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My 1998 subaru legacy transmission oil temperature light on dash will blink 16 times everytime i start the car. i too car to autozone to have the car scanned and it coded that the shift solenoid was faulty. my question is' 1) where are the solenoids located? 2)how can i tell myself which solenoid is bad since there may be multiple solenoids in the tranny? 3)can the solenoids be accessed by taking the fluid pan off the the tranny from the bottom and removing the solenoids from there? 4)can yo

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Answers :

1. The solenoids are located inside the transmission.
\015\0122. Usually solenoid sets are replaced if tearing down the transmission to make sure the transmission does not fail later due to a marginal solenoid being left in there.
\015\0123. Some solenoids are accessible from behind the transmission oil pans. Some cars have side pans that reveal the solenoids.
\015\012Hydraulic Control System\015\012The hydraulic pressure used to operate the servos comes from the main transmission oil pump. This fluid is channeled to the various servos through the shift valves. There is generally a manual shift valve, which is operated by the transmission selector lever, and a shift valve for each up shift the transmission provides.
\015\012Most automatic transmissions are electronically controlled; electrical solenoids are used to control the hydraulic fluid. The shift solenoids are regulated by an electronic control module. Shift timing is regulated through sensor feedback information provided to the electronic controller.
\015\012On older transmissions there are two pressures that control the shift valves. One is the governor pressure which is affected by vehicle speed. The other is the modulator pressure which is affected by intake manifold vacuum or throttle position. Governor pressure rises with an increase in vehicle speed, and modulator pressure rises as the throttle is opened wider. By responding to these two pressures, the shift valves cause the up shift points to be delayed with increased throttle opening to make the best use of the engine's power output.
\015\012Older transmissions also make use of an auxiliary circuit for downshifting. This circuit may be actuated by the throttle linkage, vacuum that actuates the modulator, or by a cable or solenoid. It applies pressure to the downshift surface on the shift valve or valves.
\015\012The transmission modulator also governs the line pressure, used to actuate the servos. In this way, the clutches and bands will be actuated with a force matching the torque output of the engine.
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My 1998 subaru legacy transmission oil temperature light on dash will blink 16 times everytime i start the car. i too car to autozone to have the car scanned and it coded that the shift solenoid was faulty. my question is' 1) where are the solenoids located? 2)how can i tell myself which solenoid is bad since there may be multiple solenoids in the tranny? 3)can the solenoids be accessed by taking the fluid pan off the the tranny from the bottom and removing the solenoids from there? 4)can yo

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If you have a second vehicle, or a ride, you can take the starter to Autozone where they can test it for you to tell you if your whole starter motor is bad. I'm not sure if you can get just the solenoid, if so, you might ask them about it. I imagin ... 1986 Mercury Grand Marquis

Bad solenoid everytime i drive my 93 ford escort standard and stop, when i come back out it want start. i tap the starter and wait 30 minutes and then it will start. how can i test the solenoid and see if it is bad. how can i bypass the solenoid to start the car

Well first u cant bypass the solinoid at all.\015\012and if u have to tap it yes its buggured its cheaper and easier to get a new starter motor to bolts in and out to replace the solinoid what a headae and nearly the same price ... 1993 Ford Escort 4 Door

My buick lost fluid from a busted transmision hose/line the repair shop replace bad hose but since then you have to let the car run for a couple of minutes before puting car in gear. once car is warmed up it runs like a champ. Is there a pump that could be bad?

Check the transmission oil level on the dip stick whilst the engine is running. If it is low top it up by adding extra via the dipstick tube. I assume the line that broke was one of the cooling hoses to the radiator coil within the main coolant rad ... 1993 Buick LeSabre

1999 Lincoln Town Car: This car runs and sounds like a diesel at speed after it warms up and the gas mileage has significantly declined. Tune up didn't help and now I am being told that the catalytic converters may be clogged. I am also told that sometimes after market converters may cause the O2 senser to give bad readings. What is your experience with after market converters with this car.

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Could be an electronic ignition problem or also could be a computer problem either of these will cost a bit to fix... hope this helps, without seeing the car or actually experiencing the problem it is hard to tell... ... 1992 Ford Taurus

I have a 1997 chevy cavalier, the tranny won't shift out of second gear,took it to tranny shop, they told me it was a shifter solenoid which they relaced,but the engine light still stays ON.it still shows that a solenoid is still bad, they told me it might be the car brain or computer,they could'nt fix it so they told me to pick-up the car from their shop free of charge. can you help me,? any suggestions?

The only effective way to isolate this fault is a wiring harness pin out test, only the dealer has this very expensive peice of equipment, one issue you might want to test yourself is the connector to the transmission on the outside of the case, wate ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

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Fuel injector cleaner is very powerful. Most bottles caution against using a whole bottle with less than a full tank of gas. Smaller cars with smaller gas tanks are advised not to use a whole bottle.\012\012I did have an experience myself ... 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

2004 MITS. LANCER ES 2.4L 5 speed, Battery was bad so I change it. Since Iv'e change batt. cars been running really bad. On this car would that cause computer loss of memory and cause driveablity problem, if so what kind and what can I do about it.

No the issue related to computer is rare.Battery replaced.The voltage to battery needs to be checked first.Many a times new brand battery comes with low voltage.Check the voltage of the new battery.It should show 12 volts.If its less then 12 volts.Th ... Mitsubishi Lancer

2002 Dodge Caravan 3.3 liter 6, 36,000 original miles..Car runs fine, but headlights and E-flashers just started blinking on & off, alternately, like a police car would do. Kept on, no change, even with ignition off. removing a relay called "RG HEADLAMP WASHER RELAY", which was clicking, stopped the E-flashers but the head lights kept right on blinking until I disconnected the Battery to save its charge. Headlight switch may or may not be bad, can't tell. Battery is 3 years old (Jan '08). C

Sounds like you have a security problem, (antitheft) , when it acts up take the key and put it in the outside door lock switch with the door shut and window down and lock and unlock the drivers door with the key,it should quit, if not try locking and ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

1991 chevy caprice 305 v8 i have a problem jus recently happend today after i got gas at a bp i noticed about ten miles down the road when i pulled out at a red light my car sputtered and struggled to get up to speed then it kept doing it changed the fuel filter thinking that may be the problem the check engine light didnt come on so i dont know if i have bad gas thats causing my car to run god awful please help if anyone knows a cure or what part i may need thats about all the symptoms its jus

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I have been getting the P0421 code since June 2006. I replaced the O2 sensor that sits at the front this January, and the code is still there. I am scared to death that I am about to be autoless. I have been talking to too many people with too many, maybes, and I have apparently thrown money at the wrong things. I hope you can help, I have several questions: First -- did I replace the wrong sensor? 2nd -- Could my Cat be bad, since I do get a bad smell when the car first starts up after sitti

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