Having problems with your 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

I just bought a 2004 jeep lardeo and told the guy I wouldn't take it unless it stoped. He said the auto tec said it was the emissions leak pump clicking in the drivers rear side. It passed the emissions test with flying colours. What can it be and how can I fix it. Now I have an engine light on and it says I have an large emissions leak and the mechanics can't find it.

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Answers :

Good day, maybe try replacing the gas cap or it may have a vacuum leak, you tell that to the mechanic and maybe he'll figure it out. hope this helps. have a nice day
What is the exact code being thrown by your jeep? How many miles are on the vehicle? How long have you owned it? Once I have more information I can assist you further.
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I just bought a 2004 jeep lardeo and told the guy I wouldn't take it unless it stoped. He said the auto tec said it was the emissions leak pump clicking in the drivers rear side. It passed the emissions test with flying colours. What can it be and how can I fix it. Now I have an engine light on and it says I have an large emissions leak and the mechanics can't find it.

Good day, maybe try replacing the gas cap or it may have a vacuum leak, you tell that to the mechanic and maybe he'll figure it out. hope this helps. have a nice day ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Get a car that doest **** ... 1997 Saab 9000

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Car did not pass state clean air inspection tests due to high idle. I hear a vacume leak under the dash and I can change idle by manipulating vacume hoses iunder the hood attached to the carburator, but, I cannot locate the hoses under thae dash and cannot find a description or pictoral of the procedure anywhere on-line. Do you know where I can get this info. Also if I fix the vacume leaks will that fix my clean air issues?

The vacuum leaking sound that you may be hearing is from the expansion valves of the AC system. The vacuum hoses if fixed may help you achieve a cleaner emission but proper timing, good fuel and air mixture and a working ignition system is also a fa ... Chrysler LeBaron

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I had same problem so I changed all the vacum hoses by intake manifold they were like 9 and they adjusted the timeing and my idle was almost at 1.8 so they drooped it to .700 rpms and it passed with flying colors and added octane buster and a full ta ... 1990 Nissan Sentra

I have a 1997 Toyota 4Runner and the Malfunction Indicator Lamp came on today. I took it to Auto Zone for a free diagnostic test and it came back as P0441...Definition: Evaporative emission control system incorrect purge flow. Probable cause: 1. - Leak in evap system 2. - Blocked Evap purge line 3. - Faulty purge VSV What do I need to do next? Is it safe to still be driving myself and my daughter around in? I also just had an emissions test 3 days ago, and it passed, but did that cause some

The cause of this problem is a faulty gas cap. It is not making a proper seal. Change the cap & reset light with ob11 code reader. There may possibly be a leak elsewhere but this is usually the case. Good luck! ... Toyota 4Runner

My 2003 silverado wont pass inspecton the evap emission ctrl sys vent valve/solenoid circ error pops up and so does emission ctrl sys gross leak detected too, had a smoke test done could'nt find any leaks except on my exhaust at the converter which they told me that it sounds like it's hollowed out! please help !!

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My service (with a wrench) light has come on with my 200 pontiac sunfire along with my ABS light and Trac light. I am not sure if I will pass emissions because of this. What can I do as a temporary fix until I can take it in to get checked out so that I can pass my emissions test.

ABS and Trac light are both on because of a anti-lock brake system issue. This will not effect the emissions system of your vehicle. You probably have a bad wheel speed sensor but there is no way to tell without plugging in to your ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

Help my car is codeing a p1633 won't pass test emission how do I fix this

The code should mean the memory voltage to the computer has been off at some point in time. Sometimes it is a blown fuse in the box in the engine compartment. I think its a 10amp fuse but not sure. Sometimes the code is set if the battery ... 2002 Mercury Sable

Vacuum Emissions Diagram for a 1992 chevy suburban. My vehical failed the EVAP Emissions test, They said theirs a big leak in between the motor and the gas tank?

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Took my truck to midas to get the check engine light turned off so I can pass emission. After 2weeks they told me it was the ecm. So I called the dealer they told me they would have to order the part and the whole process might take a week.Also they said it will cost about $800 to fix. Problem is I have ran out of rides need to get work. Any where I can get it fix next 24 to 48 hours also cheaper. (2004 trailblazer)

Pcmforless.com Lots of people use these guys for this on our TB's. ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

How do you reset the emission maintenance light? I have a 1989 Jeep Wrangler with a 258 6 cyl with 65000 miles. It passes Utahs emission standards with flying colors. The shop said it comes on at 62000 miles They did not know how to reset it. Or do I have to take it to a dealer?

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I saw your post on this and had the same issue with my 2002 Camry SE. When I've taken it to the dealer in the past, they look at me like I'm crazy. What should I do? Also, my car now seems to be burning oil. Is this an expensive fix? Should I go to a Toyota dealership or should I go to a trusted mechanic? Car can't pass emissions test 2 years in a row. I'm trying to consider what will be the more cost effective option, to fix or lease a new car. Gratefully, - Me

Your post has come up as a question,you need to either answer the previous question or ask a question in FULL for your own car for us to answer.thanks.....the person to whom you are trying to speak to will NOT see this as you needed to click on "comm ... Toyota Camry

Evaporative emission control leak, 2000 gmc sonoma 4 cylinder, will not pass emission test

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Recently my check engine light came on. When I had it checked I was told that it was something to do about gas, the technician said many times it is just a loose cap, which he said seemed to be on tight. He turned it off and the next time I filled it it came back on again. When I fill it all the way I can smell gas for a short time. My biggest concern is that I have to get my emissions test soon and I fear my truck will not pass. I was hoping to get just one more winter out of it, so I don't wan

When you next fill up with gas,turn the cap till it clicks about 6/7 times.AND DONT WORRY, S..T HAPPENS.what is murphys law......"if it aint fixed dont break it.... " ... Ford F-150

Seem to have the same problem as lindag1003's with my 2001 Sentra. No heat in the car, or heat on passenger but not on driver's. Engine temp guage went above limit. Coolant was bubbling. Mechanic checked it out- topped up reservoir, looked for leaks, test rode it, fine now. Said if problem happens again, it is likely the gasket, which is expensive to fix. Could this affect the engine as well? Have almost 192K on the engine. Is it worth it to spend at lweast $1,000 and upwards to fix the gasket,

Parts are cheap for these cars...Problem is that labor is expensive...If you did it yourself it would cost you about 200$...Providing that the deck and the head are not warped...Tolerance is .004. If the car is still in good shape rust wise,has good ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

1990 honda didn't pass smog.....passed in every catagory but the low speed/rpm test. they said i have too much gas coming out of the exaust. How do I fix it?

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I don't know the laws in your state, but here in Missouri you can get a waiver if the cost of repairs exceeds a certain amount. The amount is different depending on the year. The older the car, the less you are required to spend. You might want to ... 1989 Toyota Pickup SR5
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