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Describe your 2005 Chrysler Town & Country Problem hello i have 51,700 miles on my town and counrty my enigine light just came on i was trying to find out why when i turn the key on without starting it the engine flashes 10 times what code is that telling me thanks

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Answers :

That is not a code, It is a GET ME CHECKED OUT SOON attention flash. If you hacve an AutoZone auto parts store in you r towm/area, go to them and ask them to put the code reader on the car. Then ask them to make a list of the codes and the definitions. Advice can be given better then. Hope this helps you along a bit.
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Describe your 2005 Chrysler Town & Country Problem hello i have 51,700 miles on my town and counrty my enigine light just came on i was trying to find out why when i turn the key on without starting it the engine flashes 10 times what code is that telling me thanks

That is not a code, It is a GET ME CHECKED OUT SOON attention flash. If you hacve an AutoZone auto parts store in you r towm/area, go to them and ask them to put the code reader on the car. Then ask them to make a list of the codes and the definiti ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

I'm having an intermittent problem with my 07 Cadillac CTS. Car will crank but won't fire up and start. After 7-8 tries, it starts and runs perfect. Dealer claims they can't find the problem when in for service. Also, when attempting this start, I can turn the key forward to the start position, let go of it, and it will stay in the start position with the engine continuing to crank without starting. I have to manually turn the key backwards to stop the engine from continuing to crank.

... 2007 Cadillac CTS 3.6L

1995 6cyl 3.3L Plymouth Voyager: Basic/No Frills model. Won't Start. Not a sound when key is turned. Started immediately with boost. Drove on highway for 30 minutes and around town for another 30, without turning off engine. Arrived home, shut off engine. Tried a restart. No go. Same as before. Not a sound when key is turned. No lights, inside or out, no radio. Before I replace the battery, is it just the battery, or something else, like the alternator? thanks for your help and advice on this.

Possibly the battery is fried or the battery cable connections are corroded. First try removing the cables and clean the cables and battery terminals with a wire brush. Many auto parts stores will test the battery for free. ... 1995 Plymouth Voyager

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee suddenly will not start. When I turn the key it clicks once and nothing else. The gauges and celiing light stay on continuously without flicker the battery power seems low but we changed the battery. I checked the diagnostic code by clicking the key on/off 3 times and said "done", so the problem is not one the computer can recognize. I also tried turning the key in the car door two or three times to the left the right or both to resolve any anti-theft issue. But, stil

Suggest you try live chat if you need a fast answer for this problem ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2000 Olds intrigue: When i turn the key nothing happened. All the lights came on (like they would if it normally started). There was no clicking noise - nothing. I tried shifting the car from park thru the gears and back to park - nothing. I waited for a couple of hours and tried again and at first try - nothing, but turned the key a few more times and it started. I drove the car home, turned it off and started it several times without issue. This is the first time this has happened.

If an ignition switch fails, sometimes you can jiggle the key and it will start right up. its very hard to tell. but if you can start it by bypassing the ignition switch, then its the switch itself. go to this site for more detailed info--- aa1car ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I recently tried to start my car. I turned the key in the ignition & it turned all the way to "start" without turning over. I removed the key and all the electrics were still visible on the dashbo

Sounds to me like faulty ignition switch.Hope this helps..... ... Cars & Trucks

1998 CLK 320, automatic, When waiting at traffic lights and slowing down for traffic light, car just stops. No warning, no noise, no message lights, just stops. Car is dead. When trying to restart, there is a sound that engine is trying to turn over. After about 2-3 minutes, starts without any problem and runs fine. Happens almost every day. Having trouble finding problem - no codes. Any suggestion?

... 1999 Mercedes-Benz CLK

98 sunfire. i cant get it 2 start. i changed all the sensors. i cant read the codes becuz it came 2 me with a dead battery. anyways if i floor it turn the key over. it tries 2 start it will sputter and shake. and just about start. but wont run. ther is 120 lbs in each cylynder. the anitheft lite is on. doesnt flash. i got it towed here. it has an after market stereo. tried the leave key on 4 10m 2 see if the theft lite turns off. and ya it doesnt. so i cant even try that

Hello! Tell me what sensors you changed...Was it running at all before you got it? And is it a OEM anti-theft unit? Just paint a picture of the cars general state so I can get a better idea....Guru............saailer ... Pontiac Sunfire

89 Ford tempo won't turn over. Silinoid rapidly clicks and interior lights dim. I have cleaned all connections that I can find. I got it to turn over once , and start but not again since then. Also tried boosting from a 2nd running car. Bench tested the started motor, it works. all the interior powers up when key is turned and stereo works ok. but dims when key is turned farther to try turning the motor over. also some weeks ago the horn just quit working. No other symptoms just not

... 1989 Ford Tempo

Car wont start (wont turnover). The shift interlock solenoid is broken because I can now move my shifter to any gear even without having my keys in the ignition. Would this cause the car to not start? No click or anything when turning the key. BPP switch was recently replaced and I had the starter checked a month ago and it's good. Battery good, fuses good, lights turn on, cd player works. Lights dim slightly when trying to start. tried to start in neutral too and got nothing.

Yes it could very well keep it from starting get that fixed first ... Ford Escort

I reset my check engine light codes and then try to start the car and didnt start. Just a clicking in the starter soleniod I think. I reset the codes for the VAT system and then I tried to start it a couple of times and checked the codes again and there was nothing there for codes. Does the car have to be running for the code for the vat system to appear or should it appear after I turn the key and it wont start? Just wondering if I can eliminate the vat system. Also if its the vat system could

If the starter solenoid is just clicking, and the engine isn't turning over, then you may just not have enough power running to the engine (the battery could be going bad or the starter itself). Try jumping the car with another car and see if that h ... 1992 Pontiac Firebird

2003 Lincoln Town Car. intermittent starting. Have replaced starter and solenoid, ignition switch, swapped out starter relay with another one. If key is turned on, jumping the solenoid will start the car, Then, after I've started it that way, it often will start with the key. When I try to start it with the key, all I get is the buzzing or clicking of the relay in the underhood fuse box. Again, swapped relay...nothing. Same with the relay in fuse box under the dash. also tried diffent keys, WD

Can you provide an email address where I can send some diagrams. This site only allows images smaller than 150k. Thanks ... 2003 Lincoln Town Car

2001 windstar;antitheft want let engine turn over or crank.i have disconnected battery trying to reset with no luck. i have used keyless entry to try and reset it,did not work.i have used my remote start button on solenoid to turn engine over also with key on engine want fire up this way either.when it does turn over with key it still want fire up. it had a M.A.F code when this happened. i need to no how to reset antitheft so i can fix code already in it.nobody seems to no anything about this.i

Dealer only iam afraid ,but if you look under ford escort 1998 you will find an article i wrote on how to bypass the antitheft system by soldering a bridge across one of the transistors .But i dont know if your ford winstar is the same as ford escort ... Ford Windstar

I have 2001 cadillac deville. i pulled in to parkin spot got out looked doors, turned around saw tires were turned to far to right so i unclocked and turned weels quickly without allowing time for dash to get started by displaying info. i got out looked came out of store unlooked popped trunk reached in while standing to turn car on and did wiggle key around and it would still not start. i waited a few minutes and still nothing. i havent tried but one said try wd 40 and onother said try turning

You need to turn steering wheel the same direction as the wheels are turned. When you turned the wheel quickly you were holding the wheel when you turned key to lock position and when you let go of the steering wheel it wants to go back the other dir ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

Have a 02 trail blazer with a TPS code. when u first turn on the key to start motor will not turn over and has a really loud ticking sound from TPS module. when it quit ticking then the motor will turn over but really hard to start. when it does start it will only idle it will not accelerate when pushing down on gas pedal. also has engine and engine power loss ligjht on. i can reset codes and they will come back on as soonm as i try to start the motor again. is this a TPS module gone bad or som

... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

When I put the key into the ignition and try to turn it it wont turn. The steering wheel is lock and when I try to move the steering wheel to find the "sweet Spot" to turn the key and start the car the key still will not turn. Suggestions?

Firmly grab the steering wheel ,left hand on the 2,o'clock position,and with your right,at the 8,o'clock position and turn it until you feel the wheel move ,let go of the 8 ,oclockand try the key ,,,,,this may take a couple of try's.\015\012Go ... 2006 Suzuki Forenza

I went out and started my vehicle acted like battery was dead. Realized the vehicle was out of gear (it is a automatic) placed vehicle in park tried to start. It over turned however would not stop turning over. I removed the key still cranking over. I had to remove the battery terminal. When you place terminal back on it starts to crank again without key(I had starter and silinoid checked, no problems) with the starter removed for testing I checked ignition. It turns all power on (fan starts to

I think the only possible solution is that at the back end of the steering lock is the ignition switch itself ,it has two screws that hold it on and this switch is the problem ,the contacts inside have collapsed or broke loose so its shorting inside ... Ford Escort

I have a 2003 N16 Nissan Pulsar sedan, 1.8L vehicle. Sometimes, when I insert my car keys into the ignition, and switch the car on, it doesnt start, and the car is making noises (trying to "rev"), but the car does not start. I then take the key out and try to start it a few times without success. However, I do notice, when I turn the key once to the first click, it makes a "click" noise, and then the car actually starts up normally. This is not the first time it has happened, and it seems to

Hi Kelly,sounds like your battery is a bit sick. Or it could be the starter motor solenoid sticking.The click you are hearing is probably the starter motor solenoid. If you hear a series of loud clicking its usually due to a flat battery ... 1990 Nissan Pulsar

Hello I have 99 gsxr600 my bike wont start unless I jump it with jumper cables once bike get warm it will start without a problem but it seems that when it gets cold I turn key switch and lights turn on a decent amount and its seems like it will turn on first try but then it just wont turn on after that it wont even turn ill keep trying till battery dies then ill let it sit for 20min. And it does same thing till I jump it again and it gets warm and turns on fine what do u think it is could it be

... Cars & Trucks

91 nissan stanza - car will not start, tried serval times and it just click and the turn the key to start. It will not even turn the starter. Tried the next day and it cranked immediately. It has done this several times, took it to mechanic shop and was told it had to do it when they have it to find out the problem. Left it with them for two days and it cranked every time. I got it back and drove it to work and I had to leave it. It would not start until I tried the next day. can you help?

Your starter solenoid is worn and going bad. Have the starter replaced and it should start every time after that. I had the same car, with the same problem. Change the starter. ... Nissan Stanza

My Audi A5 2008 is temperamental starting often taking a few tries before it will turn over despite depressing the clutch pedal as instructedthen last night it would not accept the(advanced) key after I had tried to start unsuccessfully and then removed the key. a few moments later it decided to wind down the windows. We have tried to reset the system by disconnecting the battery and leaving for 15mins before reconnecting- no success We managed to get the windows up by using the key-without fob

... 2008 Audi A5 Coupe

I have a '99 Ford Ranger 3.0L that won't start reliably(3 times in 2 weeks).When I turn the ignition to "on",the theft light flashes rapidly,and will eventually give me a 1:6 code(faulty link between PATS module and EECV).I tried a regular door key in the ignition,and a 1:3 code flashed(key code not received)which tells me the transceiver is working properly.When it will start,the theft light works properly and proves out.The truck will start sometimes and runs fine,which makes me discount coil

When the anti-theft light is flashing rapidly then either it is not seeing the key,or the transciever module is not communicating with the PCM. It could be the transciever or it could be the PCM is not powering up for some reason. I would first try r ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

I have a 1991 Firebird and lost the key, i had a key made from the dealer and the dealer could not find the vats key code said it didnt have one, so he cut a key to the specs provided by gm and the key wont even turn the ignition, how do i get the code or find another way to start the car.

You can bypass the vats rather easily. You can also try buffing that key down a little bit. As with any key, sometimes they are cut too sharp and need to be filed or buffed down a little to mimic normal wear and tear. Here is a link on the Vats secu ... 1991 Pontiac Firebird

A key, without a chip, was cut to open the door of my 2002 Honda Odyssey. Unfortunately, someone tried to start the van with the same key. It is now stuck in the ignition and I can not pull it out. The ignition will not turn to 0 it will only turn to I. The van will start if the old key is held to the key in the ignition but the light for the gear shifter will not go off, the P stays lit. Do you know if the key can be removed and if so, how?

... 2002 Honda Odyssey

Can't get key out of ignition on 2005 Ford Escape. Occasionally, can't get key to turn to start the vehicle either. Gear Shift is now starting to stick and won't shift into reverse without having to use both hands to shift it. It seems to be humidity/weather related because it gets worse when it's cold and/or rainy. Sometimes turning the key rapidly a few times unlocks it but not always. Tried slamming it into park but that doesn't seem to do it either nor does tapping the key to get it out. do

Replace the lock cylinder ... 2005 Ford Escape
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