run when driving with the problem lights on the car transmission would shut down but the engine still runs if you shut the car off it won't start back up and the engine turns over as if the battery is dead. After towing it home and in my driveway the car started and run fine and the only thing on the dashboard is the check engine light.

Year make and model ?On some cars the brake warning light and battery warning light are on the same circuit. A problem with either system will turn both lights on. The check engine light means there are trouble codes in the computer that need t ... Cars & Trucks

2000 saab 95 wagon,2.3t. oil pressure light came on. checked and filled oil, about 2 quarts. light did not go out. driving on highway, car shut down when check engine light came on. now car will only run for a few seconds at a time, check engine light comes on and vehicle shuts down.

... Saab 9 5
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