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I noticed dash brake light was on, I checked parking brake to be sure it was off, light didn't go off. Was debating turning around and taking another car when car wouldn't quit accelerating, put in 2nd than low. Pushed on brakes felt like I lost power brakes took both feet. Managed to put in park and turned key off. Tried restart twice still was racing. Pulled up on accelerater didn't feel anything but started up normally. Brake Light was still on and drove mile to house with no more probl

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I see you have received a response, but I can't see how without knowing the year,model and mileage of the vehicle in question. Can you post answers to the previous questions for me. Thanks.
Sometimes float sticks down in brake master; I will then realized that there has to be a reason \015\012for the plug on the wiring harness to the brake fluid reservoir. I \015\012suggtes unplugged it, plugged it back in and tapped. In other cases, it means one or more of the following, the brake fluid is low, the \015\012parking brake lever is either up or the circuit for the paking brake \015\012switch is shorted, or if the battery light is also on, the car needs a \015\012new alternator.

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I noticed dash brake light was on, I checked parking brake to be sure it was off, light didn't go off. Was debating turning around and taking another car when car wouldn't quit accelerating, put in 2nd than low. Pushed on brakes felt like I lost power brakes took both feet. Managed to put in park and turned key off. Tried restart twice still was racing. Pulled up on accelerater didn't feel anything but started up normally. Brake Light was still on and drove mile to house with no more probl

I see you have received a response, but I can't see how without knowing the year,model and mileage of the vehicle in question. Can you post answers to the previous questions for me. Thanks. ... Toyota Camry

I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am Track off light and ABS light and Sevice Vehicle Soon light stays on all the time. Sometimes the emerge light comes on.(i, P light). For the Service Vehicle light, I unscewed the fuel cap and put it back on but the service light still comes on. I even lubed the O-ring on the fuel cap. But sometimes the parking brakes comes on. Pulled on the emerge brake and put it back to norm position, still brake light stays on. Stll all thre lights stays on. Car seems

The traction control system works off of the abs system so there is a code in the abs module that needs to be pulled so you know were to start to check the system out.the service engine light is a different system all together and there is a code in ... Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 1991 lincoln town car, and what makes the curtisy lights on the inside of the car glow dim to bright over and over with the car in park and idling. i can put the car in drive and keep my foot on brake and sit still and the car lights do not do that. only when the car is in park does this happen. do i need a new altinator, battery, fuse, relay, or what?..thanks

It does sound like the alternator,you need to put a volt meter on the battery,while it is running.It sould be chrging from13.65 to 14.25 volts.Also,if the alternator has to small of amp out put it will not be able to keep up with the ignition usage. ... 1991 Lincoln Town Car

1996 lincoln town car stuck in park- put new brake light switch on and still stuck in park

... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

My 97 ford escort last night when I got out still had the brake lights on. when I went to fix the problem the lights went out and then when i went to put the car in drive the car will not get out of park.

I would replace, or at least look at the brake switch under the dash connected to the bracket in front of the barke pedel. it does double duty. Brake lights and shift lock release. ... 2000 Ford Focus

My parking brake is stuck on my 96 deville. How do I fix this? Its the push pedal brake and when I put the car in gear it still didnt release. I tried pushing it in and that didnt work either.

Cable seems seized..happens when its not used alot...try & get under the car...yank on the cable...but may be stuck inside wheel...sorry ... 1996 Cadillac DeVille

2005 impala after instaling 4 new brake and rotors and 2 new front wheel hubs abs and trac light will come on after drivivng a few miles park it a few minutes and they will go out.sounds also like a bad bearing roaring on rear of car abs and trac light and abs light never came on before this change . could it possibly be a faulty hub asembly or plug also has alitle shake a low speed like a bad tire put 4 new tires on and still does same thing feels like it is on rear passenger side

All the hubs on the car have the abs sensor built into the hub. The abs system has to be re set to read the sensor . The rear hub bearing if noisy should be replaced. There are wiring harnesses that connect to the abs sensor. The harnesses to each ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

Recently my brake lights on my 2001 pt cruiser went out. I changed the fuses (under the hood and inside the car)still no luck. Finally, I changed the brake sensor switch by the brake pedal, and I still have no brake lights. To make matters worse, now I can't shift my car out of park (with the car running). Is there a safety switch or button that I can push to at least get my car into gear?, any help would be great.

Your brake switch has to be activitated to put it into gear, either the switch is installed wrong or it is bad ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My car is stuck in park, the brake lights do not work, Ive replaced the switch on the brake pedal and the turn signal switch. Its a 1995 Ford Taurus GL with a 3.0L. I can get the car out of park by turning the ignition part way and then put the shift lever into neutral and start the car, But the brake lights are not working nor are my hassard lights.

The neutral safety switch on the tranny is going out. Replace this switch and you should not have any more problems. This switch registers that your foot is on the brake before it will allow it to come out of park to keep kids from accidently engagin ... 2000 Lincoln LS

Warning lights i have a 2004 grand am, the abs, trac off and service vehicle lights are on, they only however come on when i take the car out of park and put it into reverse. is this safe to drive and what could this be. I know i still have reg brakes just not the abs.

I had that problem.. fixed it and how its on again. Its that new. one of your HUB's are messed up, thwe ABS sensor for thos eare fully integreated. and its about 500 bucks to replace... Or you could drive without ABS or TRAC. and have no problems abo ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

Usually my problem occors when the weather is damp prior to rain or after its finished raining. sometimes it stops dead in mid acceleration, or simply idling at a stop sign. sometimes the engine light appears, other times it doesn't. but the most common thing it does is that it chuggs first, loses power, steering nonexisting cannot push down brake pedal (locks up). As the car is still rolling, cannot turn off ignition or shut off car. I need to then put it in park to restart.


My 98 diamante just putted on me one day like i was about to run out of gas. plentyof gas was in the tank but i wasnt driving like there was. i made it home, and the car started again after i cut it off. but even still, i could here the engine misfiring. it was putting in park! the next day i went to start it and it didnt want to start! but it started dand i drove it to an auto parts store to find out why the check engine light came on. the code that came up said something like "random cylinder

It is a separate part it very well be that. if you havn't changed your fuel filter it could be that also. their is also the possibility of it being you catalytic converter ... 1998 Mitsubishi Diamante

I have a 95 cavailer.the car runs fine,but when i put the car in gear all my dash lights come on my abs light,air bag lights,and emerg brake lights come on,and my day light running ltghts don't come on at all,plus my raido only wants to work when i put it in park.like i said it only happens when i put the car in gear.SO when i park all the lights on the dash go off,i have replaced the ground wire from the battery,and stiil no fix.this is driving me crazy cause i have know idea what it is or coul

Your going to have to trouble shoot the problem. The vehicle is new enough that it probably has a ECM running everything. You may have a short in the sensor switch for the shifter that senses the position of the shifter and tells the engine how to ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Hi I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring. I reversed my car out of the driveway, put it in drive to drive forward.... I then put my foot on the brake because I was waiting for my son to get in the car. While doing that I thought I had put my car in park but it was still in drive & I turned the car off. Then I realized what I had done & I put the car back in park & tried to start my car & it wouldnt start. Can u please help me. Please let me know why my car wont start any more.

You might have triggered that crash sensor. ... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

1998 Honda Accord. Changed the brake light. DUghter started the car and put in drive. Odometer light went out. Put the car back in park and noe can't get out of park. Removed bezzel around gear shift, started car and used a key to get into drive. Now, tach , speedometer does not work. Can drive the car, but does not shift out of first gear. Some electrical or chip problem somewhere and I have no clue!

... 1998 Honda Accord

My car is making an awful groaning grinding noise noise when it starts. The noise stops after it starts. Put my foot on the brake it starts again. put thr car in reverse no problem put it in,drive it starts back up constantly. I have noticed that the noise is worst when not not moving in,drive. Like when stopped at a light...get up to speed around town bout 30 it stops but as soon as I hit the gas or the brake it starts again. But if im at a light and put in park as long as im not pressing the b

It's your exhaust mounts or broken exhaust bolts. It does it in drive st idle n under load because the motor is sitting in rubber mounts made to dampen vibration. Therefore the motor tilts to the left in reverse pulling the exhaust away from your und ... Cars & Trucks

1995 S-10 Blazer. I don't have any brake lights. My turn signals work. I put in a new brake switch on the brake pedal but I still have no brake lights. I didn't see any type of adjustment on the brake switch. I can't find any fuse in the fuse box blown. I checked the bulbs and didn't see any bad fillaments. It has cruise control. I know the turn signal and brake lights were on the same fuse on the older cars, but I'm not to familiar with the newer cars. Thank you for the help.

Check to see if there is power getting to the brake switch. If there is no power, trace the wire to wherever it leads off to. Chances are the problem will lie in that area. Look for broken wiring, corroded or loose connectors.\015\012If you do have p ... 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

My 2008 Dodge Avenger will not shift out of Park. The car has less than 30000 miles and there have not been any issues like this before. I tested the brakes and the brake lights still come on and everything appears to still be functional. The car also starts without any problem but it will not allow me to shift out of park. Apparently this has happened to many others and Chrysler has not issued a recall. What a surprise. are there any solutions that I can attempt? I am going to get this issue r

... 2008 Dodge Avenger

Parking brake disengaged but car acts like it is still engaged and will not move when put into gear and there is a light burning smell. It has a manual transmissin.

Although you've released the parking brake, inside the car, are you sure the cable moved and disengaged the rear brakes ? A physical removal of the rear wheels will be required and parking brake cable and linkage operation inspected. If the cable ... 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

2000 chevy tahoe z71 (old style) with ignition off the buzzer started chiming with key out of ignition and headlight switch off. noticed daytime parking lights front and rear and license plate light still on. pulled the connector from the head light switch but the lights stay on. pulled multiple fuses and the lights still stay on. The daytime running lights are not on though. the parking brake is not applied. the chimer went off after the fuses were pulled. Have not put the fuses back in

... Cars & Trucks


Sounds like theres a problem with the ignition switch or the cylinder lock,your going to have to unplug harness connection under dash to see if radio goes out with the chime if it goes out when unpluged then the problem is in ingnition system, most l ... 1997 Buick Park Avenue

Car wont shift out of park, brake lights are working, my husband (who works on cars) pushed in the pin inside the gear shift area, went into drive, sounded terrible, drove it home, then oil light came on! Parked car and put in park, couldnt get key out, had to unhook battery. Just had oil changed. Engine sounded as if it were really winding up while driving...yikes help!

... 1998 Land Rover Discovery

My 97 ford expoler is stuck in park and brake lights are not working my husband replaced the fuse and the brake light bulbs and the brake light switch it still wont come out of park the only way we can go anywhere is by clicking the key over once put it in netural and then start it then the gears work fine any ideas

U need to replace the turn signal switch also known as the multifunction switch in the steering column. the brake lights go thru there. ... Cars & Trucks

The PRNDS lights started flashing, i had put it in d but was showing S . I pulled over and then put in neutral and then put in drive and then all the lights started flashing??. I was 5 mins from home and when i got there and applied the brakes the car made an unpleasent sound and stalled, (its automatic). i waited a minute and started car up and it was back to normal, put in reverse and parked it, what is this and how do i cure it please. also one other thing, it seems sluggish when taking off f

... 2003 Audi A4 Cabriolet

2005 pontiac montana SV6, last 6 months blowing the same rear drivers signal light( fishy ) so i cleaned the connection and put dielectric grease, problem solved( i thought ). recently the "service park lamps) " warning turns on with no other issues. then one day weeks later both signals (rear is also brake light) front and back stop working, however 3rd brake light still works, light in the van flashes real fast both sides. What i've tried... changing fuse #20 10a fuse(park lamps), blown- repla

Never replace a circuit with a fuse that is stronger than what is asked for as you will then burn the wiring.i would get my hands on a wiring schematic and trace the problem with a tester.once found replace the bad wiring or relay with the right part ... 2005 Pontiac Montana SV6
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