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2006 dodge charger r/t car has been sitting for over 3 1/2 months. Battery went dead and had battery replaced. However speedometer not working, turn signals not working and gas gauge not working. The car feels like it's stuck in cruise control and feels like it won't go over 30 mpg. or if eccelarted the car feels like it will stall out. The lights that are showing constant are: check engine light, tire pressure light,brake light ( blinky constantly) and abs light.Not sure why car would respond

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This is a common problem for chrysler products....I am a level 2 chrysler tech.I dont know when your problem started but I have seen it and had the same type problem.....if it started before you changed the battery or not you have to take it to a dealer and request them to FLASH the vehicle...This means update the PCM.I have done this to all type of chrysler...mostly the 3ooseries,but also charger,town&country vans...etc..sometimes the radio will not work also....However if it happened after the battery replacement the technician may have arked the post or accidently installed it backward...this will sometimes ruin the PCM but you will not know until you have it FLASHED.....Normally if installed wrong you will just blow a fuse or two and it will not damage the PCM....UNLESS THAT HAPPENED AND THEY CHANGED THE FUSE'S AND DIDNT TELL YOU.But that is just a question the dealer will ask you.FLASH the PCM and it should solve your problem.HOWEVER the gauge problem could be a seperate problem in the instrument cluster,This is also another chrysler problem on some...If the FLASH dont solve the gauge problem the instrument cluster needs to be changed.
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2006 dodge charger r/t car has been sitting for over 3 1/2 months. Battery went dead and had battery replaced. However speedometer not working, turn signals not working and gas gauge not working. The car feels like it's stuck in cruise control and feels like it won't go over 30 mpg. or if eccelarted the car feels like it will stall out. The lights that are showing constant are: check engine light, tire pressure light,brake light ( blinky constantly) and abs light.Not sure why car would respond

This is a common problem for chrysler products....I am a level 2 chrysler tech.I dont know when your problem started but I have seen it and had the same type problem.....if it started before you changed the battery or not you have to take it to a dea ... 2006 Dodge Charger

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The starter is under the front side exhaust pipe. You will see it from the bottom of the car front side exhaust where it makes the 90 degree\015\012going towards the back of the car from the passenger side you will see it ... 2001 Mitsubishi Diamante

My 2000 Sentra has had the check engine light on and off for the past few months. First code told us it was the Mass air flow sensor, so got a new one installed ($60 online). Cleared codes and did not see much of a change. Car runs great when cold, but after a while starts bucking and will stall on full stops and slowing down. Feels like something is sucking the life out of it, and I see it's sucking gas as well. New code said catalylitic converter, but after getting a new battery the car ran p

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Alternator started vcar battery light came on after driving for a few minutes car stalled like alternator wasnt working lights went out and it wouldnt start while waiting for tow turned on lights and they seem bright so i tried to start the car and it did after five minutes running it started cutting of as if no current was available and it stalled again, battery is brand new so is the alternator, starter, ignition coil, apart from the obvious which is the alternator what else could be causing

Try checking you belt tension. That happened to me once while I was driving. Turned out to be a broken fan belt. ... 2001 Mercury Cougar

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I have the same car/year and problem. My turbo first acted up 50,000 km ago. I was told it was the waste gate linkage that was sticking. The Mechanic lubed it and work it back and worth with a air pressure device. Worked well for 40,000 km's but ... Volkswagen Jetta

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2001 Subaru Outback. Had problems with the engine feeling like it was going to stall when stop at a light or stop sign (actually stalled twice but started right up). Then had problems getting going up hills or from a stop. Once the car got above 2000 rpms it was fine. Had new plugs, wires and overall tune up done, also new PCV put in. Yesterday the car was fine, today I was back to the same problem. Check engine light came on once but has not been on at all since that one time. Has been col

Try replaceing the fuel filter and if that does not do it then it may be the pump. you can rent a fuel pressuer tester to test to see if fuel pump is going out. If you rent one and need to know how to check let me know and I will put the proccedure h ... Subaru Outback

I have dodge grand caravan 1998. two issues: left turn signal works when it feels like it, so it doesnt work, starts working againg, stops working. second is dashboard meters used to stop working for a split second and would reset while driving( this happened like once a month) yesterday they just shut down completely while driving and check engine light came on. This morning I started the car dash meters seem to be working again, but check engine is still on. What should I do? Is there some sen

More then likely this is all caused by a cool named car part called the clockspring. It is located in the steering column. The good news though, call a Dodge dealer, I believe this is an item/repair covered under recall/warrenty! ... 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

New battery, completely drains while car not used for a day. Initial problem car lost power while driving, rpm went up when accelerating but power didn't eventually stalled. Started again, ran real rough, parked it, battery drained completely by next morning, had it charged, started car, very rough idle, put it in gear felt like it would stall little power, parked it, battery drained again, charged it checked w/ volt meter reads 14.4 while idling, put air lights on, engine stumbles, volt meter

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The starter itself is going bad. the internals of it are most likely corroded and are causing a voltage drop so installing the new battery help for a little bit but now it must have gotten worse. so a replacement start is needed but also you will nee ... Buick LeSabre


Most likely problem is a split trasmission sump filter. ... 2005 Dodge Durango

Car stalled I was driving to work and stopped at a red light, within a minute the car just shut off. I tried to re-start, it sounded like it wanted to catch but didn't. On the 3rd try (after about 2 minutes) it finally turned back on but my 'check engine' light also came on. I only had to drive @ 2 more miles but there were no more problems (just the engine light). Any ideas??

Could be the fuel pump...get sum stp gas treatment or seafoam. ... Hyundai Motor 2003 Sonata

Electrical Problems I have a 2000 Ford Expedition 4.6 v8. It has over 177,000 miles. It is missing, it has stalled once and acts like it wants to. Some of the dash lights come on and off like the engine like, oil light and the odometer light doesn't come on till car worms up. It starts shaking when it gets up to 65 and acts like it wants to die. I have replaced the spark plugs, battery, alternator, belt and when it got put on the computer at Auto zone it said the spark plug 1 was misfiring b

Your best bet is making an appointment with a mechanic. There could be any number of possibilities that might be causing all this. ... 2000 Ford Expedition

Have a 07 minni and the engine light came on. Car began stalling out going down road. The temperature light had came on a couple times as well before the engine light. Took car to shop and they replaced mass air flow sensor and filters. By the time I got 30 minutes to home the engine light was on again and the car was stalling out when you press the gas. Also when the car is idle it is reving up and down. Making the worst noise like it is dying and then coming back. Like the engine is louder

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Car won't start when I turn the ignition key. I put in a new battery thinking that might be the problem but that didn't work. When i intitially turn the key one click some of the lights come on in the display like the battery light oil, and seat belt. When the key is turned to start the engine the digital clock seems to lose power and the numbers fade out. The engine doesn't even turn over. Any ideas of what the problem might be would be helpful. Thanks!

Seems like you have a bad ground connection..Check that the wires are all tight and clean from the battery to the engine, and from the engine to the body of the car.Good luck ... 2001 Kia Sephia

Engine light is on due to large vac leak why? its a 2006 mazda 3,and ive done everything possible to this car''everything''and i have the engine light on due to this code.the garage guy said its a leak in a air flow,ive changed all the filters..etc.....the car at times feels like it idles low,and at times wants to stall can anyone help,as im not a mechanic,and the garage guy has juiced me for enough money...as here in puerto rico there good for that...

Not a very good mechanic if he takes money for not fixing your problem. i'm assuming he scanned it and got a lean code, which usually means a vacuum leak. There are other issues that can cause lean codes, like lack of fuel flow. If it is vac leak, ... 2006 Mazda 3

Engin stall I have a 2007dodge caliber Automatic and I have problem. I'll be at a red light and it will turn green and I'll hit the gas and nothing it will feel like it's going to die but then a second or two later it will go. It also tends to sputter at stops. This doesnt just happen when I'm stopped, at times while driving I'll gas it but the engine just sputters and nothing happens. My car's never actually stalled out and died but if this problem happens at the wrong place and time, like when

You should have the 3year 36,000 warrenty and if your the original owner then you have the powertrain warrenty too. Not sure what the problem is without looking at the vehicle myself with the computer hooked up. Take it to the dealer. Sounds almost l ... 2007 Dodge Caliber SRT4 Hatchback

Sputtering I have a 96 Cavalier and some days the check engine light will go on and some days it won't. Sometimes, it will sputter like it is going to die on me at random times but i think it may have something to do with how much electricity i am using at the time and how warm it is. I have had the alternator and battery checked and they were running fine but i dont feel safe with it sputtering and feeling like its going to stall out. I've also had it stall a couple times when i put it into gea

If it is a 2.2 L engine check the fuel injecters see if they are leaking or if you smell gas behind the valve cover,,,if not your next bet would be the coil pack coil; packs act up more when they are warm ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

93 new yorker salon 3.3 was just sitting at idle car stalled so i wnet to start it up and it ran for like 5 seconds and stalled again now it just turns over i was not getting spark injector pulse or power to the fuel pump also my check engine light does not come on anymore as i start like most of the instrument lights do now it dont changed ecm computer and still just turns over the computer i changed is the one located inside drivers fender beside battery can someone plz help i did not see any

You need to check all the fuses in the power distribution box near the battery. Look for a large maxi-fuse that has blown. If your car has fusible links rather than maxi-fuses, they should be checked also. The ecm will also have a fuse for power to ... 1993 Chrysler New Yorker

A few days ago, I turned my car, a 1995 Ford Taurus, on and everything was working fine and then it was almost as if the car had stalled, but it was still driving. The radio turned off, the power steering turned off, but when I shut it off and turned it back on, everything worked fine. Until today. I drove it around fine all day,and when I went to my friend's and was about to leave, the car wouldn't start. It sounds like the battery is dead, but the lights, radio, windows all worked. There was n

Could be a short it a wire or ur batter ends could be bad ... 1995 Ford Taurus

The battery light was on i drove it for awhile then it just stalled and wouldn't start until it cooled down then it started again then it wouldn't start ot turn over. we changed the battery and the starter it ran for awhile then it wouldn't start again then different lights came on like the brake light then the car radio wouldn't come on when the lights are turned on then the ac wouldn't work when the lights are on. What is wrong

Check your regulator\015\012if u have a multimeter, run it across ur battery when the cars running, it should be around 13-14v's. if its lower it should be that ur alternators not chargeing, if its really high it might be ur regulator ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

Engine warning light , battery light, warning light , rev counter , speedo and temp gauge going on/off intermitantly and speedo not working on digital screen on ford focus can you help. the battery is new and all wires are fitted ok no loose connections . the lights can stay off for 5 to 10 mins then when they come on speedo and rev counter are going up and down like yoyyo's The car is running smoothly other than this problem.

My 04 Ford Focus the battery light keeps coming on & going off, have fitted a new alternator belt but it didn't solve the problem. The battery connections are good. Also the rev counter, speedo & mileage clock keep going haywire when the ba ... 2003 Ford Focus
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