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A neighbor asked me if I could give him a jump. Being a woman I said I guess if you know how to do it. While he was trying to start his truck my power steering light came on. I now have no power steering. What could be wrong?

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Answers :

Those vehicles have electric power steering .. it is possible that a fuse was blown for that system.
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A neighbor asked me if I could give him a jump. Being a woman I said I guess if you know how to do it. While he was trying to start his truck my power steering light came on. I now have no power steering. What could be wrong?


My 2002 Hyundai accent is doing many things....the power steering is gone... The battery light and brake light are on on the dash..... The heater blows only cold and it says it is overheating. All if it started at the exact same time... I cranked the car and pulled away from the gas pumps, the belt made a loud squeaking for quite a while, the lights on the dash came on, the power steering was gone, as well as the heat, and maybe a mile down the road it started to overheat. What could be wrong???

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Car wouldn't start couple of times, had to be jumped but started right over. Mechanics ran all sorts of diagnostics but found nothing wrong, batter fine, alternator fine, nothing wrong with codes. That was a week ago and now, it stalled on me today, batter light came on, oil light came on, lost steering but did start but not right away. This is a 2006 Ford 500 with less than 16K miles on it! Very puzzled as to what could be causing these problems!

Theres a tsb for a faulty fuel pump........\015\012Access the fuel pump connector. Monitor voltage between the White/Red (WH/RD) and Black/Yellow (BK/YE) wires, leaving the fuel pump connected. Also monitor the fuel pressure. Voltage will ... Ford Five Hundred

I accidently spilled power steering fluid while refilling my resevoir, when I started my car I could see the battery draining and my check gage came on. Battery died by time I got car home. Kragens tested my battery and had to replace it, they also say it sounds like my alternator went out. Could it be the spilling of power steering fluid perhaps on the belt causing it to slip? If so can I clean it or should the belt be replaced?

Replace the belt . power steering fluid eats away at the rubber and makes it brittle ... 2000 Dodge Durango

1999 Ford F150 V8, 95000 miles. I have noticed, when I move slowly and either approach parking or get out of parking positon, I can hear a sound like maybe my power steering is not working properly. Truck runs perfectly except for this instance. Could my power steering fluid need changing? Could something else be wrong?

If you are turning sharply the wheels are hitting the stops making a loud whirring almost squealing because the system will try to turn further but cannot due to the stops it is normal but a power steering flush would help prevent issues ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Hello, I was diving and the check battery light came on, all power functions operated poorly, and the power steering was operating poorly as well. I parked and turned off the car when I tried to start it again it was completely dead. I replaced the battery, the car is running fine, however the light is still on and the steering wheel is very hard, I checked the power steering fluid and it was fine, what could it be? Thanks, AV

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The power steering unit leaked all of the fluid out and also had to replace the Serpetine belt. The belt had about 1/8 in missing on the inside. After replacing both, the serpetine belt jumped one slot over on the altemator pulley and the air conditioning condensor pulley, causing the belt to wear off about 1/8 in. I had someone start the car, turn the steering wheel and noticed the power steering pulley slow and then came to a stop until the steering wheel was returned to center. Could this be

Yes you could have a problem in the rack or air in the system. Try filling the fluid and slowly turn the steering wheel back and forth and recheck fluid level. You may have to do this a couple of times to get all the air out, each time turn the st ... Pontiac Grand Am

I repaced my powersteering serpentine belt and power steering pump 3 months ago. today it was 32 below 0 C', I started my truck and all of the sudden no power steering I parked it the night before and it was fine no noise or whinning and in the morning the steering was stiff , and never inproved after 40 min drive .what do you think is wrong?

You have a leak fords are noritas for this although its a great disgin madza disgined this pump it works like a rotery engine and last for ever its likely the plastic resiveor had swolen and the seal is likely leaking. You could try putting fuild in ... 2000 Ford F150 Flareside SuperCab

My truck just lost almost 100 percent all of the power steering while driving. it started when i left the parking lot of my work when it wouldnt let me go in reverse out of the parking spot. the light for the battery came on. i move the steering right and left until finally it let me go backwards while turning. it was whining all the way home when i pulled into walmart to check under the hood. The belt was super lose and power steering fluid was leaking out of one of the lines. I barely made it

Sound as though you have a serpentine belt . One belt that runs all of your pump in front of your motor. Your belt broke or your belt tension er failed. First fix hose leak then replace belt. Easy should not cost more than $50 at a good shop, unless ... 2006 Mitsubishi Raider

I have a 96 Dodge Ram 1500, when I start out at a red light or am going uphill my truck seems to not have sufficient power as before...before the truck would climb anything....now not so good.... Any suggestions about what could be wrong? I was told could be catalyic converter or transmission...is this a possibility?

Worn out & partially blocked catThe Trans would slip & you would see the tachflair, if you have oneNew spark plugs would be nice, only a problem if they have been in the motor 8 years ... Cars & Trucks

1990 grand prix 3.1 car originally stumbled when transitioning from acceleration to cruise and would stutter real bad, I had to either punch through it or let off the accel. and come back on it slowly. Then while driving fast down the freeway the car lost engine power but was still running could control steering just no power. Stopped and tried to restart etc.. would start and idle rough then just die upon accel.. Came back approx. 18 hours later and she started fine and ran good, not much stutt

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I have a 2007 Swift sport 1.6, unfortunately it didn't come with a manual. A while ago the engine warning light came on so I got a diagnostic run on it and it came up as an EGR valve problem, the car sat for a while because we didn't want to drive it with this light on. However now there is a another light on, a steering wheel with an exclamation mark and the car will not start (there is plenty of life in the battery). I see from other questions it could be a power steering problem but can't

Hi. That would be the "Speed sensitive power steering" warning light. need to have your power steering checked. Try take the plug off the power steering pump or fluid tank and clean the conections. You may seek assistance to a local mechanic if ... 2005 Suzuki Swift

We have a 2004 Lincoln LS V6 and for the last 3 years have been trying to find out what is wrong with our car. It started 3 years ago on vacation. We were going down an on ramp into traffic and lost power to the car, could not accelerate and had to steer off the road. Fast forward to today the problem has become worse over the years and it happens daily now. We can be at a stoplight and start to accelerate on green and half way through the intersection the car will loose power, you can not give

Hey guys..im having same problem..but it only starts when i stop at the light..if it takes to long to for me to go again it starst shaking some then goes into failsafe mode.i just changed all spark plugs and oil ,filter and air filter and still doin ... Lincoln LS

Went to start the car, power steering failed, and the batty. light came on dash... engine runs, but power steering does not work, do you think it could be the alt. belt or tension springs...

The belt is OFF, you need to fix it ASAP, dont drive it. ck all of the pulleys and tensioner. something is bad wrong, belts dont just "fall off" ... 2002 Lincoln LS

Range 4.4 I think its electrical. Fist the stering wheel wouldnt move, the next it did then stereo made this loud pulsating noisy and then when i turned it off i couldnt start it again. The next day it started and everything worked but when i turned the truck off i couldnt start it again. all the power items came on dash didnt say anything was wrong, but everytime i turned key to last selection to start it would just pop and then nothing.checked all fuses all are good. I pluged batt and resinsta

This has two service actions for it... One to change the steering column and electrical... And the second item. Check to see if changed and you hear a whistle sound in the car after you turn the car off. Does the sound come from the fuse panel area ... 2003 Land Rover Range Rover

I got in my car, it started fine, I drove down the driveway and the engine and security light came on when I got to the street. I kept driving about 2 more blocks and every single light came on and the car just died in the middle of the road - Just like that. I could not restart it. I had no power for about 5 minutes and then the power came back, but I still could not start it. (I know the power came on because the key was in the ingnition and I was on the phone, when the power came back on all

Certainly electrical problem. Very serious one it sounds like. It may be the car's computer board has had it. I bet you'll have to have someone find a new mother board and install it. ... 2000 Saturn SL

Hello. My battery light came on this morning while I was driving on the freeway. About 30 minutes later, while I was driving at slower speeds on residential streets, the steering wheel started to get very heavy and hard to turn. It isn't locked up, just really heavy (like maybe power steering is out). Could the battery and steering probs be related? And how do I fix this?

Hi\015\012 Sounds like the alternator / power steering belt is either loose or broken. \015\012A new one is the only repair.\015\012Very cheap part and Its not major work to replace\015\012Good luck\015\012 ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Last week my 1984 nissan truck started smoking. It clears up and started smoking again the next day. That same day I put in brake fluid and power steering fluid before it started smoking. My brother in law put new vacumn hoses on it. It has not smoked since he put the hoses on. What else could have done it. PS; I don't mean a little bit of smoke.....it was a lot. What to do?

Well it didnt smoke til you put power & brake fluid in it are sure it wasn't smoking from over filling one of them or they are leaking like brake fluid it could come from master cylinder leaking on exhaust from over filling ,same thing from power ... 1984 Nissan Pickup

I've just bought an Alfa romeo 156 1.8, when I start the car from cold the steering makes a noise like it's low on power steering fluid but there is plenty there. After a couple of miles the noise stops. The car steers and handles fine. I'm told there is 2 different types of fluid, could mine have the wrong 1 in it.

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Whining noise from under hood begins when I start the truck and it gets louder when I apply the throttle even when I'm in neutral. It started after I went mudding. I changed my power steering fluid just in case water got in it but it didn't do anything. Could my alternator be messed up from mudding? Its coming from the serpentine area.

... 2006 Toyota Tacoma

2000 Lincoln Navigator - few days ago started idling very rough when truck is at a stop or in park. Service Engine Light came right around time I noticed that it was idling rough when stopped. Following codes came back P1131; P1151; P0171; P0174; What could be wrong??

P1131 Lack of HO2S-11 Switch ,Sensor Lean\015\012P1151-Lack of HO2S-21 Switch ,Sensor Lean\015\012PO171- System to Lean (Bank 1)\015\012PO174-Systen to Lean (Bank 2)\015\012\015\012Fuel Filter -Plugged\015\012Low ... 2003 Lincoln Navigator

I have a 2002 Yukon XL 1500. was driving came to a stop and went to accelerate and truck jerked forward and started to stumble. made it about 1/2 a block and died completely. engine starts but stumbles and dies quickly. It has about a 1/4 tank of gas and all fluid levels look good. checked the fuses all appear to not be burnt out. just had the water pump and the power steering gearbox replaced yesterday. tried the banging on the fuel cell idea but didnt help. any ideas?

Low fuel pressure/or blown head gasket. ... 2002 GMC Yukon XL

I put the battery into my 91 mercury capri backwards and i try to start it, smoke came out of the dash behind the radio. Now it won't turn over or start at all. The lights, fasher and some other components work, back but I don't think I'm getting any power to or from the ignition. What could be wrong.

My 1997 mercury cougar xr7 vibrates really strong when starting after long periods of time what is this ? ... Mercury Capri

My 2004 elantra has belt squeals, it started happening when cold, then it happens for quit a while until it warms up, now it's almost constant. The belts were replaced and the power steering pump got replaced. What could be wrong? The pully on the new power stirring pump stops when I turn the wheel. Any thoughts? Thanks, Bernie

Have you checked the idler arm? make sure the belt feels fairly tight ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

I have a Pathfinder 96, auto transmission with a "death wobble" problem. The whole truck start wobbling/ shaking left to right violently with no particular pattern to explain why it does it e.g uneven road or speed.... It only does that only once in a while too. I have to press the brake to stop the wobble. Anyhow, I changed tires on it since they were the wrong side. That didn't fix the problem. Is there a steering wheel stabilizer on that truck and could it the be the issue?

The pathfinder is very common for this problem, I suggest replacing upper and lower link bars (located rear of the vehicle). This is the problem with many many pathfinders and all have the same complaint. ... Nissan Pathfinder
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