Having problems with your 2005 Volvo V70 ?

Hi I have a volvo 2005 v70 D5 I have just run a diagnostic scanner on it and it has come up with code p0094 Fuel System Leak (Small) I have checked the pipe work in the engine bay but I can't find the leak, There is no smell of diesel nothing, Can someone please help with some ideas thanks in advance

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Answers :

Could be gas filler kneck that goes from fuel tank door /cap to---gas tank lines do apear to be in that locating it could be sucking air +++not fuel+++that might cause that fault code you retreved i seen this before****.John
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Hi I have a volvo 2005 v70 D5 I have just run a diagnostic scanner on it and it has come up with code p0094 Fuel System Leak (Small) I have checked the pipe work in the engine bay but I can't find the leak, There is no smell of diesel nothing, Can someone please help with some ideas thanks in advance

Could be gas filler kneck that goes from fuel tank door /cap to---gas tank lines do apear to be in that locating it could be sucking air +++not fuel+++that might cause that fault code you retreved i seen this before****.John ... 2005 Volvo V70

The timing belt on my Skoda Diesel has snapped at 55,000 miles. At the time when it snapped the engine bay was awash with diesel fuel due to a leaking fuel filter gasket. Fuel must have been leaking for about 1100 miles since the car was serviced. An independent engineer has inspected the belt at least 4 weeks after the event and states that he cannot find any diesel fuel contamination to the belt. Is it possibe that the diesel fuel has simply evaporated?

Quiet possible but, as the timing belt in fully enclosed i dont see how it would be contaminated... ... 2008 Volkswagen Passat Sedan

I have a 2006 Chevy Cobalt, 2.2 L engine, 70,000 miles. It has a coolant leak somewhere, but i cannot find it. I have been adding at least a half gallon of coolant to it everyweek for the past year. Yet i dont see any leaks anywhere. Nothing on the engine, nothing on the ground. i dont smell any coolant, and it does not put out alot of white smoke.


Running I have a 98 Century Limited. I believe it has a 3. (something engine). About a month ago I started smelling antifreeze. Could not find a leak. Then the car started running rough and acting like it wanted to stall (not all the time, if it sat it would not do it). A week later it started running hot (still cant find a leak). We have changed the fuel filter, plugs, wires, thermostat. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We have a Corisca with the same motor and it did the same thing (excep

White smoke from the exhaust is a good indication that you have a blown head gasket. One test would be to run the motor and check the oil. If the oil appears frothy like a milkshake, it's very likely the head gasket is blown and as keith stated abo ... 1998 Buick Century

I have transmission fluid leaking from the front of my car. how can i stop the leaking. it is a 2.2, 4 cylinder grand am. I noticed the leak yesterday and cant find the dip stick to check how much i've lost, or even where to fill it. My owners manual mentions nothing about it. thanks todd

I would take it to a garage and have the leak checked out and repaired these cars have a special way to fill the trans by removing a plug on the side of the trans while the car is running in park at normal operating temp. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

Heavy gas vapor smell inside of my chrysler 300m,no change with windows up or down, cant find leak. started shortly after rough idle and engine stall when engine is resarted after driving vehicle. now fumes are constant and stronger smelling along with hard starting everytime. but will run fine after speed is increased above 20 mph.

... 1999 Chrysler 300M

I have two issues. When im driving, the temperture guage will go up and down only when the hear is on. I replaced the theormistat and it still does the same thing. The second is i smell an antifreeze odor smell through radiator but cant find no leaks nowhere.

Shond like your water pump is on its way out.some times you can not see the water pump leake. look at the under side of you hood .see if you have a line on it. what happen is the water pump will leak down on to your belt . ... 1996 Ford Explorer

Antifreeze leak cant find the leak but can smell it burning when engine is running

Head gasket problems are common on this vehicle. but coolant can leak from quite a few different locations on your vehicle. the only way to find it is to look for it. ... 1998 Ford Windstar

Since I bought my van i always smell humidity when open the cargo door althoug i aked sever times at the dealer they said that it was nothing, however I pulled the carpet and ralized that it has a leak on the floor of the cargo area, byt he time I find out my guarateed had expired. we had had a lot of rain lately and my car has a lot of mold and smell really bad. what can I do

That sounds like one of your windows is loose and rain is getting in through the back or side windows. You can check the inside when it rains next time to see if water is dripping in and will tell you exactly where or take a garden hose or bucket of ... 2002 Toyota Sienna

I'm in Ireland. I have a 1994 MB 250C Elegance diesel, with 160,000 miles, that won't start. I bought it used a couple of weeks ago. The car has been running just fine although a couple of days ago I started smelling diesel but could find no leaks anywhere when looking under the hood. I figured I'd take it into the shop on Monday and see what was up but it is Saturday morning and Monday is a long way away. The engine turns over just fine. The glow plug indicator on the dash lights up,

With a diesel, the only things that will cause it to fail to start is a loss of compression or a lack of fuel. You can confirm the fuel part by spraying a good shot of WD-40 in the intake and trying to start it. If it tries to run, you know you are ... 1994 Mercedes-Benz E-Class


I had the same issue and it was actually my gas cap. For some reason if the gas cap wasn't sealed all the way, i would get a strong gas smell inside the vehicle. try that 1st ... 1997 Isuzu Rodeo

My 87 accord runs great, then it warms up and the throttle goes sky high without even touching the gas. Even if I pull the throttle cable all the way back to nothing and hold it there, the bad boy is still racing. Cant find any vacuum leaks.... It is a 2 bbl carb model. Are the vacuum solenoids electrically controlled? And what wires control them?

Make sure the carb is bolted down tight ... 1987 Honda Accord

Smells like antifreez inside cab and sometimes spills on to ground outside of car cants find a leak anywhere. Can hear boiling from radiator

Do a compression check. If you have a cylinder that is a lot higher in compression than the rest you will need a new head gasket at the least. If there is water in your oil your going to be rebuilding your motor. If there is oil in the radiator yo ... 1998 Kia Sportage

I have a 94 grand prix se 3.1. When i first start it ir smells like gas. It goes away and then comes back at red lights..... I cant find any leaks... Any ideas?

Open the hood and smell under the hood . If you have a strong smell there check for injector leak or fuel rail leak. Odor comes through the vents and enter the passenger compartment while driving because of air flow.\015\012E-mail me if that he ... 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 99 camry, just pulled it out of storage were it sat for 6 months. i swaped out the oil and fuel already. however its idling low, making a faint high paced knocking sound and it seems to be burning oil. cant find any leaks, and im not even smelling oil being burnt. im a little worried the check engine light just came on any help would be greatly appreciated

Don't start the car again, until you do some more checking, as it sounds like there might not be adequate oil pressure or some other problem that could damage the engine. Parts stores here will loan a scan tool for free to check for codes stored in ... 2008 Toyota Camry

93 buick century 3300 bad hesitation on acceleration , new TPS, IAC , spark plugs etc . no trouble codes, fuel pressure in specs and fuel pressure control valve checks ok. engine vacuum 16'' at idle but drops < 2 when you crack throttle and it has nothing , cant find an external vac. leak and pcv ahecks ok

... 1993 Buick Century

I have a 2005 Honda civic I have no heat when I stop the car for any reason. I have wonderful hot air while the car is in motion. The thermostat has been changed twice. The radiator is brand new. A new head gasket was put in last weekend. The coolant is full. The switch/valve that allowes the coolant into the heater core has been replaced. No smell of coolant cant find any leaks... Please help any Ideas? A Kind Karma

Change fan belt (I know sounds stupid) but if it's slipping from being loose or glazed it won't spin waterpump fast enough to circulate coolant. Sometimes the obvious is easily overlooked. ... Honda Civic

My 03 plate BMW 320 d has a oil/ diesel leak an cant find where it coming from also when accelerating blows out white smoke

... 2004 BMW 320d

I own a 2002 VW Passat with 110,000miles that that is burning oil so fast that I have to put oil every month. First the "STOP Oil presure issue" light comes ON and then goes away then engine and after the engine knocking and when you check the oil is 3 quarters short. At first I thought that the delear forgat to put oil in it so I went to another mechanic and did another oil change Everything was great until 30 days later the same thing again. Mechanic cant find the leak but the smell of

He can't find the oil leak because there isn't one. Do a cylinder compression test. Becha got bad rings. ... Volkswagen Passat

Hi i have got a 04 ford fiesta 1.4 tdci i have fixed the injector seals and renewed the fuel return on the injectors ,but i have got a diesel leak and cant find it can you help thanks

... Ford Festiva

My car is low on antifreeze but i cant find where it is leaking I had a relay switch put on ago and it ran fine until this morning and i smelled antifreeze

If you smelled antifreeze, then It just might be the heater core. Check around the floor on the passenger side to see if it is wet. Or, when you start up, do you see any fog like vapour coming out the defrost vent, with any residue on the inside of t ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Wont start my 1989 7.3 diesel has fully charged batteries just replaced solinoid all the wire are tight. i got three good turn overs and then nothing, cant find the fuse to check it eigther

The battery cable from one side goes to a fusible link ... 1989 Ford F 250

Gas smell I just bought a "new" 1972 VW Super beetle. I love it, my problem is it has a very very strong gas odor all the time, especially bad when I fill the tank. I have looked for leaks but cant find any, what do you suggest?

You can check in the trunk theres a plastic tube that the lines from the tank hook.i think its called a vapor tube it runs behind the fan box hope this helps ... Volkswagen Beetle

I bought a ram 1500 quad cab 5.7 liter hemi had it a little less than a year getting a real bad smell of antifreeze cant find even the smallest leak anywhere its not overheating but coolant

... Cars & Trucks

Smell antifrezze but cant find leak - 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7

I was having the same problem with my 97 Cougar. I kept lossing antifreeze from the coolant storage. It turned out that I had a crack in the intake manifold. After rereplacing the manifold, it stopped lossing the antifreeze. I don't know if this help ... 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7
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