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Flashing light I recently bought a 2005 saturn ion. When I went to leave work tonight I turned the key and then I saw this flashing light it looked like a picture of a car with a lock threw it. It seemed like it was some kind of anti theft or security problem because the radio came on and all the dash lights came on but the car didn't even attempt to turn over when I turned the key. I left it for about 10 mins came back and it started right up. Do you know why this would happen. I have no owners

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The anti theft thing will come on and prevent starting for a while if it believes it is attempting to be stolen. even something silly like someone bumping it could possibly cause that. now if it does it at your house in a locked garage or something...
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Flashing light I recently bought a 2005 saturn ion. When I went to leave work tonight I turned the key and then I saw this flashing light it looked like a picture of a car with a lock threw it. It seemed like it was some kind of anti theft or security problem because the radio came on and all the dash lights came on but the car didn't even attempt to turn over when I turned the key. I left it for about 10 mins came back and it started right up. Do you know why this would happen. I have no owners

The anti theft thing will come on and prevent starting for a while if it believes it is attempting to be stolen. even something silly like someone bumping it could possibly cause that. now if it does it at your house in a locked garage or something.. ... 2005 Saturn ION

I have a 2007 dodge magnum sxt 3.5lt v6...recently the etc light came on and also the check engine light. the light was flashing when it came on while driving, when you turn the vehicle off then turn the key to the on position all the dash lights come on like normal and then shut off one by one, like normal....but the etc light and the check engine light stay on until you start the car....i have not had it scanned yet so i don't know what the codes are, i plan on having it scanned today....just

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Alarm 2006 ford five hundred...locked the doors and alarm came on. Now getting in the car we turned the alarm off like normal but a light is still flashing inside that its locked and we cant turn the key at all. Please help the lights inside the car won't even turn off after locking the car.

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98' Cav.. Drove it to store, shopped, didnt leave anything running or turned on. Went to car, opened dr...no dome light (thought, hmph, must have burned out -- fix later). Tried to start car... I turned key, nothing happened, no clicks, no flashing lights on gauge panel (this is at 2 AM), no headlights, no radio. Only got a faint flickering air bag light and occasional dim ck eng light when key turned to on position). Tried multiple attempts turning key on and off while (automatic)transmission w

I had the same thing happen to my 03 Cav 2.2 ohc. I cleaned the corrosion away from the battery terminals AND around the main fuse box. This did the trick. ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

Electrical issue I drove the car today in the morning, it was raining lightly. I parked the car in the garage for 6 hours. I return to start the car, the car won't start. If the key is turned on all of the lights on the dashboard flash. The key turned off and removed, there is a servo sound under the dash. The car sounds like the fuel pump and/or the injectors are clicking. The only way to stop the clicking/flashing lights was to disconnect the fuse box (I had trouble disconnecting the bat

Not sure this is the solution..but the same thing happened to me several times over a few month span. After many attempts to fix a number of items (alternator, etc.), I was told that there was a problem with the radio, and that it had to be "factory ... 2005 Ford Mustang

On my 02 Totyota Avalon when I turned the key to start the engine there was a sound like a pop and then it wouldn't start. Then there was nothing, it was like the battery had died although there had been no indications of a weak battery. When I turned the key several times there was nothing and there was no power to the lights etc. I then conected it to another car battery with cables and the power came on it did then make a clicking sound when I tried to start but it wouldn't turn the engine. W

Remove the battery and attempt to charge it, then have the parts store perform a free battery test. You likely just need to replace the battery and the pop was an indicator that a dead short in the battery is draining off the electricity that would o ... 2002 Toyota Avalon

2006 Ford focus zx4 St..replaces the alternator last night car ran fine all day I came home for lunch and then I went to leave to go back to work about 35 min later and the car would not start wouldn't even turn over dash lights work. windows radio door locks all works but it wont turn over at all I turn the key and its like the battery is dead and the odometer wont read Milagros just dashes like this ----- -------- I checked the fuses under the Hood and steer

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I have a 2003 Nissan Altima 2.5l recently replaced radiator myself and since then my check engine light came on for misfire ignition #4...after a cold night went to start car and sounds like car wants to turn over but wont. I'm not sure if its the misfire that's causing the problem or something to do with fuel not getting to the engine. I checked the fuel pump and it sounds like its working when I turn the key. I've tried holding the gas pedal down while turning over and got nothing. Any suggest

Remove plugs and check. make sure that the plug gap is not closed causing misfire. we have some issues with power valve screws coming loose and getting inside of the cylinder closing the gap on plugs. some power valve plates come loose also and get i ... Nissan Altima

2000 Daewoo just stop running in middle of road. When turning key sounds like fan turns but engine does not turn over. Just before stopping made a very loud noise as if something was hammering under the hood. Car did not indicate getting hot. Dummie lights came on: check engine, oil and battery lite up and then car stopped running. Had injector fluid sprayed in to carb and nothing happen when key was turned.Has only 56,ooo.oo miles. Prior had problems of over heating, new thermostat put on and f

It sounds like the Timing Belt has broken causing major and expensive engine damage. Have it checked out by a mechanic to confirm this. ... 2000 Daewoo Leganza

Loud noises When driving my car down the highway i attempted to reach the speed limit which was 55. Once i hit 45 a loud cranking noise began to occur, sounded like it was coming from the engine. Then i began to smell burnt rubber. I began to drive back home and upon reaching 45 mph my car felt like it was pulling back and making a loud noise and then shut off. I tried turning it back on but it just made a loud sound and didnt turn on. The check engine light came on but then turned off. Once i g

This could be your alternator bearing seizing up if its smelling like rubber your fan belt is not turning so you would start overheating also did it ? if so thats it also lights would go dim because you wont be charging ethier ... 1987 Chevrolet Blazer

2000 Olds intrigue: When i turn the key nothing happened. All the lights came on (like they would if it normally started). There was no clicking noise - nothing. I tried shifting the car from park thru the gears and back to park - nothing. I waited for a couple of hours and tried again and at first try - nothing, but turned the key a few more times and it started. I drove the car home, turned it off and started it several times without issue. This is the first time this has happened.

If an ignition switch fails, sometimes you can jiggle the key and it will start right up. its very hard to tell. but if you can start it by bypassing the ignition switch, then its the switch itself. go to this site for more detailed info--- aa1car ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I turned key and car did nothing. second attempt car started. I started driving and realized that all the "dummy lights" were lit up. the power to the radio faded in and out and then the int. lights came on. I checked fuses and cleaned battery connections. now the car runs and drives, however, the power windows, power locks, radio, fuel guage and inter. lights don't work. the air bag and sevice engine soon lights are on. any suggestions?

I would suspect a faulty ignition switch causing all the electrical issues. There are 3 distinct circuits running from the ignition switch, it sounds like one of them are faulty and not allowing power to certain circuits. Best to have it diagnosed at ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

2003 chevy inpala one just died, two places said computer.. so replaced computer (used) replaced battey replaced ing.switch still when turn key nothing can go under car and jump start and will start up and dies like fuel pump was turned off ..with key off int. lights flashing ans so in lights on ac heater blinking very fast ...what else is left to try ...

Gm's around this time are notorious for having problems with electrical systems and the factory alarms, you need to look at that issue-http://www.carcomplaints.com/Chevrolet/Impala/2002/electrical/I have personal experience wi ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

Mazda rx8, it ran fine and then while driving just cut out, the red key light came on and when stopped did nothing if try to start, it doesnt even turn, battery fine. the key light comes on for second or two and then starts to flash. tried spare key and also dont work. all other electrical work, hooter flickers etc, as well as dash lights, but not speed gauge if moving. feels like can be imo biliser but why did it cut out totally while driving? is it imobiliser or complete ecu. after ignition t

I was driving my rx8 earlier, and it just cut out, its never done it before, i tryed jump starting it but nothing happened. the battery isnt dead because the radio is still working, could it be the spark plugs ? could that stop the car from starting? ... 2004 Mazda RX-8

I have a 95 Lesabre. I was doing errands, stopped car, came out of store and tried to start car. The engine didn't turn over. All lights on dash came on when I turned key on and all went off when I turned key off, except the security light. Even with key off it stayed on. I was trying to call someone for help, when the security light went out. I tried to start again and it turned right over. A friend told me I might need to replace ignition key. What do you think?

Hi,The ignition lock cylinder is most likely the problem. It has the sensor that rears the key inside of it. The cylinder has two wires that come off run down the bottom of the steering column. This is where you are going to splice the re ... 1995 Buick LeSabre

I have a 2003 Buick Regal Ls, recently it has been giving me problems with shifting on the take-off. Then all of the sudden yesterday, i attempted to start the car, the dash lights came on but when i turned the key over the car didnt do anything. I had a shop tell me it maybe the starter motor, but i thought the car would try to start if the starter was going out, but my car did nothing or attempted to crank. Can someone help me

If the starter is going out it will do exactly as you are describing, but that does not necessarily mean the starter is the issue. if you know where the starter is located something you can try is tap the starter a few times with a hammer use firm ... 2003 Buick Regal

I have a 2003 chevy malibu that won;t start. When you turn the key to on the Theft System light comes on steady ( no flashing). I t used o go into this mode periodically where the Theft System light would flash you waited 10 minutes then it would start. I have waited up to 15 minutes the theft system light stays on and car won't start.. The light never goes out. Does this still sound like a problem with the Theft System? If so how can I fix?

I have had the same problem. This has happened to me three times in the past nine months or so. Per the owner's manual, you turn the key to the on position and wait about ten minutes. This resets the system and when the "Theft System" light goes o ... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu


... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Car made a extreamly loud noise like shaking rocks in a tin can after driving 1 1/2 miles the steering wheel locked up as i attempted to make a right hand turn the battery light came on and the thermostat gauge jumped all the way to the red H. I turned the car off and proceeded to let the car cool off. After about 5 minutes i tried to start the car again and the noise was even louder and it would jump to the H everytime i tried to start it. When i tried to roll down my windows it seemed to drain

You probably lost serpentine belt , check if the belt intact . Laud noise , I guess , was belt flaping around and tearing apart.\012Before replace the belt you need to find the cause of this problem , \012I've seen belt tensioner gets cr ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Key signal Stuck key in ignition but it wouldn't turn over, check engine light was on and little red dot flashing (I think it had something to do with alarm). Had towed to dealership and they said car was no longer recognizing the key signal, and would be about $200 to fix. Bought car less than a year ago and this seems like something Dodge should fix.


2001 Mitsubishi Diamante - When I first start the car, it feels like there is no power steering although there is plenty of fluid in reservoir. If I drive a short distance and turn the car off, it will not start when I return. Battery is new. There's no sound when you turn the key but lights, radio, windows work. Then, after a few more attempts at 5 minute intervals, none of them producing any sound to indicate the engine is going to turn over, it mysteriously starts. Has happened periodic

The starter is under the front side exhaust pipe. You will see it from the bottom of the car front side exhaust where it makes the 90 degree\015\012going towards the back of the car from the passenger side you will see it ... 2001 Mitsubishi Diamante

Car had been running perfectly, pulled into parking lot of grocery store, came back out, attempted to start car, engine turned over fine, but would not start. Replaced fuel pump back in December 2009. Acts just like it did the first time, turns over fine, but does not start. When you first turn the key I can hear the fuel pump run for a few seconds. Haven't had a chance to investigate further. Right now it's over at a friends house. We plan to look at it later today. Any suggestions?

Any trouble codes displayed??? Double check the fuel pressure with a gauge and verify the pressure is steady ans not low. Although the fuel pump may be powering up, it could still be defective or the pressure regulator is defective. If there was an i ... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

My car cuts off an my oil pressure and charge system warning light flashes on my dashboard. Every diagnostic I have had done(3 total) comes back good, but the car still cuts off after driving for about fifteen minutes but immediately turns right back on when I turn the key. Passes smog drives nicely just will turn off especially if I accelerate and have to decelerate after high speeds(like driving on a freeway) has a new voltage regulator, engine coil, engine control switch and control module. F

... 1983 Lincoln Mark VI

I have an '89 camry w/ about 115,000 miles on it. I have replaced the radiator, axel rod and a few belts + I gave it a tune up. But almost everytime I start it it makes this loud high-pitch screeching sound (it makes the exact same sound like when the car is already started and you go to turn the key by accident) but this morning I went to start it and it wouldnt turn over. The lights and everything came on but every time I turned the key it made a clicking noise. I tried a few times and even

Make sure you get a new solenoid with the starter. It may not hurt to have the alternator and water pumped checked since you said you had a squealing noise. This is usually indicative of a bad bearing on one of the components. ... 1989 Toyota Camry

I have a 1994 Nissan Altima that when I turn the key it will not start, it will not turn over or anything. it acts like the battery is completely dead, but i charged the battery and the headlights come on and the car is in park. There is a flashing red light between my automatic shifter and the break that keeps flashing.

Sounds like a security thing. Call a nissan dealer and see how to reset. On GMs you have to put the key in the ignition and turn it to the on position and leave it on for 15 min. You could try disconnecting your battery for 15 min. ... 1994 Nissan Altima
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