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Recently, my wife's 1998 Subaru Outback has had electrical issues. We went to leave one morning and the battery was dead. I checked all the light switches and they were all in the off positions. I hooked up the battery charger and started the vehicle. Once power was returned and the car was running fine, I could hear a relay clicking under the front driver side dash and all the exterior lights (minus the headlights and back-up lights) were blinking in time to the relay. The other issue is that i

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I had the same problem on our 1999 Forester after replacing the battery. Here was the solution I was given by Subaru Santa Cruz.\015\012
\015\0121) the key to the ON position where all the dash lights up.\015\0122) disconnect the NEGATIVE battery terminal.\015\0123) wait 15 seconds then reconnect the the battery.\015\0124) start the engine from the ON position.\015\012
\015\012If this doesn't work, the car must be taken in for repair.
The first thing you need to do is figure out if the car has a factory or aftermarket security system them replace the clicking relay accordingly
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Recently, my wife's 1998 Subaru Outback has had electrical issues. We went to leave one morning and the battery was dead. I checked all the light switches and they were all in the off positions. I hooked up the battery charger and started the vehicle. Once power was returned and the car was running fine, I could hear a relay clicking under the front driver side dash and all the exterior lights (minus the headlights and back-up lights) were blinking in time to the relay. The other issue is that i

I had the same problem on our 1999 Forester after replacing the battery. Here was the solution I was given by Subaru Santa Cruz.\015\012\015\0121) the key to the ON position where all the dash lights up.\015\0122) disconnect the NEGATIVE batter ... Subaru Outback

My 1995 Honda Civic EX has an issue with the main relay, I have discovered that the relay is not grounded. I have had issues with the car not starting, I found out that if I turn the switch on but not start it.....listen for a click that would ingage the fuel pump then it would start. It has started to do this again but now would not hear the click, so I went out and purchased another relay. Still would not start or could I hear the click, I grabbed my test light grounded it to the door. While t

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Battery drain When parked overnight, something drains battery. On erratic occasions, with motor off, headlights on, I hit the brakes, when brake lights came on, power went dead. Also another time, engine not running, but power on to roll up power window (driver) with door open, (dome light on) power went dead. On this occasion could hear faint clicking. I've been reading, and understand this could be a relay? Which one? and would this glitchy relay be cuse of my battery drain?

... 1999 Dodge Durango

1999 GMC Suburban Dome light comes on radomly and now the battery is dead. I could hear a relay clicking but I could not find out. What/Where is the dome light relay so I can replace it?

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I have a 2004 Ford F 250, while I was washing the truck I also lightly sprayed the engine down. After driving home from the car wash, I parted it. About an hr later I tried to start it again and all I could hear was clicking from the starter this is accompanied by all of my dash lights flickering. After pulling the ignition relay all of my lights light up perfectly but then I'm unable to start the truck. I tried putting cables from my batteries straight to the solenoid with the relay in and out

Try to boost the battery up! Can you say if the lights go down when you turn the ignition key?in that case is the battery that should be replaced or it is down! Try to boost it for now! Do not touch anything else! ... Cars & Trucks

The battery light on my 2002 focus wagon came on intermittently while driving on the freeway. I could hear clicking noise from passenger compartment fuse panel (relay ?). The speedometer needle swung to 140mph (vehicle speed remained ~ 60mph), abs ligt came on momentarily. I put a new battery at Sears about a month ago after original battery died. Is there a short in the system ? My license plate light contacts are corroded for over couple of years, never bothered to fix them.

The clicking is related to low system voltage, that is due to a charging system problem, that is due to the Alternator problem. ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

I've got door chimes when I open my door, with no key in the ignition, I get sporadic dash lights, and if I get that far, and turn the key to on, I can hear the pump, and a click, then circuits die. They also die when I try to turn on the headlights. The circuits won't come on again until I dis and reconnect the battery. I've got power going from the battery all the way through the relay, plenty of battery charge. Wondering if this could be a problem with the ignition switch, or just faulty w

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2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. 4.7L V8 The car will not start. When i turn the key i hear click,click,click. Like a bad battery. I can jump the car to start it, but when i shut it off and try to restart i hear the clicking noise again. All interior lights, radio and etc work. Is this just a issue of a bad battery?

Check the battery connetions first,then if that does work jump it and drive it too auto zone they will check the battery and charging system for free ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

No start condition new battery , good starter, turn key to start position light come on dash, go forward to start light go out and you hear click under dash area like relay, no power getting to starter. happens intermittently - remove battery cable let sit for a bit . starts right up . happened twice to my wife , then would not reoccur . got into car & finally happened to me. bad relay ?? is there a relay under drivers dash area that's bad ?

No starter relay is always at the fuse relay box at the engine compartment. The relay that you hear is the relay for the accessories to turn off the power during starting position. ... 1999 Ford Windstar

Relay issue I own a 1997 F150. I am having problems because something is killing my battery. If i leave the battery connected the battery will die in about 2 or 3 days. I have done the easy things like check for lights that are left on. I was trying to trouble shoot with my father in law and he noticed one of my relays was clicking when I turned the key. I don't know if this has anything to do with it but can anyone tell me what the center relay in the aux relay box controls?

I think fuel pump,did you try un-hooking the alternator?--if that fixed it then the alternator is shorted out--- ... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab

On my 2004 Hyundai Tiburon, My dash and running lights (parking and tail lights) dont turn off, I've been disconnecting my battery, I removed the body control module (BCM), one of the relays clicks every time i connect the battery, could it be a defective relay or another component in the circuitry? or not the BCM at all?

... 2004 Hyundai Tiburon

The battery is new. 93 4runner. Turn Key, everything works, turn the key to start, hear the click and then nothing. No clock, no lights, on horn, nothing, as if the battery were disconnected. Jiggle wire to starter, tap on the fuses / relay's etc. Turn the key, nothing, play with the clutch by-pass switch, still nothing. Slam the door. Come back an hour later, turn the key, everything works, turn the key to start, hear the click and then nothing ... about 5 times now.

I had the exact same problem a few days ago. Disconnect an clean both terminals on battery and reconnect them. It will probably work. ... 1993 Toyota 4Runner

2001 dodge intrepid. have new alternator and battery. Car has run fun until recently. The battery would be drained. I could charge the battery, and it would run fine for a few days. Now, the battery seems to have a charge, but when I turn the ignition, the brake lights and parking lights flash, the horn honks on and off, and the car will not start. I can hear a clicking noise under the drivers side dash when the key is engaged.

Yes the battery is too low to start the car but as the altenator was put on something was making it not work. Your current problem is the alarm is going off and it won't start until it's turned off with the battery low your not going to be able to d ... Dodge Intrepid

2003 F150 4x4 does not start after sitting about a week starter grinds and dome light and underhood lights flash (Fairly new battery and altenator). Truck does fine unless it sits for about a week, and will restart with a jump. Is this a relay problem? I can hear a relay in the cab clicking with the flashing lights

You may have a parasittic draw some were check for components staying on when ignition off, also check for a loose ground also the battery may have a bad cell and not holding charge ... 2003 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Tried to start up my 2003 galant (31,000 miles) only to hear a loud clicking noise coming from the engine. The batttery was not dead, and i didn't leave the lights on. When I put the keys in the ignition all the lights show up on the dash like usual, but the car just wont get past the clicking noise to turn over. What could this be? I tried jump starting the car, but the car i didnt start. I just replaced the battery and the same thing is happening. Any other suggestions for why its clicking and

Its the starter itself ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

Battery indicator light comes on once I start to drive the car. If I turn off the car and re-start it, the light is out. Once I start driving, it comes on. The battery is 1 month old and the alternator has 3,000 miles on it. I had no trouble prior to this light going on. I checked all connections - they are good. Is there some kind of relay or fuse that could cause this issue?

It could be short in the system but I would take the alt back and exchange it i had three bad ones on my escort gt before I got a good one its rare that this happens but its worth a try ... 1997 Eagle Talon

My 2002 Aurora (4.0) makes an audible click when the key is turned, but nothing else. It could be the Starter relay, but I am not sure where that is located. It could also be the starter itself, but since this problem came on suddenly, with no recent indications, I am not so certain. The lights are bright, and the battery is relatively new. First, where is the starter relay located, and what might be the cause of this problem if not the relay itself?

The starter relay is located in the PDC (power distribution center) located under the hood with a removable lid (black box). Exactly how old is the battery and what is the battery voltage with the key off? Have you verified the battery c ... 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

Have an 89 Mitsubishi Galant. Parker lights were left on overnight and killed the battery. Now it has tail lights and number plate light but no front parkers or headlights at all. All other systems are functioning normally. I hear a relay click when turning on the parkers but nothing when switching to headlights. The diagram on the fuse box in the engine bay shows a relay for "high beam" but not one for the headlights overall.

... 1988 Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 2002 Honda Accord. Apparently I have a relay issue with the starter. Battery 12V check. Fuses ok. When I turn the key, and the relay engages which shuts down the nonessential systems prior to starting, I hear a "frying" sound behind the passenger side fuse panel and the power goes dead. No starter no radio no lights. Remove the key and wait a few minutes. I put the key back in and I have radio, lights, etc... Everything seems fine until I turn the key to the start position. So

Ok so that wasn't it. Three days later problem came back. Replaced battery cables. Problem goes away for another few days. Came back again and found what I think is finally it. Engine Cut Out Relay in the power distribution box. (of note the e ... 2002 Honda Accord

What could be causing my 1969 Mustang to have sudden, complete electrical failures. The car shuts off and I have no dome light or headlights...nothing ! I can usually get the car started back up in a few seconds. The last time this happened I could hear a ''click'' at the starter relay (wihile having no lights...etc...)

Am inclined to say loose battery terminal or battery cable at starter loose. Clicking noise produced by low voltage at soleniod and not enough to engage.Check positive and negative connectins at both ends. ... 1966 Ford Mustang

I own a 2000 pontiac bonneville ssei that wont start, i thought it may be the battery but would not take a jump and all lights and heater fan are working at full capacity. I did the key trick 10 min- 3 times just in case it wasnt reading my key, but nothing. My dash lights come on but when i turn key over they go out and i can hear a click in backseat fuse box, could there be a fuse out that could cause this problem? It was running great, just stop working all the sudden. thanks for any help.

... 2000 Pontiac Bonneville

2000 Dodge Stratus - 2.4 Engine. Battery light been going off and on. Today car stopped and all the electronics died. Unable to hear radio, power locks/windows would not operate and car would not start. Just get a clicking sound. Now getting power and could roll up windows and radio came on. Still a clicking sound when starting. Battery is a year old.

The alternator is u/s and now the battery has gone flat ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

Battery won't hold a charge, suspected the alternator might be at fault. Then all the relays went absolutely haywire! Even without the key in the ignition, all the relays will click on and off, it's weird. In addition, interior lighting goes on and off as it sees fit, we have no control over it. The battery isn't that old, and considering everything else that is going on, could it be the computer? Or maybe something tied to the ignition system? Please help. Thank you.

If your alternator isn't charging, it will drain the battery to a low enough voltage where relays will "chatter". I suggest you get the charging system checked, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to get the battery load tested to see if it's still sound.. ... Chevrolet Impala

My '98 voyager has a mind of its own. The parking lights switch on and off sporadicly by themselves. A local auto electrician could'nt work it out. Ive replaced all light globes and relays associated with parking lamps. The problem was sill happening even when the headlight switch was disconnected. Something is trggering the relay as i can hear it clicking in and out. I have a feeling its something in the body module but i'm not very clued up on these modules.I hope some one may have had a simil

Have you tested the switch from the gearbox or the shifter? The wire to it might be shorting somewhere. ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

I have a 2006 dodge ram p/u. My problem is that when i press on the horn button, the horn will blow 1 short burst and then stop sounding. Everytime I press the horn button it will blow a short burst and then silence.I use to hear what i think was therelay clicking, now I don't hear any clickiing when I press the horn button.I looked for a relay, but could not find it, I was told it was in the battery junction box under the hood, but I dont see a relay ( I also don't see any fuse for the horn) Ca

This is not a horn relay issue.\015\012In most cases this problem is caused by the rotating ribbon circuit contact under the steering wheel having a broken filament, the part is known as a clock spring contact, u will need to properly disarm th ... 2006 Dodge Ram 1500
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