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My dad's hilux d4d 05 just got from engine overhaul, obviously all its part were remove. after a series of machining and the engine were conditioned. its seems that the fuel injector failed to p

\015 Newly overhauled engine. not starting\015
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My dad's hilux d4d 05 just got from engine overhaul, obviously all its part were remove. after a series of machining and the engine were conditioned. its seems that the fuel injector failed to p

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2005 c7 has trouble code 164-11 and 164-2 have checked the basics, this engine has 6 new injectors, it originally had a very dirty fuel filter, sent injectors out to be tested all failed, replaced with new ones, ran great for several days then returned with these codes and smoking, the huei pressures seem to be right on

... GMC W3500

1996 blazer is a no start condition. Has 60 psi of fuel pressure. Has good spark. Replaced the spider injector and the truck started immediately after and ran for 5 seconds then shut off and will not start again. After cranking the engine and returning the key to the off position there what seems to be a backfire through the intake every time. Any suggestions??

... Chevrolet Blazer

Over last three months I have experienced starting problems with my jeep requiring breakdown assistance. So far my garage has replaced glow plugs, cleaned injectors, replaced seals, hoses, checked crankshaft sensor in attempts to rectify problems. Although in short term the problem appears to have been rectified within a week of the various bits of work the car fails to fire up. It would seem that the fuel is not getting through to the engine when starting from cold. Any Ideas ???

Fuel pump or fuel pump relay are intermittent ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

2000 model deisel 100 series Landcruiser, is jerking at low speed/revs when under load. Thought it may have been fuel pump, injectors. Have had all these serviced problem still exists. Seems like it may be in the drivetrain.

Hi there,sounds like the flex plate in the transmission is going out or is simply lose.Poosbly some of the tines are broken off or bent out of shape. That could cause a slight jerking motion when you engage the tranny to drive or reverse. ... 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser

I have got an 2009 Isuzu KB 300 D/Tec supercab and whilst I was towing a boat from the river I went approximately 20 kms and the engine warning light came on. I stopped the vehicle and checked the engine al seemed fine until I tried to restart and it did not respond. It failed to start in the end I had to tow it home. The vehicle has done about 78000 kms. I was told to change a part on the back of the fuel pump which I did no difference I was then informed that all the injectors have stopped wo

... Isuzu Pickup

Power Issue? Engine idles fine but has a flat spot when you give it gas- either in park or while driving. I have had a full tune-up, timing was OK ,new plugs ,rotor ,cap, wires , I was told that it may be fuel injector(s) because it seemed to have a better response when starting fluid was sprayed directly into the intake while running could this be the cause this vehicle has a little over 115K and is in good condition otherwise!

Check your throtle possiton sensor. it controls the amount of gas given to the engine when you push the pedal. i had the same problem. its located right behind the throtle body and connected by 2 screws. its adjustable so tinker with it and if it nee ... 1990 Toyota 4Runner

Start up Recently purchased 95 escort 155k very good condition. At start up it only starts on two cylinders with the third kicking in after about 15 seconds and then the fourth after another 10 seconds. After that in runs fine on all four. Trying fuel injector cleaner new plugs and wires, but still doing it. Also idles when warm at about 650-700rpm,seems low. Any ideas?

Sounds like you may have a leaking head gasket, have the cooling system checked for combustion gases when the engine is cold, head gasket issues are common on the Escort. ... 1995 Ford Escort

Engine stalls #6 cylinder not fueling. Replaced fuel injector, plugs and wires. Checked compression. All good. Removed injector rail and placed #4 injector plug on #6 and injector started fueling. Placed #6 wire back on #6 injector and it stopped working. #6 on #4 injector causes #4 to fail. What makes #6 injector be the only injector that won't work?

Sounds to me that you need a computer since the injector gets its signal from the computer. You can get a noid light from auto parts store to test the wire attached to the injector. The light should flicker when cranking the car. No flicker chances a ... 1995 Buick LeSabre

Citroen saxo 1.6 vtr has fuel injector problem there is fuel at the injector rail , but the engine will not start . If I squirt petrol into the air intake manifold the engine starts , but cuts out when the fuel is used upso this suggests either no signals to the injectors or maybe low pressure on the fuel rail ? Any idea how I can check these or is there a valve or something shutting off the fuel to the injectors ? I have checked for loose plugs and they all seem OK the site doesn't list citroen

98 citreon saxo 1.6 8valve,, won start.if it do start ,it runs for 3seconds, fuel pressure at rail is only 2to3pounds this modle have not got pressure regulator on the rail the code reader tells me no code in memory, any ideas ? john ... 1987 Peugeot Liberte

Idles odd and seems like it wants to stall, but then when I put it in neutral its just fine. I've put in new plugs and wires and a new battery. I also ran some 'Gom-out fuel injector cleaner' through it just in case it was a clogged fuel injector. It seems like its a fuel issue. Any ideas?

4 main causes for rough idling as you describe:\012\012Bad MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor (causes erratic idling)\012Bad EGR (Exhaust Gar Recirculation) valve \012Bad TPS (Throt ... 1999 Ford Escort

I have a lexus gs300 yr 2000 miles 130,000. It seems like maybe my fuel injector is not working properly. Seem like I am not getting gas at times, when I go to give it gas, it sort of bucks and I don't move. Seems worse in the morning, but always is an issue. Is there a way of testing to see if the fuel injector is not working properly?

Make a injector clean on worshop , also change fuel and air filters, check spark plugs ... 2000 Lexus Gs 300

I have a 1992 hyundai scoupe it is not getting fuel throught the injectors i replaced the electric fuel pump in the tank and it is not getting any fire to the pump i can run a hot wire to the pump and it works but car will not start fuel gets to the fuel rail just fine but seems to not get through the injector. i replaced the fuel pump ,fuel regulator ,ignition control module,and have since purchased a fuel injection relay but i have no idea were it goes i have a new fuel pump relay also but i

Hello\015\012First i would like to say you may be chasing your tail on the fuel pump, the opump doesn't run for more than 1 second if the ignition is turned on unless 1. the engine is cranking to start or 2. the engine ... Hyundai Motor 1992 Scoupe

I have a 94 Blazer with the vortec 4.3 liter. It will not start without added fuel into the air intake. Now I have changed the pump and sending unit and I have pressure at the shrader valve and have looked at the spider injector assembly and its good. Its not dumping the fuel into the engine. I did notice however that the pump seems to run for a longer than usual time when you shut the key off. I even replaced the regulator on the injector assembley and no change. I catn seem to get this on figu

Check the BYPASS valve is the one inyect fuel into the imtake manifold to start thats it ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand AM SE, 3.4 Liter V6 with 243,000 Miles. When trying to maintain a steady speed the car thrusts or pulses and I notice that the engine tachometer jumps. This condition occurs at various speeds with the cruise on or off, but I do notice it some around 40 MPH. If I let off of the gas or accelearate the condition disappears. My guess is a bad fuel injector(s), but I am not sure. If it is the fuel injectors, how do I replace them.

This condition can also be caused by a bad set of sparkplugs and or a bad set of ignition wires, I would change these first and if the problem persist ,,Flush the injectors .. ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

Gas get's to the 1993 Geo Tracker fuel injector assembly, (bypass fuel pumping fine). Car will barely start and "diesels". The more load put on the fuel system, (going up a hill for example) seems to amplify the problem. Notes..In changing the fuel filter, (previous mechanic placed filter back*^*wards) and the fuel pump, I noticed the fuel that drained from the throttle area was very dirty. Assumption is injectors clogged or something. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance. Rich

... 1993 Geo Tracker

My 2002 forester started misfiring about 3 weeks ago and the check engine light came on. I only notice the misfire while idling. It seems to accelerate just fine. I took it to autozone, they told me cylinder 3 was misfiring. I put in fuel injector cleaner. This worked and the check engine light came on again and the check engine reader said cylinder 3 again. So I thought since the fuel injection cleaner work for a bit that it might be a fuel injector. So I changed that injector. ( I unplugged th

Hello first of all\015\012\015\012I would be glad to give you the best advice as a mechanic for 8 years 3 for bmw and 5 with ford motor company.\015\012\015\012That being said your diagnosis is good and you follow ... Subaru Forester

I seem to have a fuel leak on 1999 Passat that flows down the drivers side of the fuel tank. My wife was filling the tank up and heard the fuel coming out. There does not seem to be any fluctuation in fuel going to the injectors, so could it be excess fuel from overfill?

There should NEVER be fuel from the tank even when topping off, only a burp from the filler neck if any.There are a few hoses to the EVAP and Vent system over the tank that crack and will leak. You really should have it inspected soonest. ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 1997 GMC sierra 1500 with the 262 V6 vortec engine and i am having problems getting fuel to my injectors and it won't start it get plenty of spark fuel pump works fine fuel filter is clean it just seems to me that the fuel is somehow not reaching the injectors i believe that maybe it could be either the map sensor fuel regulator or the ecm but not sure if anybody may have an idea of what im expiriencing would be grately apprciated

The module in your distributor controls the spraying of the feul out of the injectors replace the module ... 1997 GMC Sierra

Error codes P0301(cylinder #1 misfire) and P0304(cylinder #4 misfire). Originally thought there was a failed ignition coil that controls cylinders #1&4. After putting new coil in, problem still present. Tested further and found there was no fuel coming out of cylinder #1 fuel injector. Tested injector and found proper power at injector but it wasn't duty cycling on the ground side. Ohmed harness from injector to ECM and found within spec. Back probed connector for all four injectors and found n

The ECM is very possible.I assume cylinder 4 injector is providing gas?The connection for cylinder 1 is probably a connector with pins correct?If you can bypass the ECM,that would get you closer if not give the answer.I would try using a wire straigh ... 1998 Toyota RAV4

The vehicle fails to start. The lift pump does not presurise the fuel system. Vehicle starts after bleeding is done on the injector pump. vehicle on the road runs perfectly. At idle speed the vehicle "hunts" as if there is afuel starvation. Upon switching the car off, it fails to start again.Every time we clean the tank , oil appears in the fuel. I have used a seperate rubber fuel line from the tank to the lift pump, thinkig there was a hairline crack in the metal fuel line. Filters have been ch

Filter is always dirty meaning the tank is corroded. The clean doesn't get rid of corrosion since there is no special coat remained on the surface. This caused the fuel rail is bad now. you had a great idea to run a rubber line to by pass the fuel ra ... Nissan Pickup

I have a 2002 jeep grand cherokee (2 WD, 4.0L), it seems that when I try to start it (cold or hot) it won't immediatly start, the starter going fine but it seems like no fuel is getting to the injectors, I changed the fuel filter and this worked for a day. However if I pull the relay and depressurize the system it will start immediatly after replacing the relay. The system is pretty clean because when I changed the fuel filter the fuel comming out was clean.

May be a faulty fuel pump ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Fuel pump failled instaled new fuel pump &filter,plus fuel lines.new fuel pump delivered 40 p.s.i. lasted 2 weeks then began to fail again,had to add raw gas to intake for start up then engine ran ok but eventualy it failled completly again so replaiced entire injector system &new pump wich developed 40 again but it failed again.it's a 4.3 vortex engine,should the pump develop more pressure? p.s. u can hear the pump start inside the tank it still will not start engine

The fuel pressure should be from 41-47 psi. I always suggest buying genuine Chevrolet fuel pumps. This and thermostats are about the only two things that I suggest buying from the dealer. The problem that you are having is the reason why. Aftermarket ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I have a 1990 lexus ls 400 it has no power to fuel pump or to injectors i checked the fuel pump relay it was good but getting no power to relay either seems like no power to any of the fuel components i checked the efi relays also fuses too i can run a hot wire to the fuel pump and it runs, i have test lighted everything i can think of to see if it can get power or has power. when i put power to the injectors with the test light they are showing they are fine, is this a computer problem or is it

Yes have the computer repaired and this should fix the problem. these cars are known for have the computers go bad. ... 1990 Lexus LS 400

1995 jetta 2.0 fuel pump pressure good,injectors showing pulse with test light,removed fuel rail and cranked motor, injectors appeared to be working,although seemed to be very small amounts of fuel (not sure how much fuel should release). motor will not start,but if you spray starting fluid directly into intake motor runs

Ok could be a few things.Have you changed the inline fuel filter? these usually have paper filter elements and after a while can be clogged with moisture which blocks fuel flow. The fuel pump will still have good pressure but the fuel rai ... 1995 Volkswagen Jetta
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