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2006 chevy colorado turns over but wont start. It has done this twice yesterday. I stopped at a gas station and it wouldn't start and last night I drove somewhere, turned it off, went to leave samething. It would turn over but not start. If you wait a few minutes try it again it will start. Can you help? Thanks Comments: Oct 25, 2009 - The light is not on and the truck cranks up. I dont know what to do next. See less

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Answers :

It really sounds like a bad crankshaft sensor.The crankshaft sensors are expososed to oil,and some heat,witch sometimes,does them in.It would be good if you could get someone like autozone to put it on there scanner,and see if it confirms the problem.I think it will,if this helps at all,please let us know,thank you.
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2006 Hummer H3 intermittenly wont start. Have to wait 10 minutes then it will start. Read online taht replaceing the "ignition switch" would fix the problem. Tried that, now it wont start even after waiting the 10 minutes. Put the old "ignition switch" back on and would crank but no start. Waited 10 minutes and was able to start. Im running now but I would like to fix this problem.

Hi, my research on this issue has turned up phantom causes as sticking valves, ignition switch and seat movement. \015\012\015\012On some Hummer, it turns out to be sticky valves in the head. GM replaced the head under warranty and the hummer h ... 2006 Hummer H3

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Pull out the rubber boot that holds the wire bundle between the driver side door and the body. Look for any wires (usually a ground wire) that are disconnected from eachother, and re-connect them. I used a portable solder gun, or you can make an e ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Intermittent start problem on 2002 PT Cruiser, 23,000 miles with no alarm system. Starts perfect, drive 5 minutes or 2 hours runs great, turn it off, try to start it, might start fine or might act like there?s no fuel or spark and just crank. Try to start it 2 times or 10, no matter, nothing; wait 5 minutes to an hour, starts as if nothing is wrong. Has not started at times when it is cold as well but mostly after driving, stopping and starting several times (3 to 7) and then bang, nothing. Happ

I have the same problem on my 2003 PT Cruiser.. had a bad battery and a bad alternator ... Chrysler PT Cruiser

My 1993 dodge caravan is having a strange issue. One day when I was driving on the highway doing around 60 MPH i noticed that it was not accelerating and the more I pushed on the gas the more the speed decreased. I pulled over to the side and my car died completely. I tried turning the engine over and it shook extremely bad for a few seconds so I turned the engine off, waiting a few minutes and tried starting it again. This time the engine screached. I waiting about 30 minutes and started it ag

Front wheels need to be balanced ... 1993 Dodge Caravan

My 1992 accord 5 spd starts every morning but at times does not start after driving for awhile. If I get out of the car and come back in 5 0r 10 minutes then try starting, it does not start up. It cranks nice and strong but does not start.I wait 10 or so minutes and try starting up again and it starts. I have new fuel filter. wires and plugs. Any ideas????

This is a common problem and that is the distributor, but before replacing i would have it checked, it sounds like its not sparking and causing a no start, next time it doesnt start check for spark at the plugs,it sounds like the module is heating up ... 1992 Honda Accord

I have a 2001 Grand Am and it is sitting in my drivway. The POS will crank and turn over an occationally cough as if trying to start but wont. I have drained my battery 3 times trying to start the thing. I have tried the 10 minute wait but to no avail. My security light is on all the time during the wait and never flashes. I cn hear my fuel pump engage and can smell fuel but it won't start. Do you have any other suggestions besides pushing it into traffic?

HiIt sounds like one of 3 things but it is hard to say with no diagnostic codes.1. Ignition Module2. Coil Pack/s3. Immobiliser faultIs there any spark getting to the engine? and was there any problems w ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

1998 ford windstar engine will start and run for a couple minutes then die, i have tried a new coil pack and new plugs still it starts and dies if i turn key on i can hear fuel pump run and it won't shut off if i wait a few minutes and turn key on again the pump will come on and turn off when it is primed and van will start then die after a few minutes soo i pulled plug wire and sarted van and when it died i tried to sart again and noticed there was no spark but if i let it sit it will have spar

You have a crank signal issue. The PCM opens the injectors, fires the spark, and runs the pump based on a signal from the crank shaft position sensor (CKP) and all of these problems will occur if the signal is intermittent from the CKP. The sensor ... 1998 Ford Windstar

I have a 93 f350 with a 7.3 diesel engine. Sometimes it won't start other times it starts right away. It is completely random. It is not a fuel or temp. Issue I'm sure of that. If it does not start with in 5 sec. Of turning the key Its not going to continuing to crank will not ever make it start. I have to turn the ignition off wait a minute and try again again if it doesn't start within 5 sec. Its not going to. Some times it will take 10-15 cycles of turning the ignition off and waiting a minut

Something real simple! cange ur cam position sensor! located just above the the harmonic balancer! on the right side! ... Cars & Trucks

My car is not starting I waited 10 minutes and tried again it started just fine. A week later it failed again to start? I waited and hour and it started right back up again. The car runs fine when its running except for an un-steady idle. Can you please help me? I hate to know my car is not reliable when trying to start.

Try checking this information of diagnosing a car that wont start this might help. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 93 Dodge Colt 1.5 liter engine. I've noticed in the last month or so after it starts that the idle seems to go high and take 15 or 20 seconds to get back down to normal. Two days ago I went to the store and got back in the car and it just cranked over and would not start. I waited about 1 minute and tried it again and started right up. Then I went to the gas station, got gas and again it would just crank and not start. Waited about 1 minute and started right up and got me home about 10

Its probably your computer. Had the same thing happen to me about ten years back. About 500 dollars. better off finding one on ebay or at a junk yard. ... 1993 Dodge Colt

I have a 99 alero. the computer by passenger floor was changed. the computer that replaced it has the same part number as the old one. I turned the key on for 10 minutes and waited to reset the security system. shut the key off and then started the car. It started. waited 5 minutes. put the car in gear and then back to park and shut it off. tried to start the car again, and it wont start and the security system light is back on. Is there a procedure to program the replacement computer for the ca

You are programming it correctly. It sounds like the ignition lock cylinder is bad. This is the way they act when it is bad. The antitheft sensor is built into the lock cylinder. Replace the cylinder and reprogram it again. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 99 alero. The computer by passenger floor was changed. The computer that replaced it has the same part number as the old one. I turned the key on for 10 minutes and waited to reset the security system. Shut the key off and then started the car. It started. Waited 5 minutes. Put the car in gear and then back to park and shut it off. Tried to start the car again and it wont start and the security system light is back on. Is there a procedure to program the replacement computer for the car


Air conditioner works on and off. Start car it may work or sometimes you have to wait a few minutes & then turn it on. Will work for about 20 minutes then go out and not work for an hour or so. Cruise control does the same thing.... If you start the car & then turn it back off within about 10 minutes, you must wait about 20 minutes before it will even try to crank (turn engine) new battery, new distributer. no clue but it has been doing this for about 80K miles

... 1994 Toyota Camry

My 1999 Accent GLS stalls completely after a couple of minutes either mobile or stationary after starting it. It takes atleast 30 minutes for me to wait and then start it again and then after a few times then its stalls again and I have to repeat the process over again. I do try cranking and pumping on the gas pedal but the attempts are always futile. I always end up waiting patiently for the engine to get cold ( I assume) for me to be enable to start it. Can someone help me?

Got a 1999 lexus 300 gs its cranks but then dies changed pump still same ... Hyundai Motor 1998 Accent

My 1991 Ford Escort GT has been hesitating for the last couple weeks, particularly at low RPMs, and then last night while it sat idling in my driveway, it slowed down, started shaking, then stopped altogether. When I tried to restart it immediately, the engine would turn over, but never start. After waiting about 10 minutes, and putting in another gallon of gas, I tried again. It idled for about 2-3 minutes, then when I started to pull it out of the driveway, it stopped again. I thought i

Check the timing, if it is way off the belt has jumped and the cam is out of time, also are there any burn marks on the insulators of the spark plug wires that go down into the head?? that is a common problem, If the car is a hig miler t ... Ford Escort

Problem with starting our 2000 Saturn LS2: Please help! Symptoms: 1. Frequently won't start ( maybe one out of every ten times)... strong engine cranking when it doesn't start .... Accelorator pedal not depressed before or during cranking as should be the case with this fuel injected engine. Usually waiting ten or more minutes ... it will start. Have tried a few times when it wouldn't start to depress accelerator pedal to floor and hold it there while trying to start it again to try to ''unflood

I had the same problem with my 2000 Saturn LS2 and after replacing the fuel filter, fuel pump, ignition module, and coils I still had the same problem, I found out it was the crank sensor the whole time, after replacing the crank sensor the car is ru ... 2000 Saturn Ls 4dr Sedan

98 chev 6.5 turbo diesel,changed fuel filter 2 weeks ago truck is running great,went to start truck after it being of for 10 minutes will not start.left it for a day now it starts but runs for a minute then dies.go to try it again wont start,wait few minutes then it startes then dies after a minute or two.

Try a additive foe gelling,and also,one that will clean,like power service,and change the fuel filter again,it sounds like fuel contamination. ... GMC C3500

Started car this afternoon for short errand. Drove 8 miles to store and when ready to leave store car would not crank, engine would spin but would not start. Waited about 20 minutes checking under hood for any loose wiring and repeatedly tried starting engine. Was about to give up and tried 1 last time and while trying to start engine repeatedly patted foot pedal and then car finally started. My son also said it seemed weaker while driving as far as power did not have the normal feel. 217k miles

Clutch pedal switch would not let the starter to operate. So you can eliminate that. Possibly the fuel pump.or it was momentarily flooded. When you pushed the accelerator pedal whaile cranking you were allowing more air into the engine, thereby blo ... 1988 Toyota Camry

When it is cold it will start and run for about five minutes then shut off like you turned the switch off then it won't start again until it sits for a couple of hours. If I keep the rpm's up to about 2000 it will sputter and keep running. Then after it gets warmed up it will stay running as long as I keep the rpm's above 1500. It tries to stall when taking off sometimes but not allways. after I shut it off it will start back up if I start it within a few minutes but if I wait about thirty minut

First, if it is running that bad with the spitting and sputtering and all, the Check Engine light has GOT to be SCREAMING at you! If so, then that would be the first step. Get your engine computer scanned to find out why the Check Engine li ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

2001 Lexus. 100,000 miles. Yesterday a.m., tried to start and got nothing - no click, no dash lights, no radio, could not move shift lever. Waited 15 minutes and tried again and it started flawlessly. Drove all day, stopped and started several times - no problems. Tried to start it this morning - nothing, again. Any ideas?

Clean your battery terminals. Make sure you take them off the battery and clean the battery poles too. ... Lexus GS 350

1999 Lincoln Town Car , just developed an intermittent crank no start situation. By the time it gets towed to garage it starts. No start one evening, left it started next morning. It has been throughly checked out 3 times by ASE master tech, did have new battery installed. It did it again this morning started fine drove it 2 miles shut off went into store came out crank no start, tried several times then waited 5 minutes after 20 minutes and still no start I called garage and was talking to

Hi! I doubt that it's incompatible. I'm suspecting a faulty starter. If the solenoid reached it's break point issues like this occurs. The solenoid is surely worn and in any given time it will burn itself till it won't start. Have it replaced and you ... 1999 Lincoln Town Car


Try pulling the air filter out and see if you can get it to run for 10-15 seconds by spraying starter fluid into the breather. If it runs smooth on the spray then you've got it narrowed down to the fuel system. The fact that waiting makes a differenc ... 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

I own a 2005 Ford Focus - 90,000 miles. Yesterday I was driving from San Antonio to Dallas when I noticed that the radio read out lights went blank followed closely by my gauges going out and then ten minutes later, the engine just shut down com-pletely. Tried to jump the battery but nothing happened. Waited 15-20 minutes and tried it again but again, nothing.This morning, I was able to start the engine with no problem. Could it be that the alternator is starting to go bad and needs to be re

Since the vehicle was dying en route (driving) it is the alternator that is the likely culprit.\015\012The vehicle runs off the alternator and only uses the battery to start.\015\012Have it load tested for free at your local parts store ( ... Ford Focus

I have a 94 honda civic 2door coupe automatic, it starts fine in the morning and then when i came out maybe 5 minutes later it was shut off. i tried starting it again and could hear the engine turning but was geting no juice. i thought it was the battery. i waited for a couples hours and started it again. gave a little trouble then started right up, drove fine. next day same problem but wouldnt start after waiting hours to start back up. got a jump (again thinking its the battery) would sound li


Sensor/catalyst problem? Hy guys, i hope someone can help me out with my problem. I have a Malibu 1998. When i start my car the engine starts to work onregular,so not on tune,it's idle high and then low, so up and down. Then after 15 minutes it's starts pushing out the exausta a very bad smell and finally after aprox. 45 minutes it's just turn out. Then i try to start it again but it won't start without giving it some gas. I have to wait till the engine cools off to start it again. Thank you ver

Does it smell like rotten eggs? if so u have a bad cat. convertor its plugged up one way to tell is tap the bottom of the convertor if listen to the sounds it makes a thud its plugged. ... 1998 Chevrolet Malibu
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