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I have a 2004 Saturn vue awd v6 my brother hooked up my radio and knocked and at first knocked my dash back lights out the a couple of days later my power steering went out then a day later it wouldn't start so my husband fixed all the fuses replaced the battery and we even check the fuel pump and relay still no start its not catching fire still not turning over spark plugs are new also please help

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I have a 2004 Saturn vue awd v6 my brother hooked up my radio and knocked and at first knocked my dash back lights out the a couple of days later my power steering went out then a day later it wouldn't start so my husband fixed all the fuses replaced the battery and we even check the fuel pump and relay still no start its not catching fire still not turning over spark plugs are new also please help

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1991 subaru legacy. The car would not start. I change the fuel filter and tapped on the fuel pump. It started. A few days later same thing. Tapped on the fuel, worked again. A few days later same thing. Now it won't start. Change the fuel pump, still won't start. Turned on the ign. the pump does not prime. Are there fuses to check or relays, something?

You should have a fuse & a relay. Check # 11 fuse it should be 15 amp.& may be for your fuel pump. Do you have owners manual by chance, or does cover of fuses have label? ... 1991 Subaru Legacy

Got a Saturn SL2 that has been sitting fo awhile. Started it three months ago and it started just fine. Tried it today at it cranks but does not fire. Poured gas into throttle body and it runs until the gas is gone. Tried to switch relays and no sucess. Checked the fuel pump fuse at it was blown, tried a larger fuse and it does not blow yet still no running. Any ideas? Got a medium level or mechanic ability-best ot change the fuel pump outright at this point?

Did you listen to see if the pump is actually pumping.You should here the pump on initial turn of the key.Have someone turn the key and listen for the pump to come on.If the fuse blew for the fuel pump its very possible that the pump is bad or a grou ... 1993 Saturn SL2

I have a 97 jeep grand cherokee with a 5.2 start then dies 2 sec later the relay is clicking so i tried swithing the relay still same problem and still clicks i think it may be a fuel pump ?

Your fuel filter could be plugged so only small amounts 2 seconds worth get through if ti been 3 - 5 year since it was changed now would be good. ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1999 saturn don't want to start... i have power but my radio n dome light n fuel pump is not working..changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, all three relays and it still wont start

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I have a Saturn SL2 95' just had the engine, fule pump, fule pump relay, and fule filter replaced. They all have been tested and work fine. But the car still won't run, because the fule pump isn't getting power. When I hot wire the possitive charge of the battery to the fuel pump wire, the pump begins to work and you can even start the car and it will run for as long as you give it power. So everything works, I'm just not getting any power to the fuel pump. Any help? I keep reading about this ki

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Vehicle will not start, it seems as if it is not getting any fuel. I have already changed the fuel pump relay and the fuel filter. I then charged the battery for about a half an hour and the car started. I let it run for 15 minutes then shut it off and restarted no problem. About 5 hours later I tried to start it again and it would not start. There is spark in the ignition so that is not the issue. After recharging the battery again to make sure it was not a weak battery it still would not start

Check to see if you are getting power to the fuel pump with a test light when you turn the key on.It will only have power for about 2 seconds and then go off if you don`t crank it.If you have power then you can spray some carb.or brake cleaner into t ... 1999 GMC Suburban

Van running rough at first starting. drove to work shut it off, end of shift would not start. turned over but did not start. Replaced fuel pump twice (2 New Ones) Still no gas to engine. No electric to pump motor. Switched relays still no juice to pump motor. I need help here. motor spins just fine just no gas from tank. Switched relays, new pump relay, even though not sure needed, I need fresh ideas. Second damn Ford I have owened & got rid of for gas problem Motor light on all the time does no

Check to see if FUEL SHUT OFF SWITCH Went BAD..............Located in Passenger side kick panel. will have red button on top. Unplug it. take paper clip and complete circut. If car starts , then replace fuel cut off switch.It is an INERTIA SWITCH,sim ... 2003 Ford Windstar

Hi, my 97 chevy truck has intermittent problems. It runs fine most of the time but sometimes it wont start and the fuel pump wont kick in. But then a few minutes later when I try it, it runs. Sometimes when im driving it will all of a sudden just quit and then fire up as im still in motion. it will do that a couple of times and then die. so then i'll pull over to the side of the road and check things out. tap on my fuel pump relay sometimes or disconnect the wire harness to the fuel pump and rec

You need to have a fuel pressure gauge to check it when it wont run. Take your fuel pump relay and switch it for the horn relay. Is the ground good for the fuel pump, the wire bolts on the frame. these had problems with the connector at the fuel tank ... Chevrolet 1500

So somone jumped my girlfriends 2002 Saturn SC2. crossed the wires and now big problem. after an investigation no fuses are popped wiring looks ok and car will turn over but will not start. I noticed that the fuel pump is not spooling up. cannot hear it but swapped fuse and relay and still nothing. now some people are saying possible fusible link is blown? is there one on this car i dont know. Is it the ECU? Could the fuel pump be blown? im hoping its not the pump cuz thats a big pain to change

If they crossed the jumper leads what they have done is put 24 volts instead of 12 volts into your vehicle & most likely caused serious damage to most of the electric components in you vehicle,you have got one big headache, you may need to go to ... 1993 Saturn SC2

Replaced fuel pump has problem with i think the relay not working properly replaced relay still not always working sometimes i can move the steering wheel and the car will start sometimes not. jumped the relay still does not work. then somtimes the relay will just kick in and i hear the pump-pump and the car will start can not figure out the problem. relay or ignition switch or neither. please help tired of being stranded. kevin

Sounds like you have a bad ignition switch ... 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII

Hi any ideas have audi 200 q turbo 1986 will not start? no spark at plugs engine management light came on for a few months and slowed car down but now will not start. replaced ecu. ignition switch, new coil and transistor, distributor cap,rotor arm. new fuel pump relay, but with no luck still have now taken off ignition timing sensor, and engine speed sensor both look identical and have the same part number? does anyone know are these the same.? knock sensor removed. any advice would be great. r

It could possibly be your timing belt. If it broke then the rotor won't spin and no spark will be produced. ... Audi 200

2002 saturn l series gave out of gas and wont start, fuel pump fine. Relay switch fine. Added $11 n gas, still wont start. What could be the problem?

It may be a problem with GMs "Passlock" anti-theft system. I have been reading about it causing all kinds of problems in several forums about this problem. Looks like it requires a 30 minute relearn procedure prior to starting otherwise it disables t ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

What can possibly be wrong, I changed the leads, spark plugs, fuel pump relay, ignition coil, knock sensor, throttle position sensor, gas filter and fuel pump and I am still getting a stall and hard start, what am I missing?

Could be a bad sensor, a wireing issue or even a bad engine control unit. I suggest haveing it hooked to a diagnostic computer if you haven't already, that might give you the piece of info you need to solve it. Good Luck. ... 2003 Nissan Pathfinder

Have replaced about all relays and sensors plugs and wires fuel pumps egr valve and solenoid eec relay tps sensor air charge sensor o2 sensor coolant sensor have in my hand knock sensor havent put in yet still runs to rich and doesnt wana stay running in morning start up runs for alittle bit and idle drops to soon and wants to die wondering if its not the computer will be third one ?

I think i would check the fuel presure regulator and the fuel presure if fuel presure low look at fuel filter if rail not holding presure then look at fuel presure reg and vac conection on it ... 1986 Ford Ranger 2WD

2000 Jeep Grand cherokee Laredo wont start. Engine turn over . No noise from fuel pump with ignition on. Replaced fuel pump and filter.Turn ignition on- pump did not run.Jumped the fuel pump at the pump relay.Pump worked and pressurized fuel rail. Still no start. Checked OSD relay and fuel pump relays and fuses-all good. I noticed that the fuel guages were malfunctioning. Battery guage hardly moves.Battery full . The anti theft light stays on as I tried to start engine.

Sounds alot the the pcm it controls the fuel pump and ign system but the anti theft would keep it from starting because the key has a transponder in it programmed for that vehicle and that would kill all ign if triggered ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Check engine light used to come on intermittenly. Now light on all the time. Finally car would not start. Found the braided ground burned in two between engine block and chassis. Replaced but still will not start. Electrical starting system OK. No fuel being delivered to engine from tank. Jumpered out fuel pump relay and could hear pump running. Has gas. Fuel pump relay and PCM relay OK. Stumped. 4.6 liter engine.

Ok, the earth lead may have been the initial build up but now has caused other issues.\015\012\015\012When the earth strap gets weak the resistance levels to sensors on the engine change. This means things will not be sending or receiving ... Ford Crown Victoria

Fuel pump relay is not picking up, Tahoe won't start, I replaced relay, still not picking up. Fuel pump runs when I block relay closed tahoe starts. Fuel pump runs after key is turned off for about 3 seconds. Can you help? PS Tahoe runs good after it starts.

Ok im a little confused. You said fuel pump relay is not picking up. Do you mean it is not engaging ( clicking)? If so then if you replaced it you should check to see if power is coming to your relay. The relay has two power sources; one is a constan ... Chevrolet Tahoe

Van quit while driving down driveway. Found not getting fuel, zero fuel pressure at the fuel pressure tap under the hood and no fuel pump "hum"...not even for 2 seconds. Replaced fuel pump assy, relay, and fuel filter and van will still not start. The relay does not click and I do not get 12v to the pump between the gray and black, which go to the fuel pump motor. I have ck'd all connectors for burning or melting and all look like new still. Both old and new relays the coil cks good on meter

I have a 2003 chevy venture and 2 years ago my van just quit, replaced relay, fuse and fuel pump. finally had to take in to chevy garage and they found a short in the wires to the fuel pump up under the dash. cost me about 150 bucks at the garage, th ... 2002 Chevrolet Venture Passanger

I have a 83 280zx non-turbo which quit running. Heard pulsating noise at fuel pump relay (kicking in and out) under dash passenger side. Replaced relay, still does same thing. Replaced water temperature sensor, pulsating goes away but relay kicks out almost immediately. Can hot wire fuel pump to get it to start but this method is not very safe. Is fuel pump bad or do i need to look someplace else. I have been able to hot wire fuel pump briefly to get started and then car will run on its own

... 1983 Nissan 280ZX

My 1989 Amigo just killed on me when I was trying to start it. Turns over but wont start. I just replaced the fuel pump 2 years ago, roughly 25,000 mi ago. I replaced the fuel filter. Fuel pump relay has power going to it, and I stuck the same 5 pronged model relay in and it still wouldn't start. I checked all fuses and they look good HOWEVER, my test light lights up all of the fuse sockets except 2; The one that says "Fuel pump" and the one right below it that says "start". I traced the wiring

... 1989 Isuzu Amigo

I tried changing a fuel filter on a 2002 saturn vue and the line wouldn't quit leaking? I pulled off the fuel pump relay and let it run out of gas before I started but it still wouldn't stop leaking? What do I have to do to stop the leaking?

When you change these fuel filters, they are basically gravity fed from the tank if the tank is full enough.You sometimes have to just hurry up in the fuel filter install process and slip that filter back in quickly, a little bit(sometimes more) will ... 2002 Saturn VUE

My 2000 Saturn LW v6 wont start i changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel relay switch and theres still no gas going to the engine

... 2000 Saturn LW

My van ran out of gas and then the battery died, I put some gas in but it still won't start?where is the fuel pump reset button on the 2005 saturn relay?

... 2005 Saturn Relay

We just got a brand new battery and starter(i know the solenoid is on the starter) for our 98 windstar. 3 weeks later we got an oil&filter change,as well as fuel filter&fuel injection cleaning, and now it acts like it doesn't want to start(could the guys have knocked into something?). it's not turning over all the way.my husband has pressed the fuel inertia switch in the past, and its worked before, but not now. it could be a # of things(distributor cap, pcv valve,fuel pump relay, spark plugs, i

Does it just crank and crank,or does it barely try to start.Check fuel pump relay under hood or for a fuse..Or turn the ignition to the run position but dont start it and have someone listen by fuel tank for the fuel pump to make the humming noise.Mo ... 1998 Ford Windstar
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