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2006 chevy cobalt LS with the 2.2L.. Never had issue starting in the past. I came home on lunch, went to go back to work and when I turned the key I heard a loud "CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK" for so long as I was holding down the key/clutch pedal. Once I released it (which was only a few seconds) I attempted to start the car again and it acted as though it had no battery power except for display lights on the dash and radio. I released it again and removed the key. When I reinserted the key the cloc

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Sounds like you have a battery issue but could be the alternator wasnt charging it also last u drove and ran the battery down the best way to go is remove the battery from your trunk and take it into either a parts store or battery store and have them test it may take a while as they may have to charge it first to get a valid test so plan on dropping it off early in the day and returning a couple hours later if the battery tests ok after a full charge then reinstall it and should start with a full charge and then return to either your parts or battery store and they should be able to do a on car alternator test
Check connections and wiring at and around battery -alternator and check belt for tightness the click is relay/solenoid trying to engage starter if not enough juice wont start car== sounds more like dead battery problem which can be bad corroded connections/bad battery/or alternator going bad have battery-alternator - tested most auto stores offer this service for free if both good than have starter checked solenoid may be shorted or burnt
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2006 chevy cobalt LS with the 2.2L.. Never had issue starting in the past. I came home on lunch, went to go back to work and when I turned the key I heard a loud "CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK" for so long as I was holding down the key/clutch pedal. Once I released it (which was only a few seconds) I attempted to start the car again and it acted as though it had no battery power except for display lights on the dash and radio. I released it again and removed the key. When I reinserted the key the cloc

Sounds like you have a battery issue but could be the alternator wasnt charging it also last u drove and ran the battery down the best way to go is remove the battery from your trunk and take it into either a parts store or battery store and have the ... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

My son was listening to the car radio with the engine off for a couple of hours and as a result the car would not start. When you turned the key all you heard was a click, click, click. We tried to jump start it to no avail. Now there is no sound when you try to start the car. Also, when you open the door and put the key in the ignition the hazard lights flash and the interior dash lights also flash on and off for about 30 seconds. I installed a new battery and the same things happen. Did I burn

First shoot your son. It is not the fuseable link, when a fuseable link blows you get no power at all to anything. I suspect you have a security system that needs to be reset. ... 2002 Toyota Corolla

Most of the time, car starts easily and runs well. Some of time, car starts - then stalls. Some times, car does not start and second attempt the clicking noise as if the battery were almost dead. New battery this year. When clicking noise occurs, third attempt and it starts. It isn't completely broke but its not completely well. Where to start?

This sounds like you may be fighting more than one problem at a time.\015\012First, I would replace the main relay (often located near the fuse panel under the dash).\015\012Next, I would check all battery connections and even though the ... 1993 Honda Civic 4 Door

Car was running fine, stopped at the grocery store on the way home, left the store, clicked the trunk to put the groceries in, got into the car, put the key in the innition turned the key, no power, no start. A kind person attempted to give me a jump to no avail. When i tried to start the car while it was being jumped, the car made a clicking sound? Help !

Happened to me as well - drove to the mall, returned to the car 45mins later and nothing. Tried to jump it to no avail. No advance warning in terms of slow crank / hard to start. Had it towed to a dealership and was informed that the battery had s ... 2005 Ford Five Hundred

Help needed with starting problems. 1998 Ford Taurus SE. After driving the car for more than one hour the car will not re-start. I will turn the ignition key and nothing happen, all of the auxiliary electrical equipment will work. After the car cools for an hour it will start and run fine as if nothing was wrong. The battery is newer, and, I?ve attempted to ?play? with the relays. Do you have any ideas?when I turn the key nothing happens, not even a click. All the lights , ac work when the key i

Check the wire harness to the starter solenoid, the wires could have a break in it or the solenoid could also be bad. The heat of the engine could be causing the solenoid to fail till it cools down. Try that first, good luck and keep me posted, be gl ... 2000 Ford Taurus

I have a infiniti G35 and the car alarm goes off for no reason I have the same problem. Car just started to make the horn noises. 1 second apart. I can start the car, but you can hear the clicking of the horn sound still. when i try to unlock the car with the key, it locks itself right away. i then realized that my spare key was in the pants that was put in the washer. not sure if this is why the alarm went off. I changed batteries on the key, but the alarm still goes off. only way to stop it wa

Turn down the sensor under the hood ... 2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan Sport Sedan

Won' I have a 1997 Saturn. When I attempt to start the car and turn the key in the ignition once I pass the acc. power to the car clicks off. If I continue to turn the key and pump the clutch, open and close the door or do some other crazy thing, it will start. Sometimes it starts right away, sometimes I have to repeat this ritual for up to 10 or 15 minutes, get out walk away - come back and it starts right up. Replaced the starter - no difference. Once it starts it runs fine and will usual

Check connections at battery cables,should be tight & not be able to move cables.Check for corrosion at battery terminals.Also I have seen problems at the inside fuse block where a terminal burns causing similar concerns as yours.Hope this helps ... 1994 Saturn Sl

No start car ran for 60 miles. parked for 30min. Attempted to start, cranked briefly then lights went off on dash, and clicking began. Then no lights or cranking on second attempt. car starts right up with a jump. Jump start is per specs in manual.

Battery is bad! check this: when car is running the battery voltage should be at least 14.3 volts or a little higher. when engine is off battery voltage should be at least 13 volts, if the voltage going into battery is below 14 volts when running the ... 1994 BMW 3 Series

2005 Ford Taurus 24V DOHC. Intermitten problems starting the car hot or cold. At times when you go to start the car it will sit there and crank and crank. Once started the guage cluster acts wierd. The guage pins bounce and make a clicking noise. The mileage doesn't show at first and the gas cap light and the brake light is on. If you turn the car off, it starts up fine the second time with no issues from the guages. The car does seem to start better when you turn the key and sit allowing the fu

It is your ECM. The ECM controls everything that you are talking about. If it was just not starting right away, I would say that it was the fuel pressure regulator. And still could be. The fuel pressure regulator has a check valve in it. When the veh ... Ford Taurus

I have a 2005 stratus. It is in the teens here in Ohio and I went to start my car this morning and it started but ran for only a few seconds. I tried again with the same results. Tried a third time and again it started but failed to keep running. The fourth time I turned the key I got nothing. No clicking, no cranking, nothing. I have had a charger on it for an hour now and am getting the same results. The lights are bright, blower works, but nothing when I turn the key. I even put the car in ne

Check the fuse box under the hood ... 2005 Dodge Stratus

Cant start my Ford Focus engine. When attempted to start engine, the system is not supplying current to the plugs. We cross checked all parameters, sensor, coil, etc, are all in good condition as they were exchanged with another car the same model and purchased at the same time. Ford Focus Chassis No. WFOFXXWPDF4Y65324 Every other system in the car is working well except that the Key would not start the engine. I understand the engine is code-locked because the second key was used. Please

I removed my ecu had it checked the replaced it now my 2.olt zetec wont start the fuel pump dosnt kick in can you help ... 2005 Ford Focus

I have a 2202 Impala. Three weeks ago I attempted to start my car, nothing happened. No click,buzz..nothing. For about ten minutes I jiggled the key, put the key in and out of the ignition several times and cussed a lot. Then I put the key in one last time and BINGO the car started. About a week later same thing and then three days ago a third time. Can you help me?

Yes, this your anti theft security failing. Its having a hard time receiving the transponder signal from your key. When it doesnt get this signal, it turns off the starter to prevent theft. It basically thinks its getting stolen so it shuts down. The ... 2000 Chevrolet Impala

Please read the whole question. It may be long. So I have an 03 Toyota matrix. When I started the car today everything was fine. I went to the gym with a friend and when we got done and was in the car he released my hand brake (he does that for his car) and so my car kind of jolted. This was before I even put the keys in. When I tried to start the car it was kind of silent for a second or two then the car started. Later on after I got home and tried to go somewhere again the same thing happened.

Assuming you were parked on some sort of hill, the jolt was the car moving and applying pressure to the park gear in the transaxle which is normal.There is a neutral safety switch on the transaxle to prevent you from cranking the car in drive or ... Cars & Trucks

Heres a good one my car also just started doing this -when you turn the key on to start the car the radiator fan comes on and you can turn the car over all you want but it will not start until the fan shuts off -one second after the fan shuts of i hear a relay click up by the pass. head light and then and only then you can start the car -some times i wait 10 - 15 min.for the fan to shut off -makes for a long morning before work.

Have the computer checked out ... 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX

When i turn the key to start the car all is normal until i turn key to the start position, and it makes no sound at all, no clicking just silent. battery is hot, when i insert the key all gauges and llights come on normal. turn to start and nothing release the key and gauges and all are normal. replaced starter, what do i try next. lock and key switch?

Try starting in neutral or shifting thru the gears while holding the key in the "start" position (keep your foot on the brake if you try this). Suspect your safety interlock/trans range switch has failed. Another possible reason is anti-theft syste ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

Car problems I have a 1994 dodge intrepid that does not start right away. On a good day it starts at the second or third try. On a bad day it takes more that twenty times. The car always starts eventually but I would like to know what it is. I turn the key and I just hear a click. The radio and all lights go on but car won't start. Please help! Thank you

If only clicks change the starter motor ... 1994 Dodge Intrepid

About 4 days ago when I started my 1995 honda civic the idle started reving up and down, yesterday my car got stuck in park. the release button when pushed down with the key does unlock it and allow me to start the car in neutral. now today on the way home from work I started to hear a clicking noise, especially when accelaratiing. when i came to stops i had to put the car in neutral and keep the gas pedal slightly down to avoid it from stalling. also i have lost my dash lights, clock, inter

Could be engine computer ... 1995 Honda Civic

91 3000gt will not start. it cranks over but doesn't start at all. i got spark and fuel. i replaced the timing belt, spark plugs, air and fuel filters. all the basic tune up things have been replaced. my fuel pump relay inside the car on the passanger/center console clicks when i turn the key. i smell fuel when i crank on it for a few minutes and no leaks anywhere. also when you turn the key to the off position you hear a weird clicking for a second under the hood.

Checked the Crankshaft sensor, and the Camshaft sensor? What does the code reader state? ... 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Battery appears to have power, all lights come on, etc. Turn key and only hear one click from under the hood. This has been happening for several months and usually when cold, and on second or third attempt it starts. This morning it will not start regardless of the number of attempts...just clicks

This is common with a poor connection - either corroded or loose. Clean terminals, battery posts and, if these are terminals with a flat plate and two bolts holding the wires to the terminals, remove and clean those. The reason why the cable to the ... 1994 Isuzu Rodeo

Car would only start with the remote starter, and now doesn't start at all. Tried tapping the starter while turning the key and wont start at all. Makes a click when it first starts, 2 seconds later another click and just wont start

Sounds like you need a starter ... 1998 Oldsmobile 88

Sometimes on a cold start, I turn the key and nothing happens, just a click. Radio and lights come on as normal, but engine does not start. After waiting a few seconds with key on but not attempting to start, I try again and it starts right up. What's that about?

Engine is difficult to start when cold \015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012Check the battery condition, battery state of \015\012charge and starter motor current draw. Replace the battery if marginal\015\ ... 1999 Chevrolet Prizm

96 Cavalier won't start. Car wants to start and now the anti theft system light is on solid. Ran perfectly until my dad started screwing with my electrical system today with the key in the on position. I suspect the anti theft has gone off and it's shut off the fuel pump. Is there a fix for this without going to a shop? I have tried leaving the key on for 20 minutes, then shutting it off for 30 seconds, then attempting to start the vehicle... the light stays solid and doesn't blink or shut off.

... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

My volvo V70 1998 won't start. The indicator lights go on so the battery seems fine but the engine does nothing when I turn the key-- no clicking or attempts to start. I've have this happen before, but it would always start on the 2nd or 3rd attempt. Also, PNP replaced. Also, right before this episode, the car started 2 times when I got it into neutral using the gear shift override button. At the same time, the headlights didn't work-- but the high beams did! Help!!

The symptoms would indicate a faulty neutral safety switch. ... 1998 Volvo V70

The car will not start, it make a clicking sound but will not start. I don't have the remote key to unlock the car. This the second time this has happen the first time we got the distridutor and it start up the first time.

Sounds like battery is dead try jump starting it ... Nissan Sentra

My 2006 pontiac soltice has only 50kms on it. I didn't use my car over the winter about 5 months and went to start it the battery was dead,I quess that can happen. I jumped it and took it out for a long spin just to recharge the battery when I shut it off the car won't start agian,but everything on my dash works,all I hear when I turn the key is a clicking noise,even when I tried the second time jumping it the car just won't start.Is the battery no good anymore or is there some other problem

Had same issue did it turn out to be battery related ... 2006 Pontiac Solstice
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