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I have a 2003 chevy silverado, 2500 HD, 4 wheel drive, 8.1 L. son took it to work and parked it no problem came out and tried to start it after work and nothing. lights came on everything on cluster worked. replaced starter, still nothing. any ideas? checked all the fuses all okay. checked battery okay.

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I have a 2003 chevy silverado, 2500 HD, 4 wheel drive, 8.1 L. son took it to work and parked it no problem came out and tried to start it after work and nothing. lights came on everything on cluster worked. replaced starter, still nothing. any ideas? checked all the fuses all okay. checked battery okay.

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When I turn on the key,it lights up everything but it want engage the starter.new battery, new starter and nothing happens.I've tried park and neutral and nothing works.the car was working fine and I entered a Resturant to eat and when I came back out nothing worked.AAA came and checked the battery and couldn't get it to do anything.Since putting in a new starter, which I had tested and show up bad I thought that would solve the problem but it hasn't. Do you have any suggestions as what

A vette huh? Veettes are a trick because of the glass. It's very important to have good grounding contact.. Just a chrck list;\015\012Battery is up to par\015\012;Battery ground cable is clean,clen on the engine and battery\015\0 ... Chevrolet Corvette

This problem just started you could be driving the car and turn it off and when you get back in to go the car won't crank everything works but it won't crank I had the battery, alternator and starter check there Ok. Today I coneted everything the battery, alternator and starter let it run for about an hour drove it went back home no problems went to pickup my son at church came back turned the car off went to turn it on nothing put it in drive and back to park and it truned on

Sounds like the starter inhibitor switch(stops you from starting the car unless its fully in park) ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

I drove my 1995 Z28 Camero to the store. everything was working fine. When we came out, I went to start it and nothing happened. Lights came on, radio came on etc... When I turned the ignition, it wouldnt turn the starter. I replaced the battery and tested the starter and its good. It still is doing the same thing. What is the next thing to check?

Safety interlock--try starting in neutral. \015\012Please see my tip at http://www.fixya.com/cars/r6222268-engine_doesnt_crank_turn_over ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

Nissan Altima 2000 Manual. Recently had remote starter installed and was working fine for a few days. This morning I remote started the vehicle and when I came out car was off. Try starting the car up with key nothing happens, no crank no clicks, nothing. Battery is 2 weeks old and this is the 2nd time that this happened. The first time I replaced the starter and everything was fine. That was a week ago. Is the remote starter damaging the starter ?? Please help.

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I have a 97 Dodge Caravan that wont start. I drove it just fine to the store but when I came back out it wouldn't start. I checked the oil and added 3 quarts but that didn't work; tried jump starting and nothing; bought a new battery, now everything works but the dash panel (needle on gas gage popped off) and radio but still wont start; replaced the starter and again nothing! Last code before dieing was P1698 but could the transmission control module prevent it from starting? This is my only tra

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Won't start yesterday i went to start my 2002 trailblazer and when i turned the key to crank it,everything went dead. all instrument panel lights went out and my key wouldn't turn back to the lock position. i tried getting a jump,didn't work. i took the battery to be tested and it tested fine.when i came home and reinstalled the battery and had lights on the instrument cluster like normal. when i try to start the engine it won't turn over and my key gets locked in the ignition. is there a pass l

Very well could be due to anti theft issue. i don't recall the keys getting locked in the ignition from this though. try turning the key to the on postion- not cranking and leave it there for 15 min, then turn back off. do this three times. you may g ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Hi I have a 2001 Chevy silverado 2WD. I parked my truck in the driveway and left it for two weeks. I came back to my truck put in my key and all I get is a click. I have tried everything we have replaced the starter, the battery, and made sure the grounding is good all checked out great we then tried turning the motor by hand it turns on way slightly then freezes. The guys helping me are really getting frustrated. Please put your awesome skills to work. This is getting expensive and I am losing

Hello Teresa,\012\012The time it sat may not have anything to do with it. Unlike a ford where the solenoid for the starter is on the firewall, on a Chevy it is incorporated into the starter if the starter is purchased from a ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Yesterday we changed the serpentine belt in my Trailblazer. We started the car afterward and everything was fine. Went into the house and came out 2 hours later and car won't start. Tested the battery and it's fine. The starter works but it won't turn over. We jumped the car and eventually turns over and all the gauges now go back to normal . I drove to the store and the car will not restart after the engine is shut off. We have to jump the car each time. But this morning, it's been off

Hi.More than a relay it looks like the alternator is not working. Try using a replacement battery already charged. Ensure battery connectors are well in place.Read volts using a multimeter while engine is on, if alternator is ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Car cut off while driving and now wont start. Did it a couple of times in the past 6 weeks but started right back up. just had my engine fixed; car ran hot found out head gaskets cracked so I replaced them in the motor. The mechanic put the same tune up materials back on when he did the engine, he told me he was going to replace initially but I had the same wires and caps.when the car cut off my battery light came on but radio and everything still worked. Is it the alternator or starter?


A few weeks ago my 97 cherokee's check guage came on. Voltage dropped to zero and then eventually drained battery. I removed altenator and had it tested. It tested ok and I reinstalled. When I started it everything went back to normal, for about 3 months. Same thing I had altenator checked and they told me it was fine, said I had a bad battery. Replaced it and everything worked fine for another few months. I installed a new altenator yesterday It worked properly for exactly one day. The morning

Hello, Yes it sounds as if it is a computer problem. There is no way to bypass it you will have to replace the engine computer. Good luck and feel free to ask anymore questions about this and I will do my best to answer them. ... 1997 Jeep Cherokee Country

I installed a new alternator when we went to start it it was fine. But nothing worked inside windows ac trunk mirrors. Check all fuses all relays i could find everything seams fine. everything worked before new alternator. Next day got in car to take it somewhere now it want turn over battery is fine. Checked starter it is fine used a starter button would not fire up. Can you help please

A burn fuse-able link between battery connector to fuse box.Recheck main fuseRecheck positive cable on the alternatorDisconnect negative cable before inspecting.Look for burn or arc spot(s) on under the hood. ... 1998 Nissan Maxima

The battery is new. 93 4runner. Turn Key, everything works, turn the key to start, hear the click and then nothing. No clock, no lights, on horn, nothing, as if the battery were disconnected. Jiggle wire to starter, tap on the fuses / relay's etc. Turn the key, nothing, play with the clutch by-pass switch, still nothing. Slam the door. Come back an hour later, turn the key, everything works, turn the key to start, hear the click and then nothing ... about 5 times now.

I had the exact same problem a few days ago. Disconnect an clean both terminals on battery and reconnect them. It will probably work. ... 1993 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 2004 mini cooper. About a month ago the alternator failed and I had it replaced. Everything was working ok until I went on trip for a month and left my mini at home. The battery went completely dead so I had it recharged and again everything seemed ok. Now today the idiot light came on so tested the voltage across the battery and it was, while runnnig and it was11-12 volts, shouldn't it be 13-14 volts if the alternator is working correctly? I can't imagine an alternator failing in

Yes, a good alternator on a good battery should deliver between 14 and 14.5 volts with the engine running. The first thing you should do is to check the contacts on the battery - make sure they are not oxidized, clean then thoroughly inside and out w ... 2004 Mini Cooper

Battery light My battery light came on yesterday and my car ran fine on the way to work. After work it started with no problem, then i stopped at the store and it wouldnt start back. After about an hour it started but on my way home my lights would go dim, all the guages would stop working & the radio would go off & on. If i would give the car more gas everything would start back up. I bought a battery this morning but the light is still on. Do I need a Alternator?

I had a similar problem and found out that there was battery drainage. My break lights would stay on but I didn't notice because it was random. When they did drain the battery it was in the day and by the time night came ..they were so dim I didn't n ... 1991 Honda Accord

I have a 93 mustang gt 5.0 ,and i replaced the coil,battery,starter relay,starter,altenator,and the battery cables,so i got everything hooked up,exept the negative on the battery,i put the negative on the battery and it sparked,what should i do?the negative cable came with two extra little grounds and im only using one and the other is taped up could that be it ?i also added a ground strap to same place that the ground go's to on the block and ran it to the body,what do you think?thanks wes

They usually always spark to some degree. Any component that draws electricity like car alarrm , or radio memory will cause a spark., Just make sure nothing obvious is on and you should be OK ... Ford Mustang

While Driving: the battery light came on; Radio stoped working and controls froze; tackometer stopped working; other electrical systems seemed to be ok (AC, Lights, Etc,). I pulled over, turned off the engine and tried to restart. The battery was almost drained and would not turn over the engine. I had the car towed home a couple of hours later and by then the battery had recharge enough to stort the engine. After starting the battery light was of and everything seemed to be ok. What part or sys

Have the voltage regulator checked in the alernator ... 2003 Mercury Sable

1990 nissan sentra wont start i replaced starter 1 year ago and has been running fine,now it wont start battery is fine lights everything works when i turn key the starter doesnt crank so i hit the starter with a hammer still nothing then i jumped the terminals on the voltage regulator got spark but not no cranking of starter please help i need this car to go to work

Good day Sir, try to check the spark plugs and the coil hope this will help you. ... 1990 Nissan Sentra

My alternator went out saturday, so I bought another on Sunday and put it on without replacing the battery, and that one burned up. So I had another one ordered and I replaced the battery, and I got that one on it seemed to be working fine. I drove it to the parts store to let them check it out to make sure everything was working fine. The battery checked good, starter checked good, but the alternator said the diode had failed. So I was driving home and you could smell the alternator burning up

... 2001 Nissan Maxima

History: 2 days ago the battery light came on. Car ran fine that evening. The next morning. The tach stopped working. a minute later the speedometer stopped working. Then, another minute later, the car began running rough. Then died. Car would not start. Starter just chattered. Replaced battery and drove to nearest autozone. had charging system checked. Wasn't charging. Replaced 7.5 A Alternator fuse (#2 fuse). Car started. Battery light went off and verified charging. Drove it 97 miles without

Replacing the fuse the first time was the right move, becuase it could have been a fluke that it blew. Replacing it again and again was not! You should have found out EVERYTHING that the #2 fuse controlled and verified that the components weren't ... 2000 Ford Contour

The battery is fine. we tried charging it. we checked the oil, fuses, and starter to make sure everything was connected. It won't start or even turn over. The lights and evrything turn on like normal but no engine response. when we bypassed the solenoid it turned over but did not start. there is about a quarter tank of gas in it still. the fuses are good and the starter wiring is all connected. We have had to replace the starter once before about a year ago but everything worked fine after that.

Two things it could be.... one is the starter relay located in the fuse panel near the battery. the other is that the starter is failing. have someone attempt to start it and hit the start with a hammer... not hard enough to break it.... if it turn ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

My car just died. I thought it was the battery but two jumps wouldn't start it. I have a little battery power but someone mentioned the starter, but if it was the starter, wouldn't my battery still work? I had no warning whatsoever about this. I made a couple of trips to stores, and came out of one and it was totally dead. it's a 2001 Malibu.

Could be the alternator ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

My 96 cougar won't start. The lights and electronics work great and the starter wants to crank but it acts like the battery is dead. Not so if all the electrical things work full tilt with engine off. Battery is new. What gives? Alternator? Before I shut it off last a interference sound came thru stereo. Shut the car off and now it won't start!

Likely a bad starter. ... 1996 Mercury Cougar XR7

My truck doesnt start. I changed my starter the dayb4 yesterday and it was working fine till yesterday morning. its like completely dead. as i turn the igniton switch i get no crank or anything what so ever. all the dash lights come on and everything. i changed the battery,starting relay the battery post and i had even got the starter checked again...


My 1989 4x4 Dodge Ram 50 2.6L 4cyl engine, shut completely off while driving last Thursday. The battery cables were checked, and the starter was pulled and tested. It wasn't working and was replaced. Upon being replaced the truck started up fine the first time. After putting everything back together I again attempted to start it up. It would only click. Is there anything else that would make the entire vehicle shut off (electricity/engine), and then provent a new starter from working? Or is it p

If you bought the starter used or reman its likely the new starter is bad i have seen this tons of times buy a good quality one from napa ... 1984 Dodge Ram 50
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