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Geo spectrum is 4 cy; not turbo, did hot wired the fan, it does run,the relay I took off the female end looks bad,ate up.can i get a female end for the relay,And what other places to look,ck the fuse is good.hose got hot that tells me the thermstat working?

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Geo spectrum is 4 cy; not turbo, did hot wired the fan, it does run,the relay I took off the female end looks bad,ate up.can i get a female end for the relay,And what other places to look,ck the fuse is good.hose got hot that tells me the thermstat working?

... Geo Spectrum

In the engine compartment left fender, the end of the wiring harness going to the fuse box the red plastic cap keeps getting hot...also the fan on the passenger side not working, and no juice found at the connection below the radiator..any in line fuse...the other fuses check out ok...

... 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix

No power to fuel pump, unless jumper wired in place, after jumper in place in main fuse panel, power is supplied, wire isnt getting hot, or even warm

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I have a 2001 F350 4 x 4 Supercrew with a 5.4 liter engine and towing package. The towing connectors were hit in an accident and replaced. I changed a fuse to fix the right turn lights but I get no power on the blue wire that deactivates the trailer surge brakes when backing up. I also noticed that the center contact of the round connector which should be hot when the truck is placed in reverse also has no power. I check the fuses in the BJB and they're all good. Any suggestions? Which relay con

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The housing cable that connects to the battery that has alt/bat/amp on it its at the end of the cable and the fuses go into it well the middle fuse got stuck and we cant get it out any suggestions were 2 females but we can di=o it.....

If there isn't a release on the side of the fuse you will have to break it out, use a pair of needle nose pliers and break and dig it out try not to destroy the housing, these things corrode badly and wont come out sometimes ... 1996 Toyota Camry

92 grand marquis i have 1 wire and fuse that keeps gettin hot and the fuse keeps blowin. the wire has melted down into where it connects to the back of the fuse box. It get very, very hot at the connection spot and then the fuse get hot and start melting also. only abouy 2 inches of the wire has melted. what do i need to do???

You have a slow short in system this can cause a fire you need to determine what circuit it is and check for either a defective part also bad electrical connection you will need to possibly replace the wire or insulate it after cause is found ... 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis

My headlight isn't grounded properly, causeing the clip that holds the lightbulb in place to get red & hot! any yet it don't trip the fuse, this seems really really dangerous

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Fuel pump not getting fuel. Fuse 5 is hot on both ends 1996 Dodge Ram 4x4 5.9

... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Passenger tail light inoperational. i switched the harnesses and the driver side works when i switch the female ends. found a frayed wire on the passenger side... spliced it and did not get any changes. checked the bulbs, used them in multiple places and confirmed that it was the passenger side that was the problem and not the bulb(s)

Check the driver side! Usually those old subs were wired to use the driving side first and then pigtail over to the passenger side... Also, alot of the tail light problems are caused from mud & snow piling up behind your back bumper... this cause wei ... 1986 Chevrolet Suburban

Temp gauge goes to full hot. engine temp is good. gas gauge not accurate. fuses good looks like cluster is bad. is this possibly a diy remove and replace. where is the best place to get a replacement cluster. thx Brian

Sounds to me like you have two common failures on your car. One is the fuel sending unit in the tank (on the A4, which uses a similar design, this is a known issue, causing wrong or erratic readings on the gauge). The temp gauge is a failure of the ... 2002 Audi TT

2004 jetta 1.8T . The wire that comes from the alternator to the fuse box on top of battery is getting so hot that it melted through the fuse box holder, the fuse did not break and the wire starts getting hot as soon as i turn on the engine. What could be the problem?

The could be your alternator, over charching, touching a ground, the wire needs to be replece if is melted. the auto parts can to test the alternator if you remove it from you car ... 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

Fuel pump fuse blows after car runs for a while like after it's hot I tried changing the fuse when it is still hot would blow fuse as soon as I turn key on, unplugged the fuel pump and sending unit but still blows fuse. After car sits for a while or maybe cools down I change the fuse and it starts up and runs fine till engine gets hot then blows again.

... 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Heater I had to have the by-pass hose replaced, after getting this done, I get very little if any heat from the heater. I originally thought the heater was leaking , so I put in some stop leak. Since the repair was done , and not getting any heat, I back flushed the core, and replaced the thermostat. The intake hose to the core gets very hot, but the exit hose is not very hot. I will probly have to re-place the core. Is there any whare I can get directions on removal of the core? I also get a fa


My 2002 Hyundai Elantra gets hot when sitting in traffic. So far I have checked all the fuses and they are good, the coolant level is normal, and both fans are plugged in. Even when the car is getting hot (about 3/4 on temp gage) only the passenger side fan is running. I pulled the passenger side fan and plugged the driver side fan into the passenger side plug and the fan worked. I have had the car get hot sitting in traffic with the A/C off and ambient temperature in the 50's. I was wo

Both fans don't necessarily have to start and stop together but you do need both of them to adequately cool the engine. If you plugged the harness from the drivers side fan into the passenger side fan and it worked then I think you've ruled out any ... Hyundai Elantra

I have this problem where my '97 S-10 Chevy Blazer blows a fuse when selecting 4 HI or 4 LO on the push button selector. The fuse that blows is also for the gage cluster so all the gages go dead. I was able to get back into 2 HI by putting a paper clip in place of the fuse and quickly get back to 2 HI. I then put in a new fuse and all was OK. The gages worked fine but upon attempting 4 LO or 4 HI it would blow the same fuse again. I then replaced the servo motor on the transfer case and cycled a

I have had this happen to me at the shop I worked at.After a long search for the short I found the front actuator on the front differential shorted out.This is the part that engages and disengages the front wheels.What you can do is disconnect the ac ... Chevrolet S 10

Blown fuse 2002 grand cherokee, i am experiencing a problem with the 10 amp fuse that controls my turn signals, blowing everytime i replace it. Once i replace a new fuse in the panel its ok until I turn on car then it blows. Sometimes I can get lucky enough for a fuse to hold for about a week or two before it blows again. I've taken it to two different Auto Electric places. Each telling me all they had to do was replace the fuse. When I get it back not even a week later it blows again.

Probably a shorting out directional lamp socket. May be the intermittent problem you're having. It's like taking a kid to the doctor's...They always get better before actually SEEING the doc...If one of the directional housing seals are bad, it may ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

94 Toyota Tercell DX. 4 door Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter? I was putting air in a tire with a portable air compressor that runs off the cigarette lighter and the compressor stopped. The cigarette lighter no longer works it will not get hot. I checked all the fuses under the drivers side dash, next to the battery none of the fuses were broken. I even looked for a fuse on the passenger side but there was none. How can I get my cigarette lighter to work again. I dont smoke but I woul

Did you use a test light this would be the primary source for an accessory not to work unless the wires to the connector on the back side of the lighter itself has come undone or it may very well be the ground to it you need to visually inspect it a ... 1994 Toyota Tercel

I have a 92 wrangler yj 2.5 and I have had an issue with the fuse that services the dash/tail lights. It actually melted at one time. Now it is a loose connection(the fuse does not stay snug) and gets warm. Would re routing those particular wires to a new fuse box help or should I be looking for something else (where?) that would be causing that fuse to get hot?

If the fuse holder loose will cause your overheating ,you could just re route wires and put an inline fuse in with same amperage ... 1992 Jeep Wrangler

1996 Buick Riviera mirror switch getting no power to the switch. No blown fuses anywhere. I've checked fuses under the hood, under the rear seat, at the fuse panel on the left side of the dash. With door panel removed there is no voltage coming into the switch. Most GM's use the orange wire as the in-coming hot wire. None of the wires in the harness are hot coming in. Next I'll be looking for a broken wire. Any other suggestions? Any idea which fuse is supposed to supply power to the switch? Non

... 1996 Buick Riviera

I have a 2000 chevy impala 3.8. i am having problems changing out my [ thermal bypass pipe o ring seal] This is a little black plastic pipe with o ring on each end, a elbow shape piece. [[ i can get one end in, the end that goes into the back of the engine head, but the adle tension housing i might call it, i can't get that end to go in. do i have to remove that tension house to allow that bypass pipe to snap in place ?

Yes, you have to remove the tensioner to install the elbow. There is another fitting that goes in the other side of the tensioner that you may also need to replace as they tend to get damaged when removing the tensioner. I would replace both at the s ... Chevrolet Impala

My 2002 oldsmobile intrigue was overheating so i bought a thermostat and waterpump and placed it in, now the needle will go way up to hot and then back down to middle again, and it will keep doing this, also my check engine light just came on and auto zone said it could be O2 sensor, and ideas- note: when my car starts to get hot the heater gets really hot and when it kicks back down to normal my car starts to blow cooler air?????

You have air in the cooling system. With the engine cold, remove the radiator cap (or overflow bottle cap if no radiator cap) and let the engine get to operating temp. Add coolant if it is low. There is no way to guess which of the 3000 codes your ... 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue

My 2003 saturn vue has not been heating up on the feet part but on the head part is very hot. we've replaced the fuses and mechanic says its not the blower motor. why aren't we getting any heat on the floor? we have cleaned the filter as its wasn't getting any air and once cleaned it was sucking air throught the filter, also. the blower motor works also.the heat on the floor would be hot once warmed up, but now it take over half hour to just get warm on feet.

I have the same problem in my car.\015\012Did you fixed? ... 2003 Saturn VUE

My kia 2003 died driving down highway it was like it was not getting fuel i checked fuses under dash and relay underhood seemed okay the pump wasnt getting a hot connection, so we hooked a hot wire to it now it pumps but we're not getting the prime to start. 30 min prior to beginning of our trouble we cleaned inside of car with car wash sprayer not directly under the dash but the seats floor and console could this have got something wet or something we never had any trouble with fuel system not

The BCM likely got wet.\015\012\015\012What is the year/and model of your Kia? ... 2004 Kia Sorento

'04 Land Rover Discovery-started out running hot-mechanic rebuilt upper end of motor(rebuilt heads,new head gaskets). Still ran hot-then he replaced thermostat. Still ran hot -radiator was cked-gases getting into radiator. Mechanic decided was a cracked head. Put a new head on it. After 50/60 miles ran hot again. Car gauge says "running hot" mechanic hooked up to computer which said was not running hot. Put in a new temperature sending unit -car still runs hot. Motor is a V8 4.6L 278CID. Pl

... 2004 Land Rover Discovery

I have a built in fan Diplomat assisted oven the oven works and gets hot and the fan works but it doesnt get hot when the fan is on the fan setting can you help is it a fuse and how can I locate it

... 1989 Dodge Diplomat
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