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I have a 50cc Direct Bikes scooter and I leave it outside work for 6/7 hours each day. When I start it up, there is no acceleration for a least 10 minutes. It coughs and splutters once started and will not exceed 5mph. Then suddenly after 10 minutes or so it accelerates away as if nothing was wrong. I am concerned that this problem will get worse and I won't get home one night. This seems to happen when it is really cold outside ( I'm in Scotland). Is there anything I can do to stop this happeni

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I have a 50cc Direct Bikes scooter and I leave it outside work for 6/7 hours each day. When I start it up, there is no acceleration for a least 10 minutes. It coughs and splutters once started and will not exceed 5mph. Then suddenly after 10 minutes or so it accelerates away as if nothing was wrong. I am concerned that this problem will get worse and I won't get home one night. This seems to happen when it is really cold outside ( I'm in Scotland). Is there anything I can do to stop this happeni

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Electrical problem? Ever since it started to get cold outside I've been having problems with the '96 es300 not starting. Today I warmed it up for a good 20 minutes and went to get my kids at school. After ten minutes of not being in the car, the car would not turn over and required a jump. The battery was replaced already, prior to today, and the power antenna has been disconnected because that's what was thought to be wrong with it the last time. The mechanic said nothing at all was drawing on

Have you had your starter checked to see if it is operating correctly? ... 1996 Lexus ES 300

Everything works in the car but after driving I turn off the car. After few minutes to a couple of hours I get back into the car to try to start the car and I get nothing. Not a sound. I have all my dash lights, radio, head lights, everything turns on but it wont start. Now when the car sits for 4 hours or longer it will start up like there was nothing wrong with no problems. What can be the problem?

Sounds like your starter could be heating up on you, check to see if any exhuast pipe runs close to the starter, and see if the starter has a shield protecting it from heat. ... Saturn SC1

Hello. my 2009 CRV had been seeming to make some odd noises when changing gears from park, reverse, and drive. The dealership said nothing was wrong. I had been keeping a close eye on it for a few months. Nearly every day I would go outside for a few minutes and just sit there and change gears for a few minutes to hear any changes. Would doing this be bad for the transmission? If so i'll stop immediately and just drive it until things get worse.

Changing gear wont hurt your car unless its thumping into gear, you should all ways put your foot brake on anyhow when changing into reverse or drive to stop this thumping but going into drive then reverse realy wont hurt it in any way ... 2005 Toyota Corolla

My 2001 Mercury Cougar sometimes cranks and sometimes wont. We have tried everything the battery, the starter,the fuel pump, vaccum hoses, relays, fuses everything. Sometime you can go outside and try it the next day and it will crank back up but sometimes it takes weeks but eventually it will crank. It wont be gettings any fire one minute and will the next. You just never know. Does anyone know what this problem could be??

Sounds like maybe your ignition control module is going bad, if it only cranks over every once in a while and has a mind of its own. ... Mercury Cougar

Not working My son has a 2002 Ford Ranger truck and the wipers, dash lights, and the windows wont work. We thought maybe it was just some fuses but we don't have a manuel on it so we took it in and they fixed the window problem but it stopped working in about 30 minutes. We have heard so many different things could be wrong so we are really confused now. We have put alot of money in this little truck because he doesn't have it and we still can't get everything working. Please help! Thank you, Ca

It sounds like it might be a problem with general electronic module, it is located behind the radio on the left side. ... 2002 Ford Ranger Regular Cab

I have a 1999 GMC jimmy we are having problems getting it to start after it has been setting all day and the tempature is cooling down outside around the 50 degree,my wife grinds on it for a few minutes and it will not start I get there 15 minutes later and it starts wright up.Do you think this could be a fuel pump problem our a gas cap issue.

I think it could be a fuel pump problem if the car turns over and does not start. To check this, put a few tablespoons of gas down the intake, or spray starting fluid into the throttle body (intake).\015\012\015\012If it starts right up, ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

1996 chevy 1500 pickup 4.3L vortec.v6 .wont start on its own needs starting fluid when i get it to run have to constantly give it gas till it runs on its own. Heard it was an oil pressure sending unit that could be the problem. any advice will help. where is the osu located and could that be the problem. truck used to just need starting fluid now its getting worse and wont stay running until i give it a bunch of gas till the rpms ketch up.

I had a problem with fuel pressure due to a bad ground ******** the back of the engine block. This ground connects the battery to the frame through the engine block. The fuel pump is grounded to frame near the gas tank so it needs this ground strap ... 1996 Chevrolet C1500

1998 explorer intermittent starting problem. No codes pop up. Will push start immediately and restart with no problem after a push start. Not getting spark when the problem occures. Engine will turn over but wont fire up. Sometimes will start after repeated tries, then will start up immediately if shut off and restarted. Coil pack, plugs and wires have been changed. The problem is slowly getting worse. Possible theft system problem? Thanks for any help that can be posted. -B 

Try a new PCM relay or swap the ABS and PCM relay temporarily. The push start is a good clue that the relay contacts may be pitted. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Hi i have a 2003 chrysler town and country lx with the 3.3. the problem i have is this it wont start. this is how it happens. you get in all the lights are working you turn the key the clock light and outside temp light turn off like they should and you do get a click coming from the relay switch in the fuse box but no start no power to starter. can you please help me diagnose this problem. its a great car and we need it working for our 4 children and my wife and i to get around

Sounds way too familiar. In the midst of trying to diagnose my engine fuel pump problem, the dealer replaced the 'SKREEM' module (which is the ignition/security/anti-theft module). This is what disables the starter and fuel pump, if someone pops the ... 2007 Chrysler Town & Country LX New Cars

98 concorde lxi runs great but when you turn it off when it is hot then try to start it 5-10 minutes later it wont start. Turns over but won't fire, sometimes it will sputter a little. 30-45 minutes later it starts right up. it is as if it needs to cool down. It acts like fuel is not getting to the injectors. Fuel pump was already replaced. when it is cooler (ambient temp) there is never a problem. No codes are present in the PCM and under hood temp seems very hot when problem arises. I am suspe

Ignition MODULE needs replacing on the distributor ... 1998 Chrysler Concorde

I have a 1986 Toyota Camry LE L4 2.0 Liter FI. When starting it has a real difficult time starting and when accelerating it hesitates. This gets better as the car warms up. The problem keeps getting worse each day. If I rev the engine for a minute or so the problem goes away. This too is taking longer and longer however. This morning the car eventually started, but while revving the motor it died and now won't restart. Any ideas? Fuel filter, EGR or something else? Thanks for your time.

Hello! A device called the Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF)is the #1 culprit...#2 is a stuck throttle body flapper valve...The MAF is bolted to the air filter housing outlet, it has a connector plugged into it, and a hose which goes to th ... Toyota Camry

I have had an intermittent problem with my 1987 toyota pickupcarb. Sometimes it wont idle, the problem has been getting worse, so today was tune-up day. I replaced plugs, cap & rotor and made sure the wires are in good shape. I also sprayed the carb with carburetor cleaner. It runs better, but still wont idle no matter how warm the engine is. I had the same issue a few weeks ago and found that the fuse in the ign. slot was blown. After changing the fuse it was fine. No such luck this time. Any

Cold idle solyniod screws into the car,kind of small may have 1 or two wires it is on a fuse it may be loose or shoted out ,,,unscrew it and clean it a little rod in the end of it needs to be freed up a little/or replace vavle ... 1987 Toyota Pickup

Turning the key has no reaction. All other accessories work. When I shake the ignition switch on the collumn it finally starts and runs great. Problem is intermittant but getting worse quickly. Almost left me strande this evening and took about 10 minutes to get it started. Runs great and once the key 'hits' is starts and runs great. No other symptoms of a problem. I can only think it's the ignition switch but don't even know where it is besides the obvious. Thanks Gregg

Click on the following link for step by step instructions and pictures on how to remove and replace the ignition switch.\015\012\015\012 ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

My 2001 kia magentis v6 (same as hyundai sonata) sometimes get stuck at 3000 rpms and wont shift unless i put it in manual shift mode. i can get it to shift then but it still wont rev past 3000rpms. i brought it to a shop and they said it was going into safe mode due to high transmission tempature. although when this problem occurs i checked the trans fluid it was hot but i could still touch the dip stick with out being burned. whenever i disconect the battery for about 5 minutes and reconnect

Dear friend-when your vehicle wont rev it means that it went into limp mode and by disconnecting the battery you reset the ecu and will appear ok till the faulty sensor comes up again,have a dianostic test carried out to sole,previble when in limp mo ... 2001 Hyundai Sonata

Wont accelerate Im not sure if its a simple problem or not. But when I put my '03 Jeep TJ Wrangler into gear and begin to use the gas it wont budge. The other day it stalled on me and smelled bad like burning rubber or like what it smelt like if i accidentally grinded the clutch. after i restarted it it moved really slow, in first it took a minute at 3k rmp to get to 10 mph and the same for 2nd to get to 20 etc. i thought i just ran outta gas but the same thing happened after leaving the gas sta

Two things. Your MAF SENSORor your brakes are on, 3 things, or your clutch is slipping. Good Luck ... 2003 Jeep Wrangler

Car dying I have a '93 Buick Regal Custom. Over the past year she has gotten progressively worse with a stalling problem. She's good for about the first 15 minutes of driving but once she gets to a heated operating temperature she just sputters out. I have to let her sit for about 15 minutes and then I can try again, but the only way she stays on is if she is continually revved above 2k rpm. She is not overheating. I don't know if it's as simple as fouled plugs or something worse. Also, on top o

Try to start the car with the remote start and see what she does. ... 1993 Buick Regal

I have aproblem getting gear lever out of park it seems like linkage problems or it may be parking brake not releasing its getting worse spent 5 minutes this morning trying to get out of park this is happening more frequent worried that its going to get stuck, i no we had a bad winter do you think salt has got into linkage or some electrics to do with park brake ?

Hi,it sounds like a shift lock problem. First make sure your foot in on the brake, ignition on, then wiggle gear selector. If still stuck check linkage adjustment beneath center console on right side of gear selector.\015\012\015\012You should ... 2005 Jaguar S-Type

I have a 1986 Dodge 600, With a 2.4L I have done a complete tune up on the thing a new fuel pump, timing set on the car and I still have a problem. When you start the car when the car is cold it runs like a dream, then as soon as the engine heats up it starts to sputter when I try to excellerate and gets worse the hotter it gets until ti stalls then wont run again until it gets cold

Make sure choke on carburetor is open when engine is warmed up.if all is good .carburetor is lean float bowl is low.in fuel .because the fuel pump weak or fuel filter stopped up.make sure idle speed is correct. ... Dodge W150

Overheating problem (2002 Lincoln ls V8 ) After i got my oil change and had new spark plugs put in i started to get an overheating problem. I put in a new thermostat and had pep boys check my cooling system and they didn't find anything wrong but I still have the overheating problem but only at city speeds (25 mph) after like 30-40 minutes of driving . what can it be?

U need to make sure cooling fans are coming on,it doesnt sound like they are working. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 8.1 and my problem is that at any speed and even when sitting my truck will just die, almost as if it were out of fuel. I first thought it may be the fuel filter or pump, so I changed both and I still have the same problem, It runs like a champ and with no notice at all the engine just dies, I pull over and wait a few minutes and it starts right up. The problem seems to be getting worse, I have about 85k on the engine and besides the stopping periodically I

The best advise is to bring ur ctruck to ur dealer or garage, to have them analyze ur computer w/ their system analyzer, u could save time and money.\012\012That analyzer will pin point the error in ur SENSORS and ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado

When outside ambient temperature is above 34 degrees Celsius, the car stalls and seems to not be getting any fuel. If I pull over and let motor cool for 5 minutes, the car once again starts but only keeps going for a few kilometres before it stalls once again. It seems to be a fuel; problem caused by hot weather. Otherwise below 32 Degrees Celsius, car goes well and I have no problem. I would appreciate your opinion as I have taken car to a few mechanics and all have charged for tes

Hmm difficult one this,its a sensor ok thats causing the problem but what one iam not sure air flow meter is most likely suspect to change all the bits to find the fault you would need an exact model the same to interchange the bits thats the easy wa ... 1992 Hyundai Excel

1997 Dodge 1/2 ton automatic. The other day I left the hosue to get hay, everyting fine. Got hay went by office, left it on while picked up something. Got back in the truck, put in reverse and it did not wont to go. Finally it did but then it would not go into drive. Since I have cranked it a few times and while it is cold it would go through the gears fine but after a couple of minutes it wont go into any gears. Any possiblities as to the problem?

Hi, If you do have access to a reasonable tranny shop they are able to preform certain pressure tests to narrow down the problem. Sorry I could not be of more direct assistance. Best Wishes, Wayne ... 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

Im not getting a spark to the spark plugs in my 89 buick park avenue. car turns over but wont start. i have had not one problem with the car except the brakes which was getting fixed when it stopped running. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY CAR??

Does it have a timing belt or chain? If a belt, usually no spark means no belt ... 1989 Buick Park Avenue

Our renault megane scenic which is 1998 keeps not starting sometimes it does and othertimes it just wont start for ages. we got aa out one time and they thought it might of been the key. its getting worse,do you think we should order new key or is it something else. When it doesnt start a light flashes on dashboard which seems to be immobiliser problem,we have had it to random garage and done tests and come back fine. Sometimes it will start after trying a few times and then sometimes it wont st

If the red light flashes on the dash its going to be an immobiliser fault, normally it is the key that is at fault, the keys are pricey about £80 plus programmimg, but you can manually override the immobiliser on the early scenics, just pop int ... 2000 Renault 181
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