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Brake and steering wheel locks up and emergency brake light and battery light come on dashboard

\015 So i was driving this morning in the rain and go to slow down and turn and my steering wheel locked up and the emergency brake light and battery light came on on the dashboard and then i put my 4 ways on to slow down and everything went back to normal. This happened to me a few weeks ago and i took the vehicle to the dealership and they had no idea. Recently changed the coil package and the crank shaft sensor because it has been stalling out and threw a check engine light code. Fed up with this\015
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Brake and steering wheel locks up and emergency brake light and battery light come on dashboard

... 2005 Hyundai Tucson

2000 BMW 528i After driving the car for 11 minutes the rear brake warning light comes on. Also, the yellow brake warning light has come on a couple of times as well as the yellow triangle with a curved arrow around it. The problem started after my battery died about a week ago. AAA came to my house to jump startthe cart but it was dead. AAA then towed my car to my BMW mechanic's garage. The person who towed my car used a tension cord from the brake pad to the steering wheel to lock the ste

\012\011Replace rear pads and wear sensor. \012\011\012\011 \012\012 Hold milage reset til you see test then toggle through it pro forms test and resets. ... BMW 528

2007 Santa Fe. Brake lights and battery light come on when steering wheel is turned hard to the lef tor to the right. Lights go off when wheels pointed straight ahead. Rough sounds from motor. Very hard to steer and smoke and smell coming from wheel well on right front. Power steering and brake fluids are full.

... 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe

Battery light and oil lamp light comes on. steering wheel wont turn. and brakes become hard to use. think its electrical? a buzzing sound comes from the dashboard also. replaced the engine coil.

Sounds like the engine has stalled. Is it still running at this point?\015\012\015\012All of these things are somewhat related to the serpentine belt. It could be slipping. I would look here first, i.e tensioner, etc. ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

I live in Chicago. Currently, my ABS light is on continuously on the dashboard plus the Emergency Brake light also comes on during driving. I have discovered that I can depress the brake while in motion and the Emergency Brake light will go off but only to come back on again once I stop at a red light. In addition, there is a trail of white smoke coming from the right wheel well/fender and I smell hot/burnt brake fluid. So you have any idea what my be going on?

Sounds like a bad wheel brake cylinder. you will have to remove wheel and drum to determine exact extent of damage.Do not drive it that way very dangerious ... 1995 Ford Windstar

Steering wheel is stiff; won't turn. The battery and brake lights are lit on the dashboard, but emergency brakes are not on. What does this mean?

Does the engine running? unless you have the belt gone off the pulleys. do check under the bonnet. ... Hyundai Accent

My dashboard lights (battery emergency brake light & air bags) are flashing on my dashboard while driving but go out when I come to a stop on my 2001 santa fe

Whenever\012this warning light or any other stays on in the dash it is indicating\012that the systems control module (or the system sensor in the case of\012lights like low oil pressure, door open indicators etc.) has detected\012a fault, it then ... 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

We have a prblem with the Service Traction System Light coming on also the traction off light is coming on and ABS light we have replaced both bearings on either side and the car runs light new steering is tight there is not give in the steering wheel at all the the shaking has stpped when we put on the brakes we diconnected the battery and reset the computer but the service traction message keeps coming on what else do we need to do to this stupid car. I have put $600.00 in her in the last tw

Abs pump motor control fault...dealter got parts from wrecker (lot cheaper) already spent close to $2000.00 to repair traction/abs..messages kept coming on so they finally diagnosed the above problem...we will see... ... 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Is this vehicle worth repairing? My father purchased a 1998 Buick LeSabre which smells like mold (rust under seats and engine on all medal); air bag light won't go off; turn signals don't work auto; car STOPS for no reason - STOPS; really hot spot in middle/left side of steering wheel; no air conditioning; oil light won't go off; when driving sounds like emergency brake engaged; emergency brake pops up and down; gas pedel goes to floor for no reason at times; interior lights come on for no reaso

Check out popular mechanics auto , about dealers selling flooded cars, all the details are there ... 1998 Buick LeSabre

What does it mean when the SLIP light comes on? While driving, all of a sudden the SLIP light, emergency brake lights and oil light comes on. Then the car dies and the power steering locks up. I then shut the AC, radio off and turn off the car. After waiting a minute, I start the car again. This has happened 2X today

Our 2005 Nissan Quest does this exact same thing, but our check engine light is on also! We have taken it in and had the code checked and it said one of the cam shaft sensors was bad. We changed the one that was "bad" and had the code reset. If we pu ... 2004 Nissan Quest

Security light stays on. automatic lights don't come on. lights don't flash when press remote lock. controls on steering wheel don't work. battery light stays on. battery and alternator are good - we checked it

Your security system has locked itself. You will have to go to the dealer and have them reset the computer. ... Cadillac DeVille

My Tahoe locked up, shut down, no lights, no brakes, no steering, no dash lights. I disconnected battery and reconnected battery, there was a ticking sound coming from the engine. No dash lights still and couldn't start. So i disconnected again. Is it the main computer or what can you tell me about this.

Sounds like you may have a dead battery or alternator. Disconnect your battery and take it to your local auto parts store and they will test it for you. You can do the same thing with the alternator. But call ahead to find a store that is capable of ... 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe

I have one Honda Accord 1999. One time, when I was driving, brake and steering wheel locked; oil light, battery light and brake light were on. What's happened to my car?

I have '99 accord LX 4cyl sedan and the ignition switch is a problem for these cars. I replaced my ignition 2 or 3 years ago because it would randomly shut off and sometimes not start back up right away. It only got worse until I fixed it, it would d ... 1999 Honda Accord

2006 chevy trailblazer with electrical problems when you start it it goes into security lock down the lock and car symbol comes on the instrument cluster how ever the sycurity system is disabled at the information center on the instrument cluster it loses power and all the lights blink on and off in the cluster brakes abs engine lower engine stabletrack guages shut down steering wheel locks brakes wont work gear shifter wont work every thing electrical shuts off it just started doing this 5 days

This mornnig when i tray to start my trailblazer 2006 LT sudnly eletiric power cuted and there is now light,now engen start ,the key can not poled out please rocomand me ... Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I got an audi a4 3.0 quattro...the esp light comes on once in a blue moon but when it does come on, the car is very jumpy and whenever i stop the car wants to die on me... the battery light will flash then remain constant once the car is dies..the steering wheel will lock up...not a good situation when you're headed to work...any help????

... 2002 Audi A4

High idling, battery light comes on then the steering wheel locks up at lights or driving ata slow rate got the starter changed new alternator and new battery and its still happening

... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2003 Ford Windstar Sport van. I got in it to go uptown and it won't shift from park into reverse. I turned the wheels to see if that would help and nothing. The emergency brake isn't on. There are no lights showing on the dashboard to indicate there's a problem. Everything else is working fine. The lights come on radio comes on etc. What is wrong? Help!

Do your brake lights come on ? it wont let you shift from park unless it knows your foot is on the brake. ... 2004 Ford Windstar

Electrical problem 1992 Mazda 929 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 118000 miles Anti-lock brake light will light up on the instrument cluster when driving, and stays on. When vehicle is turned off, a whirring sound, like a pump or electric motor running, comes from under the hood in the engine compartment. This continues to run until the battery goes dead. The only way to stop it is to disconnect the battery when the vehicle is parked. Mechanics replaced a "relay wire" and the problem stopped for

Simply tap the black box under the hood on the passenger side. you'll see brake lines goin to it. Thats all I did & it has never happened again. ... 1992 Mazda 929

I have a 2003 Ford Windstar Sport van. I got in it to go uptown and it won't shift from park into reverse. I turned the wheels to see if that would help and nothing. The emergency brake isn't on. There are no lights showing on the dashboard to indicate there's a problem. Everything else is working fine. The lights come on, radio comes on etc. What is wrong? Help!

Brake lights come on? if the brake pedel switch isnt working it wont let you out of park. also a steep hill can make it hard to move out of park. ... 2004 Ford Windstar

My 2009 toyota corolla broke down 1 day after changing the battery, (it broke down before i changed the battery) now it will not start, the battery light is on (as it was all day, i ignored it because i thought i fixed the problem) just before i broke down the emergency brakes came on and it was really tough to steer, as i parked all the electronics on the dashboard went a little haywire flashing and all the needles spun. i feel like it is an alternator problem but im also worried because the sa

From your description it is likely that the replacement battery (if fully charged) discharged rapidly ... Cars & Trucks

My bmw steering wheel is lock, the head lights will not come on. i have already check the battery, i have tried to jump it. But i have had it tested already as well. the radio does not come on, the odometer does not come on either.

... 1999 BMW 323 Series

I have a 1993 jaguar xj6 . It has a problem starting it seems to not lock the wheel when we shut it off and is difficult to start at times. the warning lights don't always come on. after moving the steering wheel the warning lights light up the wiper blade runs and then i can turn the key and start the car. do you have any ideas? Please? I sometimes move the wheel to actually turn the wheels. I was under the inoression the wheel (steering )should lock but it doesn't. After starting it works fine

The steering wheel lock doesnt lock in till the steering wheel is turned a bit .as for the dash lights and wipers i would need to play with it to sort this one out ,because it could be anything froma earth wire to ?? ... 1993 Jaguar XJ6

My brakes start grabbing like the anti-lock brakes are trying to take over, the low trac light comes on, abs light comes on, and the check engine light all come on, after the lights come on the brakes work fine, I am being told after the lights come on the abs system is turned off because there is a fault in the abs system, had the codes ran and first code says left front speed sensor error, second code says RF wheel sensor frequency error, any ideas?

... 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Driving home, 2003 Dodge neon starts to slow down, oil light has come on intermittedenly before, engine started to lose power, brakes locked up, and steering wheel locked up. Car had to be towed. Thanks.

Lets hope its not a bad motor from lack of oil pressure, the loss of brakes and steering is due to the engine stopped running this is normal, but hte oil light coming on with the engine running is not good, you will need to see if the engine spins an ... 2004 Dodge Neon

The brake lights on my 04 Jeep Liberty come on when the vehicle is parked in the garage - no one is in the vehicle and this drains the battery? What should I look for first? If I put a bungee cord from the brake pedal to the steering wheel the problem is averted but this is not the way it "should be fixed?"

Brake light switch. This is located under the dash. Follow the brake pedal up and you will see where the pedal presses against a switch. This is what turns your brake lights on when pressed. Some of these switches can adjusted back so not to make con ... 2008 Jeep Liberty
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