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P0442 Check engine light came on. checked codes. it reads p0442 evaporated emissions leak (small). I bought a new gas cap and have been screwing it on with three clicks. I checked all around full lines, but can't find a leak. My truck also has to be turned over the second time to start since the check engine light has come on. Wondering if there is a way to narrow down the problem?

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If the check engine light is coming on i would take it to a shop and let them put it on a computer that would give the correct problem. A simple code scan does not work most of the time and the reason for that is if one sensor is bad it can make scan read other sensors bad. hard to start could be sensor or simply a good tuneup is in order. easyest solution is take it to the shop. in the long run it will cost less.
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P0442 Check engine light came on. checked codes. it reads p0442 evaporated emissions leak (small). I bought a new gas cap and have been screwing it on with three clicks. I checked all around full lines, but can't find a leak. My truck also has to be turned over the second time to start since the check engine light has come on. Wondering if there is a way to narrow down the problem?

If the check engine light is coming on i would take it to a shop and let them put it on a computer that would give the correct problem. A simple code scan does not work most of the time and the reason for that is if one sensor is bad it can make scan ... Cars & Trucks

My check engine light came on. The dealership said "filler neck leaking causing evaporative leak." The gas cap also says "loose cap will turn on check engine light." Would like to try a new gas cap but do not know how to turn off check engine light to see if that is the problem.

I have a check engine light on that when the code is pulled it says the evaporator has a small leak...how can this be fixed my other means so I don't have to go to the dealer.. ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

Our 2003 Passat had a check engine light, and it turned out the coolant level was low. We brought it in to the dealership to check for a leak, and they couldn't find a coolant leak anywhere, even though the coolant level was below min. They did, however, find that the water pump wasn't functioning properly and needed to be replaced, along with the thermostat. Before we drop the $750, I'm wondering if we should get a second opinion...any info would help.

The answer is a definite yes to the second opinion. I don't know how they mean when they say the pump is not functioning properly. It may be leaking out of the waterpump seal in which case you have an explanation for your water leak. That would be a ... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

I have mercedes ml 430. check engine came on at the same time fuel warning light was blinking. took the car to authorized mechanic, they checked and found po455ctrl system grass leak. they reset the check engine light and replaced fuel tank cap. second day the same problem came back check engine light started to blinck. checked for the leaks and did not find any problems. mechanic wants to take out the tank for further investigation.

... Mercedes-Benz ML-Class

2005 Dodge Durango 5.7 HEMI I was parked with the engine running and the abs light popped on, then the brake light came on and then a couple seconds later, the air bag light pops up and finally the check engine light decided to pop on too. I shut the engine off and when I turned it back on, everything except the check engine light was gone. Any help from anyone would be great. I have 42,000 miles and there are no freebies at the dealership.

Disconnect the battery for a few minutes. could have been just a control module locked up. (modules in cars can freeze just like pc's) ... 2005 Dodge Durango

My vehicle would not start this morning. After turning the key in the ignition, the engine turns over and all the lights work, but then the car shuts off. No check engine light is on. I am thinking that it is the fuel pump. It started some time later and seemed to be leaking oil out of the oil filter. Oil had been changed a week ago. Tightened oil filter (it about 1/4 turn) no longer seems to be leaking oil. Still worried about the shutting off. Recommendations?

My car was doing the same thing, just today I took the day off and my neighbor, which is a mechanic told me that I probably need to clean the Idle control valve. I went to the local auto part store and bought a can of throttle body cleaner and a can ... 2002 Lexus RX 300

About once a week my 2004 Isuzu Rodeo will totally cut off in the middle of driving and the power steering goes out and the brake, check engine, air bag, and oil lights come on. I will turn the car off and wait a few seconds and turn the car back on and it starts up fine. Any ideas?? Also my check engine light will not go out - how do I turn it off?

My EA series II had the same problem driving along then it would just cut out.Turn off key wait a bit then start it again.It turned out to be the electronic distributor had packed it in but it would never do it while in at the mechanics.\015\01 ... 2004 Isuzu Rodeo

02 seabring randomly will not rev higher than 3000rpm in any gear check engine light follows seconds la ter. As well a brief shutter before the issue begins. If I turn the engine off and on the issue stops imdidently and the check engine light turns off within an hour

Sounds like the engine is going into limp mode for whatever reason. You need to have the ECU scanned with an OBD2 scan tool in order to make an intelligent diagnosis of the problem. This tool will retrieve the code that has been set by the ECU. That ... 2003 Chrysler Sebring

2006 pontiac g6 second cylinder misfired.. check engine light came on got the code says the cylinder misfired. always get the oil changed when its needed we dont beat on the car. Were told a possibility of a worn wire or spark plug any ideas. We had it cleared the check engine light drove it approx. 50 miles turned it off the car sat got into it 5-6 hours later the check engine light came back on. Car has 53,000 miles on it

The p0302 code gives u a place to start u can have perfect maintainance with ur car but parts wear out ,go bad,or get damaged-- misfire in cylinder 2 can b a spark plug,a bad wire ,injector starting to clog -start with checking the plug and wire ... 2006 Pontiac G6

I own a 2005 Scion Xa with 69000 miles Texas state inspections requires that the vehicle pass emission test as part of the inspection It failed inspection because there were 4 trouble codes stored p0441 p0442 p0446 and p0456 but the check engine light never came on The check engine light does not come on when you first turn the key on or when you start the car or while the care is running What is the cause for the trouble codes and why is the check engine light not working


U0155 code while driving all the gauges went dead the low fuel light,check engine light and the security light came on. The jeep kept running for about 30 seconds then just died after stoping turned the ignition off then restarted it everything came back on but the check engine light stayed on. Had the parts house read the code it came up u0155 they said the mic,pcm,or the tcm were possible causes just looking for ideas before towing it to the dealer.

The U0155 means "Lost Communication With Instrument Panel Cluster(IPC) Control Module"._________________autoco ... Jeep Wrangler

2001 4runner, 100,000 miles. I was setting at a stop light and suddenly my check engine light came on with a couple of other dash light indicators. My car never died but when I pushed on the gas I went nowhere. I shut the car off for a second and turned it back on and was able to go, but check engine light still on. I stopped a AutoZone and had a diagnostic print out of P1126 - Magnetic clutch circuit with probable cause of Open or short circuit condition and poor electrical connection. Can y

... Toyota Cars & Trucks

Okay I been having a problem with my Cadillac deville 99.. The light service engine soon went on and when I'm driving and I make a stop sign or at the light the car turns off. I can turn it back on but than the light check coolant level goes on. It has water and it doesn't leak at because I've checked all the time and it's all way to top.. It only happens in hot weather over 80'

Check thermastate first, then check fuses, then change water in radiator for 50/50 fluid instead. Take your car to advance auto parts store and have them check for the codes of OBD system to see if the any codes come on. ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

I have a Toyota Corolla Axio 2008. When I turn the ignition on the check engine lights comes on and stays. When I start the engine the light goes off. While driving the light comes up intermittently-comes and goes..I have checked the gas cap already its good -no small of gas leak there..Is this a serious problem ? help..

... 2008 Toyota Corolla

P0236 p0455 My check engine light comes on if i quickly go from 2k rpm to 3k rpm and it reads codes p0236 and p0455. also, if i go up to 5-7k rpm my check engine light flashes, but turns off fairly quickly. I feel no performance change during either phenomena, but I would like to get it fixed. Also, there is an oil leak somewhere on the left side of the engine around the belt system.

What is the year, make and model?How many miles on it?You should know that when the check engine light flashes ENGINE DAMAGE can occur!!! ... Volvo S40

In my 2002 dodge durango myh check engine light is on and I took it to auto zone to have them check the engine codes. Upon the completion of the test I got 4 engine codes P300 P301 P302 and P0442. The first 3 say its cylinder misfires and the last says it has a evap leak or loose fuel cap. Its running kind of rough also. I changed the spark plugs and the first 2 ignition coils but the light came back on after I reset it and its the same problem. Help!

... 2002 Dodge Durango

I have a 94 Nissan Quest gxe that will not start. First, the battery is fine. It is also free from corrosion. Has been checked and produces all lighting on the van. When I turn the key I get nothing. I was told the ignition switch might be at fault but for about 1 second the car turned over the other day but now, nothing. The lights DO NOT dim when I try to start the engine like it should with a proper ignition switch but I am confused because it turned over for that second. With a bad switch is

Try wiggling the shifter or putting it into neutral, if it starts when doing either of those 2 things then the manual lever sensor on the transmission may be at fault. ... 1994 Nissan Quest

L200, 2003 SATURN Car cuts off within seconds. My keyless transponders are not communicating with the car. I cannot unlock, lock, open trunk etc. I have tried both sets and the batteries are fine. I attempted to turn on car and it turns on and cuts off within seconds. At the lights come on check engine, coolant, oil. The lock light comes on briefly. I have power lights, horn, radio, etc all work. Please advise

... 2002 Saturn L-Series

I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand AM SE with a V6 3.4 liter engine. I had my check engine light come on and went to Auto Zone to get a code which related to a emission vapor leak. So I took car to my mechanic and he performed a smoke test which indicated the vent solinoid was bad. Had him replace it, hooked up scan tool to turn check engine light out then a week later came back on indicating same code. So my mechanic suggested to replace gas cap and purge valve because thats all it can be. Did that an

With the new ecm you have to relearn the security system. It is a 10 min relearn process. Try to start the engine and let the key in the run position for 10 min and observe the security light. It should flash for 10 min and go out. Turn the key off a ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

88 Prelude - the S2 shift light is blinking on dash, the check engine light comes on at first start. no lights come on when I start the car the second time even after a few hours and it starts easily.. takes several seconds of cranking the engine to turn over on first try. Have replaced battery. Please help, single working mom needs car for work.

... 1988 Honda Prelude

I got a 92 acura integra it won't start I check the timing belt an the car is on time. I replace the main relay and it still won't start. it seems that I'm not getting any sparks in the fuel and I replace he ECU as well. I check all the fuse and they are all good. The only thing that I notice in the vehicle is that the check engine light will not turn off. not even for a second usually my car turns the light off.

The check engine light means there is a permenant code, what you need to do is get a scanner and check it. also could be a crank position sensor. But I would get the check engine light checked first. And the car will most likely have to go to a sh ... 1992 Acura Integra Hatchback

I have 95,000 miles on my Grand Mercury LS car. Tonight my engine light came on with 1/2 tank of gas. I checked the gas cap (appeared okay - full tank fill up yesterday before my 175 mile road trip - no problems experienced). Per the owner's manual I turned the car on 4 normal times and the check engine light is still on. On the last attempt, the dash blacked out momentarily after about 10 seconds and the engine had a heavy sigh and resumed normal idle. No previous problems before (full ser

The check engine light is not a big cause for concern. Most of the time it relates to emmision controls or engine controls, but it will not die on you from one of these conditions. Simply get a auto parts store to pull the code for you and find out w ... Mercury Grand Marquis

Check engine light on kia sedona, '05. Replaced gas cap, second time found leak in emissions system, check light on again-NOW WHAT? Getting expensive!

... 2005 Kia Sedona

Hi my I have a toyota 4-runner 1998, and I noticed that my check engine light turns on after a 50+ mile long drive. So when I pull over and turn off the engine for about 15 minutes, the check engine light turns off. So I had continue to drive for an additional 25 miles and the light turns on again. Pulled over and turned off my engine and it turned off again. Any idea what might be causing the check engine light to turn on or off? Also had the engine replaced 4 years ago and the performanc

This is generally the O^2 sensor it will go in and out of value corresponding to the vehicle temperature. it would be a good idea to replace the coolant temp sensor and the O^2 sensor. ... Toyota 4Runner

My 2004 ford expedition check engine light is on,and reading bank 1 and 2 changed them and it still is idling rough,so someone suggested to change the idle control sensor what a waste of $103 anything else i am overlooking please help cant drive with both feet at a red light forever,another problem is when i go to start the car it takes a couple of seconds to turn ova(not the sound that a bad starter would make,but the sound when you normally start a vehicle but turns over a couple seconds later

What are the codes? Try disconnecting the battery for 1/2 hour. Then reconnect so the engine computer can relearn the strategy and the changes of parts you made. It will run rough for 10 miles or so. ... 2004 Ford Expedition
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