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My 2002 Hyundai accent is doing many things....the power steering is gone... The battery light and brake light are on on the dash..... The heater blows only cold and it says it is overheating. All if it started at the exact same time... I cranked the car and pulled away from the gas pumps, the belt made a loud squeaking for quite a while, the lights on the dash came on, the power steering was gone, as well as the heat, and maybe a mile down the road it started to overheat. What could be wrong???

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My 2002 Hyundai accent is doing many things....the power steering is gone... The battery light and brake light are on on the dash..... The heater blows only cold and it says it is overheating. All if it started at the exact same time... I cranked the car and pulled away from the gas pumps, the belt made a loud squeaking for quite a while, the lights on the dash came on, the power steering was gone, as well as the heat, and maybe a mile down the road it started to overheat. What could be wrong???

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2006 focus 1.8 tdci, has only 18000 miles on clock and is never taken for long runs. Has just started to show battery light on dash and after initial start does not start again. Have had power steering light also on dash and steering reverts to non power assistance. I have not checked with a multimeter across the battery as yet so cannot eliminate the alternator at present.

... 2006 Ford Focus

1995 was squealing, then started to over heat. The dash lights that lit were, brake and battery. I lost power steering. I put water in radiator the temp dropped, but still no power steering and dummy dash lights still lit. On driver side, there are 5 or 6 wheels and only one belt, is that the power steering belt that broke and do I also need a thermoatat?

Of course any belts that are missing should be replaced. If the engine overheated you probably do need to replace the thermostat as the temper has been changed. ... 1995 Mitsubishi Galant

I have telstar tx5 ghia 1990 2,2l 4 cilind automatic, power everithing,car is done 240000.yus wont start one mornig doing klik didn t start and couple time kliking alnaser (starter) and i have used cable to try start with other car, but no start,batery is ok.I have turned pulley motor is ok ,wasn't hard to turn, im thinking sometig wrong with power .Now there is no power in cabin ,nothing .power come on door lights an when I tried to turn key,no contact light ,power gone and nothing . nothing

Hi\015\012Easiest test is to reconnect jumper cables and switch lights on, if these work and no noise AT ALL from starter, NO clicking at all then could be the jumper cables are too light like most are. Try 2 sets of jumper cables. Ensure that ... Mazda 626

My 2000 dodge stratus 2.4 DOHC won't start? I was driving on the highway and for a good 3 miles I felt three mini-misfires going off in my engine. Eventually I lost the power to accelerate in the car anymore and then my power steering went out in my car. When I tried to restart my car it started up, but I was unable to accelerate or use the power steering; on the dash the red light with the oil came up. I checked both dip sticks and they were fine. I tried removing fuses to reset the computer an

You must turn the engine over by hand for one revolution to ensure the motor has not seized due to oil pressure!get back to me ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

I Have a 2007 chevy cobalt 5sp and it wont start the dash is saying that the power steering and its showing that there is no gas in it and the low fuel light is on but i know there is 3/4 of a tank in it it wont even turn over and its not the security lock that is keeping it from starting i already made sure of that i disconnected the battery with the key out of the ignition so that i didnt erase the chip in the key but it still didnt start ad it didnt erase the code of the power steering and th

OK remove the panel under the steering wheel becareful not to damage the trunk release wire or button you have to diconnect the wire from the button, after that is done you well see the power steering motor make sure all connector are in the large b ... 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe

Hi There , My wife drives a 2006 Polo, manual 1.4i, I just did a major service on the vehicle 75 000 , with cam belt change. About 3 weeks before the service she informed me that the "Power Steering " stopped working. She was right, on odd times when she started up the car the power steering light will light up on the dash, only after about 10 maybe 15 minutes later will it reactivate. My mechanic reset the computer and said it should sort the problem. But it has happened twice af

The pump is the problem seals in the valve body are worn and leaking pressure contact dealer or local parts stores some pumps are able to be rebuilt using a seal kit if there is no kit see about a used pump from a wrecker or rebuilt pumps also see if ... Volkswagen Polo

No juice!!!1998 Civic LX---no power at all--showed symptoms before---jiggled steering wheel and started then. For months steering wheel no longer locks but car starts. Mechanic thought switch tumblers hanging---used graphite--2 months no problem--did it again--put key in shifter lock to roll into a parking lot---dash lights came back--car started--started again today?? Switch or lock on wheel/shifter?? who knows??

I'd'd say your switch-the lock cylinder. Isn't the wheel lock just mechanically operated? ... 1998 Honda Civic


Clean your battery terminals-lift the rear seat, the battery is under the passenger seat, disconnect the terminals (both), use a wire brush and get the cable lugs shiny on the inside, where they clamp onto the battery terminals. Then clean the batt ... 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

Hi I have a problem with My Nissan Navara str 2004 30lt turbo It Wont Start There is nothing on dash only a couple of times it has lit up since the problem has started my battery was flat i have put a new one in no different when dash does light up go to start click and all is gone it is like the battery is disconnected no power immobilizer or anything. Any ideas Please. Evan main

After disconnecting the battery, check your ground wire connections and your positive cable connections to starter. They could be coroded and loose. I believe their is a celinoid relay after the battery make shure that is clicking if not replace if ... Nissan Pathfinder

Car trouble Car not starting. ON dash board following lights are on: rear light faliure, low engine oil level, ABS, low washer fluid & Discharge (battery) Warning Light. All of the above (apart from ABS) have been checked, i.e. have topped up fluids for washer fluid and engine oil. Power steering turns on and off on sharp bends. Steering becomes difficult on bends. And finally right side speakers are not functioning. Please advise me of what I should do.

Check all of the fluids, check all sensors.\015\012get a hayes book on you car and change what ever need to be changed.\015\012too many problem, nothing too expensive and nothing is critical for now, if you don't fix them, they will be yo ... 1994 Lexus GS 300

A neighbor asked me if I could give him a jump. Being a woman I said I guess if you know how to do it. While he was trying to start his truck my power steering light came on. I now have no power steering. What could be wrong?


Got a 99 cad deville don't start I have power bat reads over 12 volts / I replaced the starter but the same symptoms persist. Dash lights come on turn the key and it just CLICKS then dash and power quit responding ? Any ideas

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My chev cobalt power steering dont work what is wrong with it .start to work then my light come on saying steering power .after that nothin work and bother me to the point that i wont drive it. i only had this car for five month

The cobalt has electrical power steering, you will need to take it into the shot to get it fixed. sometimes taking out the fuse and putting it back it works temporarily. ... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

Glow plugs come on only after the engine starts. on power when light in dash is on.WTF? what could cause this? the plugs stay powered as long as the engine is running???? they should only be on for a short time before to make cold starts easier! What should I check and replace? The glow plugs are new and the relay clics so I think it's working. Could the relay be in wrong? I think it only goes in one way? Please help!

Had this before and i have always ended up rewiring the control unit feed ,i tried every which way to find the fault and then i gave up blaming the fancy computer controlled software .I just ran a feed to the unit from the ignition switch to turn it ... 2002 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 96 Chrysler concorde, brand new battery but will not start, no crank sounds or anything, it is getting power to the dash and I do notice a slight click when I attempt to start, it sounds like its coming from the dash on the left side of steering wheel... I did replace the crank shaft position sensor a few months back... Any ideas what may be wrong now?

... 1996 Chrysler Concorde

My 1998 Isuzu Rodeo does not start. Sometimes is clicks when I try to start it and sometimes it doesn't do anything. The dash lights are very dim and the door lights are dim. The headlights don't come on at all. I am not quite sure what is wrong. If anyone can give me an insight on what the problem could be I would greatly appreciate it.

From what you described this surely sounds to me like an extremely weak or dead battery.A simple battery install and a charging systems check should do the trick.Any other questions please get back to me.Thx.. ... 1998 Isuzu Rodeo

My2002 cavalier stopped on me i was riding and all my lights on the dash was blinking on and off ,then the lights on the dash started dimming, my radio quit working, then where the speed domerder is it was message where the mileage should be it said ERROR, also it was making this roaring noise when i push on the gas like something was wrong with the transmission but it was still able to drive it. Dont know it is a wiring problem.

Check your battery if volts are less than 13 charge battery. car will probably start .than check battery voltage againwith car running if it is not 14 volts or better you have a bad alternater .I suspect your alternater is bad. ... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe

I was driving my ford 2002 sport trac today, the dash board lights blinked 3 times then the engine quit. Truck won't start. Hear the tic of the started and have battery power..lights, radio ect. all work. Any body have a clue what is going on?

... 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Went to start the car, power steering failed, and the batty. light came on dash... engine runs, but power steering does not work, do you think it could be the alt. belt or tension springs...

The belt is OFF, you need to fix it ASAP, dont drive it. ck all of the pulleys and tensioner. something is bad wrong, belts dont just "fall off" ... 2002 Lincoln LS

99 Expedition ~ Will not start or turn over. I have semi power...windows, A/C, horn, etc. ;however, no radio and the gadgets on the dash go a bit crazy at first. The check engine light is constantly on. I have gone to get that checked out and I have been told to change a sensor and that should have no effect on the car starting. I have tried "hitting" the starter...no such luck. Everytime I get it towed, I can't get the car to reduplicate itself...it starts up fine. I am starting to think

Okay. Many of the problems can have more than 1 thing going on. Lets look at what happens with a tow. With a tow, the vehicle is shook, the gearshift is moved to Neutral, and the steering wheel is left to turn and track with the tow vehicle. The ... 1999 Ford Expedition

Engine is not starting when key is turned in ignition. Car is receiving power because all dash and interior lights are working--the power steering, however, is not. Could the starter need to be replac

... 2003 Volvo S40

A friend serviced my 2000 3.3 dodge grand caravan. He changed the power steering pump, and the CV joint. When we went to start the car the dash lights came on, but no start. ( no click no nothing). We changed the ignition switch and tumbler, nothing, we changed the starter motor, and when we went to start the car, still nothing, we tried jumping the battery and now the tach needle went all the way over and is stuck at 7K Rpm. We disconected the battery and the needle is still stuck.The car STILL

This sounds like a bad connection at the battery terminals.or at the engine.with all the clicking noises that what indicates to me that the van is losing voltage check the voltage at the starter relay on the starter.also check for a bad ground.If thi ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

There was smoke coming out of the steering column and the wipers started going by themselves and the radio started cutting in and out, pulled over and shut off the car and it will not start, replaced the alternator and still nothing. no dash lights no power to the windows nothing, what could the problem be?

Smoke coming from the steering column would tell me that the wiring in there fried. remove the cover and see what you can see. ... 1996 Subaru Legacy

My daughter has a 1995 C*220 Mercedes and she was driving quite a distance and the dash lights (under the speedometer) started flashing and then the car just lost power and slowed down to 60-50-40, etc. She tried to accelerate but it would not go. She pulled over and turned it off. After a few minutes, she tried to start it , pumped the accelerator a few times, it sputtered a bit and then it started. A couple days later she was driving a distance again and it did basically the same things, d

... 1995 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
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