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Battery went dead changed it now no power inside the dash is dead only air bag light no radio no a/c no windows no alternator truck starts i touch a hot wire to the ecu fuse inside of truck and everthing start working .where does this fuse get it power from ?

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Answers :

Hook the battery up or try to jump-start backwards did we?
\015\012The ECU fuse gets it's power from the 140 Amp (or 180 Amp, depending on which engine your vehicle is equipped with) ALTERNATOR fuse in the engine compartment fuse block.
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\015\012It gets power from the ecu relay. It may not start at first specially after battery replacement for it's relearning itself. Once the computer relearned itself the vehicle may work normally again. Touching the ECU fuse may have jumpstart the ECU that's why it worked after.\015\012
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Battery went dead changed it now no power inside the dash is dead only air bag light no radio no a/c no windows no alternator truck starts i touch a hot wire to the ecu fuse inside of truck and everthing start working .where does this fuse get it power from ?

Hook the battery up or try to jump-start backwards did we?\015\012The ECU fuse gets it's power from the 140 Amp (or 180 Amp, depending on which engine your vehicle is equipped with) ALTERNATOR fuse in the engine compartment fuse block. ... 2007 Toyota Tundra

I was working on tail lights on 2004 dodge 1500 I ran a wire from hot side of park lamp fuse (inside cab fuse panel) to tail light connector.The alligator clip of my wire laid against the chrome step bar the wire burned (small gauge wire maybe 16 awg) in half, not the insulation but the wire inside. Now the truck wont start, engine cranks good I have fire at spark plugs. I also checked fuses and relays under the hood fuse panel and inside cab fuse panel.

Do you have fuel? You might want to check the fuel pump fuse and see if it took a hit!\015\012\015\012You could also spray a little starting fluid into the intake while cranking and see if it sputters.\015\012\015\012Good luc ... Dodge Ram 1500

1987 chevy truck 350 5.7 fuel injector (CRNK) fuse have no power that fuse spot is dead so the injector wont spray and the truck wont start all other fuse is hot what can be done to bring power back t

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Boy that sucks. I assume you weren't having the blown fuse problem before you started, I can think of 2 options. Forgive me if this sounds dumb, First take a flashlight if necessary and carefully retrace every step that you did, looking for any pinch ... 1991 Honda Accord

Asd relay has no power to the pcm and fuse panel inside has only half power run jumper wire to dead fuses and dash lights up and pcm powers up and jeep will start and run till jumper wire is removed

Hi, pull out the ASD relay and use a 12 volt test light to interrogate the relay socket. Hook your test light clip to ground and probe the terminals of the relay socket. There should be one hot terminal when the key is off and 2 hot terminals when ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Electrical Problems Started truck (very hot day). Instrument panel stopped working except RPM guage. ABS and Air bag lights came on. The A/C, Power windows/locks, radio, blinker lights, etc all stopped working but truck kept running. When I shut it down and tried to start later the truck didn;t start. Make a clicking noise like the battery was dead. Can't start to get over and run the tester at Auto parts store. Possibly a fuse or relay? Any ideas ???

A mechanic would start at the battery and test the circuits. If you have lights but no crank, could be a dirty connection at the battery or a dead cell in the battery. If that checks out ok, look at the fuseable links. ... Cars & Trucks

98 chevy k1500 my keys touched a hot wire inside the steering colum while starting, sparked and key got hot while pulling it out as fast as i could. Now blower ,radio,and wipers don't work. All fuses are good,not sure about the relays. I dont think one relay would go to those. Cheked wires that go into key cylinder, they appear ok but do you think if burnt on inside it would only effect those 3 items? This is a tough on for me to diagnose please help, thank you. Joel

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I have an electrical problem with a 2012 jonway gator 50cc,once battery is charged starts up and runs fine then lights get weak and once it is turned off it will not start again.there were crimped wires on brake light handle inside front frame bare wire was touching and blew the fuse next to battery(a strange looking double fuse in a plastic case with one wire running from the battery to one fuse and one wire from under seat running to other fuse)(15amp) case was melted so bad could tell how fus

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I recently purchased an 01 Passat V6 4motion. The current problem with it is it will not start, cranks fine, but will not turn over. Upon my findings I've noticed I am not receiving power to fuse 28 as well as fuse 29. I have purchased a new fuel pump relay and re-spliced the wires leading into my comfort control module still no luck. When I jump the fuel pump relay, power comes to fuse 28, and 29, but still will not run. ECU is getting power, the 40 amp fuse is good and relay 373 (next to ECU)

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I just bought a 2000 ford taurus. It would not start or crank over.I noticed the ign.key had a lincoln key logo. I bought a new pats taurus key. It still did'nt turn over. A ngs was hooked up to the dlc connector and data link diagnois results showed 914,915,pcm no response or communication.I started checking out the starting system. Check out the starter relay and wiring. I have power to the relay at the Lg/vt wire all the time,the 15amp fuse is hot and the Tn/rd wire is hot in the start mode.

At the base of your steering column is the ignition/start/run switch. This has failed and needs to be replaced. You'll need to drop the column and remove the kneepad to gain access. Be sure to locate the new switch in the exact spot of the old one. I ... Ford Taurus

Im working on a 1986 toyota pickup 2.4l efi non turbo 4x4 i replaced the head gasket and i have a black wire coming from the intake wiring harness that has no plug on it .if i touch this wire to a hot wire the fuel pump relay will click and the injectors will make a sound if i put a jumper wire on the fuel pump test plug and then touch this wire to a hot only the injectors will make a noise i understand why this happens but i need to know where this wire goes the truck wont start and run it turn

Sounds like this wire should operate the electric fuel pump through the fuel pump relay.The fuel pump relay should start the fuel pump to maintain fuel supply to the common fuel rail and any surplus fuel will be bleed back to tank by pressure contro ... 1986 Toyota Pickup 4WD

02 kia sportage suddenly died on highway at full speed. No sputtering, no surging nothing. Just dead. Turns over and tries to fire but won't. I have replaced, fuel pump, fuel filter, relays (main and fuel pump more than once), I have switched out ecm with a known good one and am stumped. Checked grounds, timing and spark ...all is good. I have gone into the fuse box under the hood and started testing the circuitry. In the fuel pump relay I have power going to the black/red wire(hot all

I had the same thing happen to my 2002 Sportage, I had carbon buildup on the valves. Check compassion. ... 2002 Kia Sportage

I installed the wiring harness for a 2012 honda pilot- I had to use and adaptor to go from 7 wire to 4 wire ,I had power at the 7 wire plug -my trailer wiring was not correct so while I was trying to wire the trailer I left the wires hooked up and the power to the 7 wire plug on -by accident I touched the ground and hot wire together and now I have no power to the 7 wire plug and I checked the fuses in the front of the vehicle and they are good not sure where to look next . maybe the relays on

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I have no power to the fuse in the fuse box that regulates the fuel injectors(all others have power,has been replaced with a good one) which cause the relay to have no power and the pump wont start. after we cross wired the fuse we got one side of the relay to go hot (input) but no output and still no pump action. Can you bypass any of this .If not how can you check the ignition or is it woth it seems all of the other fuses have power when the key is turned on

Hi.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Replace the fuel pump relay.Check if there is power at the grey wire from fuel pump relay when you turn on ignition. That goes to the injectors passing through the fuse.\015\012 ... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 89 ford mustang gt I was installing an after market radio And I accidentally touched the ground red wire and 12v yellow and black wire together now my ground wire is not giving out power. I've checked the driver fuse box and the fuse isn't blown for the radio and I also know the fuse is working because the truck release works and that shares the same fuse with the radio help please I'm tired ff driving with no radio.

You are confused. The ground wire never carries voltage. From your description it sounds like you have hooked up the radio incorrectly ... Cars & Trucks

Trailer brakes I have a 04 Chev. 2500HD my trailer brakes worked when I first towed my enclosed trailer a week ago, now they wont work. rt & left blinkers, brake lights and clearance lights all work on the trailer... it is just the power to the trailer brake... the brake unit inside the truck has power to it and seems to be working fine, wiring seems in tact and no blown fuses. When the wiring harness is attached to the truck, the trailer brake doesnt recognize that anything is attached. Any ide

Take a 12 volt test light... the kind that has a spring loaded clip to hold the probe into the wire, and insert it into the wire just before the trailer plug, vehicle side. (Blue I think) If there is a connection, the brake should see it and you shou ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

It starts smelling like smoke only when I turn the truck on, and the starter I just replaced is bran new what should I do if its not the wires touching? is it possible for my starter to get damaged if the wires are touching? is the starter relay on the right facing the motor from the outside view or inside the truck view?

Sounds like the starter solenoid is shorting out have it checked sense you hooked up wrong the first time. ... Ford F-150

I have a 1990 ford bronco 5.8l the truck will start the frist start of the day but after that the truck does not want to start i can jump from the starting solinoid and runs fine after the first start the top red blue wire o the starting solinoid is no longer hot with power

You more than likely need a new starter selinoid. Also make sure your alternator is putting out enough charge,13.2V or higher. You may also have a problem with the red power cable to the starter especially at the starter hook up point. Hope this help ... 1990 Ford Bronco

I own a 89 toyota toyopet truck. The EFI fuse keeps blowing every time I replace it and turn the key on. Tracked and tested all wiring related to this problem. All test good and look good. replaced all modules and sensors related to this problem. replaced altenator twice because voltage regulator is on inside, each time replaced truck would start and run for 20-30 seconds before the EFI fuse blows and truck dies. please help me fix my truck. my name is Tami.

I had the same problem with my 1990 P/u. It turned out to be the O2 sensor touching the underside of my box shorting and blowing the EFI Fuse ... 1989 Toyota Pickup SR5

F350 no start I just bought the truck installed a new soliniod on the fender and it started up fine 3 times I stopped on way home left truck for an hour at home now nothing the wire from key switch has power all the time even with key out soliniod is fried and I'm afraid started is to now can't jump it even down there heater works and all fuses are live under the hood with the key out

Have you tried jumping the two big terminals on the solonoid. Careful if it is working you will get a spark,big srewdiver and just flash it. ... Cars & Trucks

Hello, I replaced the starter selenoid on my 1990 F150, 6 cyl. truck because it would just buzz and not start. It ran for awhile. I went to start it and the rpm was very high. I kept tapping the accelorator and it calmed down a little, it ran about 100 yds. and just quit. Tried to start it again, but no power anywhere. I also noticed that there was a hot wire smell and the battery cable was very hot.

Here is a general instruction for changing the starter, you can modify it by just removing the selenoid after starter removal if you like.\015\012Disconnect the positive post of the battery cable. Underneath the passenger side of the truck you wil ... Ford F-150

Won't start. I have change the wires, spark plugs, cover and rotator and it won't start. I am ready to burn the them truck. Sometimes I don't touch it for a week and when I tried it it's start right away. I just don't know anymore. The scanner does not give me any code. I don't know if perhaps is a sensor or maybe something inside. The truck has 145,000 miles and has being kept well.

Do you have spark?Put one of the old plugs in a spark plug wire and crank her over.Make sure the plug is grounded.Any spark?Most likely the ignition module.Next would be the crank sensor.......or dist pickup. ... 1996 GMC Suburban

No voltage going to new fuel pump - 1999 S-10 4.3L 4WD AUTO-Truck would not start-couldn't hear the fuel pump kick on-sprayed ether in c arb started then died.Replaced fuel pump still won't kick on.Ran a hot wire to pump-it works.Replaced fuses and relay.Is there a fuel shut off switch or am I looking at a wiring problem?Maybe Oil pressure switch but I couldn'find it.HELP!!! -

The GRAY wire i believe going to the fuel pump is the hot wire it should come on for 2 seconds with just the key in the on position this is were you should check voltage for 2 seconds then it will go away until you crank the truck.Your oil sending un ... Chevrolet S 10

Was connecting flat 4 wire connector to truck, accidentally touched hot wire to metal. Now i dont have any power coming to trailer plug on truck. 2008 ford f250 superduty

Usually a short will be corrected by replacing the burnt out fuse. However, I have also found that the earth wire fails when something like this happens, For peace of mind, check the connections behind the plug to ensure tight fit and spray with some ... 2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty 4WD

I have a 2001 F350 4 x 4 Supercrew with a 5.4 liter engine and towing package. The towing connectors were hit in an accident and replaced. I changed a fuse to fix the right turn lights but I get no power on the blue wire that deactivates the trailer surge brakes when backing up. I also noticed that the center contact of the round connector which should be hot when the truck is placed in reverse also has no power. I check the fuses in the BJB and they're all good. Any suggestions? Which relay con

... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew
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