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1996 nissan maxima car won't start unless you push it. I went to autozone to test battery they said it was fine. He said it was the starter. now when I am driving the radio will go off and along with that I lose the tach, speedometer, the tempature gauge,the power windows won't work, the blinkers, the four way flashers,the air conditioner. I lose power to everything in the dash. the car still runs the dash lights and head lights work but thats it. This happens at random. Is this related to the s

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Sounds like a bad wire somewhere. I dont know with your particular vehicle, but some vechiles wiring leads into eachother for alot of things. If a wire is being grounded out this could cause the loss of the electrical units connected on the wire. Just a guess, but I would check with a mechanic to find out if there are electronics in your vehicle that work off of eachother. Explain what things come off and on when you lose the power to what you listed. You use the word random, so my guess would most likely be a wire being grounded out somewhere to cause this. Hope this helps!!
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1996 nissan maxima car won't start unless you push it. I went to autozone to test battery they said it was fine. He said it was the starter. now when I am driving the radio will go off and along with that I lose the tach, speedometer, the tempature gauge,the power windows won't work, the blinkers, the four way flashers,the air conditioner. I lose power to everything in the dash. the car still runs the dash lights and head lights work but thats it. This happens at random. Is this related to the s

Sounds like a bad wire somewhere. I dont know with your particular vehicle, but some vechiles wiring leads into eachother for alot of things. If a wire is being grounded out this could cause the loss of the electrical units connected on the wire. Jus ... Nissan Maxima

My moms car broke down and idk whats wrong with it. Heres what happened...... Last night on her way home from work her ABS light came on. Today on her way to work, the abs light came on again, then her speedometer went out, and then she said all the dash lights came on and the car shut off. It wont turn over at all now

This could be as simple as a bad battery. I would start by replacing it first. Voltage fluctuations will cause your lights and gauges to go bonkers just as you describe. I think the battery will take care of your problem, but if not, work your way up ... Ford Escort

Car wont start. Has a brand new starter. When i turn the key all i get is a single click. I have a optima battery, had it recharged fully, still same results. The weird thing is, only certain things work. The power windows dont work, and my power locks dont work. The power seats work, all the lights on my dash board come on. I can play the radio and mess with the heat and air system. All though the lights on my dash come on, its not reading any levels. No gas, no engine oil, no trans. oil, no no

Hello: Make sure your battery cables are clean at the battery (no corrosion) then check the ground wire (the same size as the battery cable under the hood on the passenger side where it attaches to the alternator. This bolt is hard to see and hard t ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

Wont start car died twice today both time the dash light stayed on was able to put in park and start but the third time i was pulling into drive way it died but this time lights on dash whent off would not try to turn over radio stoped working but windows would work fan on ac worked head light worked then dash lights would blink on and off engine would try to turn over but would not start

Could be a fuel filter ... 2005 Buick Century

If my dash lights, running lights and tail lights aren't working, and my headlights are dim and only getting 1 watt of power. The combo switch (headlights, running lights, turn signals) is working, the relay is clicking, but the running light wires are not getting power coming out out of the relay. Also the radio sometimes doesn't work and either turning the ignition on and off or just turning the key while the car was running would make it come back on. Is there any possibly way it could be

Sounds like you have a short or perhaps a bad ground wire. Can you check the current at the relay socket? That would tell you if the short is after the relay or before it. ... 1983 Nissan 280ZX

2003 Alero (3.4) wont start or even attempt to turn over until jumped. While driving I can hear whining through the speakers (with radio off) that matches the engine RPMs. Once I turn the car off, it loses all power, no gauge lights, radio or anything and wont start until I jump it. I also noticed that when in park if I quickly punch the gas I lose RPMs before the engine revs up...sometimes the car will stall and then restart itself on it's own...other times it will die and all my dash light

Wow, that is quite the electrical psychoanalysis :0) You have got some major electrical issues going on here. Well, the first things that I would suspect to even get a little idea as to what is going on, considering that you have multiple systems w ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

Losing power my car is losing power an i replace gad filter and fuel pump and coil packs and still wont work after leaving over night it went put as soon as i put gas in it it began to spit and sputter and lose power and wont go it just turns over . i was wondering if u might know the problem i caled dealer ship they said fuel pump but i replaced that and it not it they thought it might be heating up and shuttin off but its not the problem

Have you had the fuel pressure regulator checked? Also you might want to have the fuel pump relay checked. ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Security malfunction none of the gauges on dash work and the security light is on,battery light,and service engine soon,car runs but doors wont lock or trunk open,or lights wont go out after i shut car off,how do u reset factory security,i have tried unhooking battery,and reseting codes with my code reader,but when i hook it up it says it cant link up.also when i lock doors they just unlock their selves. this just happened while my wife was driving down the road,she drove it the rest of the way

A failing VATS module should only cause the car not to start. It shouldn't cause the doors to unlock and the radio not to work as well as the OBD2 port. The VATS also has nothing to do with your dash gauges so that can't be the only problem, if the ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

1992 4cyl mustang starter went out so i replaced it and when i went to start it the under hood cylenoid also went bad so i replaced it now the car has no power at all to the fuse box? if i tern the key nothing happens at all? no hazard lights no head lights nothing? but if i jump the cylenoid the dash and car then gets power turns over but wont start and the ignition swich is showing power all the way through? any one had this happen or know what it could be?

It can be a fow thing mybe you hock the wire up wrong ! or it could be the cylenoid is bad ! an it could be the safty switch that is in the front set floor on the pasinger side up under the panel by your feet it will be a red button . look over the p ... 1992 Ford Mustang

Car won't start. It died on me on my way to work. Just started to load up, drop rpms and then died. I towed it home and have been trying to diagnose it all morning. the check engine light has been on for a week. i checked all the fluid levels and they are fine and are holding their levels fine. I have established..... Fuel pressure to fuel rail power to injectors cranks fine every other electrical system on the car works (p/w, p/dl, horn, lights, dash lights, radio, etc.) cam does turn dis

The igniter... if you have no spark 9/10 times it's the problem take Distributor cover off.. turn the crank until you can take the small screw off the rotor.. take the rotor off. and you should be able to see the igniter.. its a small box looking thi ... 1998 Honda Civic

On my way to work the esc and check engine came on. I felt the car lose power so I pulled over. I pressed the esc button a few times and the light turned off. I then continued to work and the car ran just fine but the check engine light stayed on. will it reset automatically or do I need to take it to a mechanic?

Take it to a parts store like an auto zone and have them scan the pcm (powertrain control module) for any codes. It will tell you what is wrong and you can take care of the problem. The scam is free. Hope this will help you. ... Cars & Trucks

My car won't start, won't turn over, but it makes clicking noise in dash board, it just lost all gauges on dash board wOnt work, only the speedodometer works, it's security light is on. The clock changes time, without me changing it, and lost power to one of my seat warmer? IRS all happened over week? Please explain what's wrong with my car!

Sounds like a wire or ground wire is contacting at a pinch point, and grounding out the system. first have the battery voltage checked, it should be no less than 12v, and no more than 14.5v, during cranking it can drop to 8.5v but no less. any new pa ... 2002 Buick Rendezvous

No dash lights or odometer reading when you open the door and car cranks but will not start. Alarm is in vallet position. Few weeks ago paaenger window would not work then started working then driver side window did the same. As car was being loaded on tow truck we opened the door and all the dash lights came on as they should. Mechanic had car for two days and said everything was working fine then he said while the car was running lights started flashing and sliding door opened by itself. They

I would start by removing the pesky alarm. My encounter with alarms is they create more problems than they actually help a badly wired alarms systeme can be a true nightmare. My advice the best lock for your vehicle is the lock that locks the gas and ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

Car started losing power, died and now wont turn on. Engine light was on for about a week before, checked at O'Rielly's and the computer said catalyst below efficiency (bank 2). What might be

When was it tested at oreillys? was it before it died and failed to restart? if so you could have more than one problem the scanned problem is definitely an O2 sensor but the failing to restart could be from many other reasons. replace the o2 sen ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

Check engine light comes on, car sputters, loses power, and shifting becomes irregular. Dealer mechanics say it's fuel line related (checked gas cap, all was fine) dealer checked codes, but said they couldn't find any problem, reset the codes, two weeks later same thing happened. Have appt to bring back in. When the check engine light is off, the car runs fine, there is no sputtering or shifting issues. Not sure what triggers the check engine light, but once it comes on all the troubles star

You need to change you crank shaft positioning censor ... 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My 2002 Toyota Celica GTS has no power. Prior to losing power I noticed for a few days the dash board lights flickering. I parked in the drive way and later went out to leave and the car was dead. It was if the battery was dead, but when I hooked up to my truck battery to jump the car, it killed all electrical in the Toyota. I had Red on Red, Black on Black. I replaced the ENG #2 Relay fuse and as soon as I turned the Key I heard a "Pop" and the car was once again completely dead.

... Toyota Celica

The security light on the dash blinks at me and wont let me start the car. i have power to the car. radio works a/c works...etc but i cannot start the car.

The security system (VATS/PassKey) is having problems, it's typical on those cars/years. It's been a nightmare for us. You can fin ... 2002 Chevrolet Camaro

My 97 honda accords dash panel tail lights and running lights wouldnt work. my brother said it was a fuse so he put one in. it worked. they came on. but everything was off in the car and i had the key in my hand. the only way to shut them off and turn them on is to put the fuse in and out every time. what would cause this and how do i fix it?


Hi There , My wife drives a 2006 Polo, manual 1.4i, I just did a major service on the vehicle 75 000 , with cam belt change. About 3 weeks before the service she informed me that the "Power Steering " stopped working. She was right, on odd times when she started up the car the power steering light will light up on the dash, only after about 10 maybe 15 minutes later will it reactivate. My mechanic reset the computer and said it should sort the problem. But it has happened twice af

The pump is the problem seals in the valve body are worn and leaking pressure contact dealer or local parts stores some pumps are able to be rebuilt using a seal kit if there is no kit see about a used pump from a wrecker or rebuilt pumps also see if ... Volkswagen Polo


Same Thing happened to mine i had to hook up a push button to start it ... 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

My 2001 Buick regal will not turn over has been working fine until know first all the dash lights went of but the car would still run so i was pulling fuses and the big block circuits to see if they were bad they where all ok but know my car wont start was told that the computer needs to be reset so i unhooked the negative cable for a couple minutes that didn't work is there a different way of resetting the computer on a buick regal

Try using the OBD II SCAN tool to reset the computer, you can use one for free at your local Autozone (auto parts store) It plugs into the bottom underneath the drivers side steering wheel and it will give you the option on ... Buick Regal

My heater in my 2002 Hyundai Accent quit blowing. I took the dash out where the stereo is to see what I could find and my dash lights quit working. I thought I had a lose wire of some sort because sometimes the fan would kick on if I hit a bump. I was told that these cars are wired different in some way the red is ground and the black is hot, or something like that. I thought maybe a ground was lose but now I'm not sure what I am looking for. Any suggestions where I could find a wiring diagram o

My heater blows only cold air. what do I need to check? ... 2002 Hyundai Accent

2006 chevy trailblazer with electrical problems when you start it it goes into security lock down the lock and car symbol comes on the instrument cluster how ever the sycurity system is disabled at the information center on the instrument cluster it loses power and all the lights blink on and off in the cluster brakes abs engine lower engine stabletrack guages shut down steering wheel locks brakes wont work gear shifter wont work every thing electrical shuts off it just started doing this 5 days

This mornnig when i tray to start my trailblazer 2006 LT sudnly eletiric power cuted and there is now light,now engen start ,the key can not poled out please rocomand me ... Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Theft deterent I jumped power from the batery to the fuse box on the inside of the car. It was hot inside the car but the dome lights still didnt work and the car still wont start. So, I think its possibly a theft deterent system. Is there anyway to check? And if its in the computer or wherever is there a way to bypass it or just turn it off?

Check if you have spark, if not look around the colum and see if the main ignition wires are tapped into by some aftermarket alarm, if so jump them back and try to start it, will this crank and not start or no crank at all? -jeff ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

NO SPARK! i was driving on the freeway and all of the sudden my car just dies i still have power, like the lights work and my car will crank but wont fully start. my father says it might fuel pump. but today i had a spark plug tester and it said theres no spark, so know i dont know what to do. please help me i really need my car fixed. thanks for your time and input.

The crank and or the cam sensor has failed. If you have no way of pulling codes or checking for signals from the sensors, start with the crank sensor, its more common. ... 1997 Chrysler LHS
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